A Tiny Tale: Maisy's Artifact

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is just a tiny short story that I wrote in my freetime a short while ago.

Submitted: January 18, 2016

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Submitted: January 18, 2016



Maisy leapt for the retracting walkway, the chasm was deep; if she didn't grab the edge..

No. She had to stay positive, her hands hit the metal , she had done it! Well... almost. Maisy tried to hook her fingers into the small grooves, but she couldn't get a grip. Time was running out, it would be all the way into the wall under the door before she could get on/

Why hadn't she trusted Colby to come along? Maisy was slipping, time was running out... she didn't know what to do! Then she saw a figure near the doorway, could she trust them?

Maisy was desperate.

"Help me!" she cried out, the figure came to her aid. He was tall, with spiky brown hair and blue eyes, and he was going to help her.

"Grab my hand tight!" he said, Maisy did so, he pulled her up just in time. Her sneakers slipped on the edge a little, but the boy held tight.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Happens all the time," she grinned. "Who are you anyway?"

"That's what I should be asking you," he said.

"Maisy, I'm here on maintenance, but I slipped..." she lied.

"Jack, and I'm here to steal the oldest artifact in the universe," he took her hand again and led her down the hall with him, they were running at top speed.

"Oh good, I'm not the only one trying to steal the Seeing Stone, that's great to hear.”

"I figured you were lying about the maintenance. But hey, at least we can steal the it together!" he laughed, Maisy smiled.

This guy was crazy, but he was her kind of crazy, she started laughing too.

They were going to steal the oldest artifact in the universe!?


“So, why do you want to steal this silly artifact?” he asked her, Maisy shrugged lightly while they ran down the hall.

“Why do you want to steal it?” she asked, he smiled.

“Because, it sounds thrilling!” Jack laughed, Maisy smiled, he was crazy, “Why do you want it? Please tell, I told you why,” Maisy looked away as they walked slowly past a guard.

‘Because it’s mine,” he froze, shocked.


“Yeah, well…”

“Wait… you seem familiar… is your mom a senator…?” he broke off and took a deep breath, “She’ll be barking mad that you’re stealing. Where is she anyway?  Haven’t seen her on UniCast lately.” Maisy looked away again, and started walking.

“She died last week, that’s why I’m here,” Maisy said, she reached into her sweater pocket and felt around for the piece of paper she needed. Maisy gripped it and handed it to Jack.

“It says there’s a secret in the painting, and she gives it all to you, like all generations before her. It says that she ran out of time to take it back herself, and wants you to do the deed that none before you could,” Jack looked up curiously. “The painting? What about the painting?”

“It hung above the fireplace in my family room. After my mother died, I had to leave, they tried to send me to Leadership School, but I ran away after I found the secret,” she reached into her pocket again, extracting another piece of paper, her *great grandmother’s will, she handed it to Jack. “I came here, I’ve been hiding ever since, today was fairly quiet, so I decided to spring for it, but then they started pulling in all the walkways… and you know the rest. Don't be surprised to learn I'm only fifteen, I know everything.”

“Your... wow,” he said, studying the slip of paper.  “That’s a lot of greats. So your ‘great’ grandmother was the owner of the Seeing Stone?” Jack looked confused, Maisy nodded.

“See? It's mine, and I brought it to court, but they said I had probably forged it all, and then the lawyer who witnessed my mother make it, he's nowhere to be found!” she sighed and matched Jack's pace, “Just my rotten luck again,”

“But we're stealing it, so there you have it! Me for the thrill, you for the birthright. Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn't care,” Jack shrugged, Maisy shook her head and took a more serious tone.

“That stone is what let's only me see the time, the future, the past, the present. You see, it has to be direct lineage, and this lead down through all of my grandmas and grandpas, it's my birthright, and I want to make the world a better place through it!” Maisy looked down and shook her head again.

Jack seemed unsure of what to say, then he tapped Maisy’s arm gently, “There it is…”

It was a large, chill, glass orb. It seemed very delicate and looked like it belonged in a story. Maisy felt her heart pound harder in her chest, every instinct screamed for her to touch it.

Maisy pulled her pocket-storage out of her pocket and unrolled it. The pocket-storage was covered with little hooks and elastic holders, it could take anything and fit it into your pocket.

She took out three pieces of gear, and carefully closed up her storage.

“I thought it would be harder than what you have there…” Jack said, somewhat disappointed, but his face held a smile. Maisy rolled her eyes, already Jack seemed like a brother to her,

“Use these two by hitting them together and-” Maisy had hardly handed him the strange instruments when a bright flash of light took place.

Everything looked the same to the untrained eye, but Jack and Maisy could both tell the difference.

“It's brighter, the shields are down,” Jack said, reaching toward the orb cautiously, Maisy nodded. Jack took it of the stand, Maisy lifted the third instrument to her mouth and blew lightly, the orb shimmered.

“It belongs to me now, back in the family at last…” Maisy reached for the orb, but Jack prevented her from touching it.

“Put on gloves, I can tell, you need to put on gloves,” Maisy didn't question, she simply fished some out of her pocket-storage and put them on. Jack handed the orb to her.

She placed it in a separate pocket-storage and smiled, Maisy had done it, she had her family heirloom.

“Let's go,” she said confidently.


Maisy arrived at the Mountain View Inn, a small hotel near the museum she had just robbed, late that night. She checked into a room and prepared to learn more about the orb.

She wouldn't use gloves when touching it. Maisy reached out carefully, the orb settled into her hands, it was roughly the size of a bowling ball, but as light as a feather. Then she looked directly into its center.

Maisy saw everything, but yet, she saw nothing, the world beginning, the world ending, the war across the galaxy, the inward battle within all. She could do everything to help these people, yet she could do nothing.

Maisy saw exactly what she needed to do to help everyone, and from then on she did so.

Maisy began to care for others more than herself.


8 years later, a knock came at the famous Maisy’s door, it was Jack,  the crazy man who had saved her life.

“Hi there, I'm sure you don't remember me, we haven't seen each other since 2155,” Jack smiled, Maisy smiled back.

“I remember you, how's your ‘life of thrills’ going?” Maisy grinned, Jack clapped his hands and sat down on a sofa.

“It's a long story, I think I wanna hear yours first,” Jack sat back and waited for Maisy to talk.

“Well, ever since that night, I've been doing all I can to help others, I've become a little popular for what I do, but I give what I can to charity,”

“A ‘little’!?” Jack laughed, “Your face is printed on hover-busses!”

Maisy blushed, “Tell me now, what have you been up to?”

“A lot, just wait until I tell you about the time I went bungee jumping on Harkino, a planet of the deepest canyons in the universe!”

“It sounds like you've been through a lot, but I have time to hear a good long story.”


“I do.”

“You may now kiss the bride!” said the priest, and so they did.

Maisy and Jack were now married, and happiness was in their future.

Maisy didn't need a Seeing Stone to tell her that.

The End

© Copyright 2020 S.M.T.. All rights reserved.

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