My Real Life Horror Story

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I can't live my normal life...

Submitted: December 28, 2015

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Submitted: December 28, 2015



Chapter 1.

it was afternoon...

i was hungry....

 i went to the fridge

opened the fridge....

and what i saw was so horrible...

i couldnt sleep for days.....

what i saw.... was.....

that..... THE FRIDGE WAS EMPTY.....



I'll die HELP MEEE!


Chapter 2.

My daughter woke me around 11:50 last night. My wife and I had picked her up from her friend Sally’s birthday party, brought her home, and put her to bed. My wife went into the bedroom to read while I fell asleep watching the Braves game.

“Daddy,” she whispered, tugging my shirt sleeve. “Guess how old I’m going to be next month.”

“I don’t know, beauty,” I said as I slipped on my glasses. “How old?”
She smiled and held up four fingers.

It is 7:30pm now. My wife and I have been up with her for almost 8 hours. She still refuses to tell us where she got them. Suddenly i got it was just a dream i took a look at the clock it was 2am

i got up because i heared a noise comming from the room next door, it was my daughter's room
But that's imposible because my daughter died 3 years ago.

My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night.I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.

Chapter 3.

There was no pearly gate.

The only reason that youssef knew that he was in a cave was because he had just passed the entrance. The rock wall rose behind him with no ceiling in sight.

He knew this was it, this was what religion talked about, what man feared .. He had just entered the gate to hell.

He felt the presence of the cave as if it was a living, breathing creature. The stench of rotten flesh overwhelmed Him.

Then there was the voice, it came from inside and all around.


“Who are you?”, youssef asked, trying to keep his composure.

“You know”, the thing answered.

he did know.

“You are the devil”, he stuttered, quickly losing his composure. “Why me? I’ve lived as good as I could”.

The silence took over the space as my words died out. It seemed like an hour went by before the response came.

“What did you expect?”

The voice was penetrating but patient.

“I don’t know .. I never believed any of this”, I uttered “Is that why I am here?”


Youssef continued: “They say the greatest trick you ever pulled was convincing the world you don’t exist”

“No, the greatest trick I ever pulled was convincing the world that there is an alternative”

“There is no God?” Youssef shivered.

The cave trembled with the words: “I am God”

Chapter 4.

To celebrate their first year in university, six friends went camping in the wilderness. After driving for several hours from the nearest town, they discovered a lagoon, nestled beside a cliff ideal for diving. They set up camp in the woods nearby and spent the evening swimming in the warm, clear water. As the sun sunk below the trees, one of the friends went up to the highest point on the cliff and jumped off, while the other 5 watched. Their laughter slowly subsided as they waited for him to surface. It only took half a minute for them to dive in after their friend. Struggling and sputtering among the reeds in the lagoon, they searched hopelessly for him. Finally they disentangled themselves and came up, but they never saw their friend again. Heartbroken they returned to the city and passed a strange and lonely year in which their only solace was the knowledge that they would return to the lagoon to honor the anniversary of their friend’s death.

A year passed and they returned to the lagoon as a memorial, but as they approached they saw their friend standing there, head bowed. Excitedly they called to him and began running towards him, but he didn’t turn. As they got closer they called him more desperately, but still to no avail. With joy they ran towards him, but stopped dead when they saw not one but five crosses on the waterside.



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