The Four Towers: Fallen

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the sequel to The Four Towers. In this book Aidan, Brock, Celeste, and Ruby must face the fact that their kingdom is no longer theirs, and try to gain it back, all while dealing with drama and a newfound love!

Table of Contents


Pure instinct, one second I was hugging Aidan, the next I had set him down gently, pulling up my sleeve, not the one that hid the scar, ... Read Chapter


The four of us in the dungeon had decided it best if we quit the army once (if) we were (ever) set free. But then the Belkish army ... Read Chapter


We blended in perfectly, no one suspected a thing! All we had to do was walk, talk, and act like everyone around us. It was sickeni... Read Chapter


There’s a different greeting, goodbye, handshake, smile, nodding or shaking of the head, and stance for every situation. I never told ... Read Chapter


Last chapter for now! Read Chapter


Oh no! Things are going wrong! Whatever will our heroes do? Read Chapter