why do I like telling others about myself?

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It is a piece of writing that I like describes the 3 reasons why do I like telling others about myself. I wish you guys to enjoy it. Good luck

Submitted: May 30, 2014

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Submitted: May 30, 2014



Carls Stanley Veillard


MDC Student


Talking about me is something that I always want to do even though sometimes I get complaints against it, and another hand I get appreciations for it from others around me. There are questions people always try to ask me, why do I like presenting myself to others? Is that helpful for me to get success?  Ok, cool. In the following lines you will have a chance to see whether I am right by doing it, or not.

To recap you guys before I go further, I want you to know some of my background check. My name is Carls Stanley Veillard, and I also known by Yoko Veillard as a poet guy, I was born In Haiti especially at Port –au –Prince in a town that named Martissan, but I did all my childhood in a different town which was Miragoane, my favorite city ever. I am the first born in my family, Mr. Antoinier is my father and Mrs. St Rose is my mother without forgetting to list Schneider Veillard who is my younger Brother.

To begin with the first question which was why do I like presenting myself to others? For me I believe that make sense to talk about me however  and whenever  I want because I like people knowing what can make me to be mad or upset at them, and also what I like. I realize that should be applied to everyone to use that manner otherwise you guys will never end up with happiness, and respect from others, and I warn you that to not blame others who did any kind of jokes that t you do not like because the fault is you at first the fact that you never tried to resume your life to them, and learn that there is nothing wrong behind letting people know what type of person you are. Fairly, if you do so, you will always get your happiness and your respect from others because they will never try to tell you something that can get you angry

To continue with the last question which was again is letting others know some of my ways helpful for me to get success?  Letting others know what type of person I am is something that always helps me in my life. It leads me to success even in my educational career by telling others about my activities including my old past. Example, I remember from my 9 -10 years old I could not deal with math, comparatively with today the issue that I had with math is not there anymore. I think that is helpful because it motivates me to improve myself from my weakness.

Finally, to resume everything in all from the precedent paragraph, I like presenting my personality to earlier in a friendship for my own advantages, such as happiness, respect and my progress. I suggest that to everyone to practice that manner in their daily life unless you do not wish to have happiness and respect from others



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