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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Welcome to the Planet Crisis, where things are not so different from our own Earth. As the world enjoys the splendor of wealth and good fortune, dark forces are moving within, forces that fester in the Planet like a disease threatening its very existence. It is now up to an unlikely handful of people to stop these forces of darkness, and bring about peace to the world, as well as bringing peace to their conflicted emotions from past occurrences...

Table of Contents

The Job

Main Theme Of Crisis: Somnus - by Yoko Shimomura   (A/N: Before you read, hit play up above; and listen to the wonderful m... Read Chapter

The New Heist

~~~The Introduction Arc~~~   The New Heist: (The City Of Diamond - Also known as Diamond City, this is the Capital ... Read Chapter

It All Starts With A Bang

It Starts With A Bang: (Diamond City: Military District) Lance— “Hold and state your business!” the Soldiers at th... Read Chapter

Pieces Set Into Motion

Pieces Set Into Motion: (The Day) Lance— As the ground rumbled, everyone standing was brought down to their knees due ... Read Chapter

I'll Take You There

I’ll Take You There: (Paradise Lagoon) Lance— “So, Atreyu is back.” “Looks like it.” “What do you ... Read Chapter

The Rescue Mission

The Rescue Mission: Lance— “Ariana!” Hunter declared as we got back to the Restaurant. “You’re safe!” The two of ... Read Chapter

The Silver Mountains

Theme Of The Western Continent: Captivated By The Journey - by Motoi Sakuraba -----------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Mythril Town

Mythril Town: (Myhtril Town - A small, Rural Village near the Silver Mountains. Mythril Town gets by through Farming and Agric... Read Chapter

The Blue River

Elektra— The Helicopter hovered to a stop in front of Mythril Town. Soldiers had already secured the Perimeter, and stood in fron... Read Chapter

The Elder Forest

The Elder Forest: (The Elder Forest - A wildlife reserve. Once, the Forest covered almost the entirety of the Western Continen... Read Chapter

The City Of Lights

The City Of Lights: (The City Of Lights - Also known as, 'The City of Sin', this is a City that never went to sleep. Flashing ... Read Chapter

Sapphire Town

Sapphire— “Think about it, Mayor,” I said as I snapped my briefcase shut. “President Diamond’s second daughter is coming ... Read Chapter

The Underground Shuttle

The Underground Shuttle: (The Underground Shuttle-A Transport system built underground in order to allow safe travel between S... Read Chapter

Port Royale

Port Royale: (Port Royale-A notorious Port City located at the northeastern tip of the Western Continent. It was the first Wes... Read Chapter

Palm Island

Palm Island: (Palm Island-Also known as Palm Island Resorts, this is an Island located within The Bay Of Good Hope right off o... Read Chapter

The Blue Ocean

Aurora— “All rise,” said Elektra. “Let the new President’s Inauguration begin now!” “Thank you, Elektra,” I said ... Read Chapter

Sunny Beach

Theme Of The Eastern Nation: The Lands Of Other Countries, by Motoi Sakuraba ------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Black Lake

Lance— We were all asleep peacefully one night, all of us trying to get the much needed rest before the inevitable encounter with... Read Chapter

The Village Yin

Lance— “It’s so warm,” I thought to myself. “Maybe dying isn’t so bad after all..." “Trinity,” said a familiar vo... Read Chapter

The Village Yang

The Village Yang: (The Village Yang-Like the Village Yin, the Village Yang gets by through Tourism. It maintains traditional E... Read Chapter

The City Of Brass

Lance— “Oh no—oh no!” Rose screamed out one night. “What is it?!” I screamed as I sat up. “Who’s after us?” ... Read Chapter

The Platinum Bowl

The Platinum Bowl: (The Platinum Bowl-The official Sporting Center on Crisis. This is where Platinum Ball is played by rivalin... Read Chapter

The Tower Of Rain

The Tower Of Rain: (The Tower Of Rain-An old Tower that's been standing since The Great War Era. Located near the Eastern Swam... Read Chapter

The Eastern Swamp

  The Eastern Swamp: (The Eastern Swamp-A Marshland that houses all sorts of mysterious creatures and wildlife. It can ... Read Chapter

The Permafrost Station

  Arc Theme-Alones, by Aqua Timez Link- Read Chapter

The Snowy Plains

The Snowy Plains: (The Snowy Plains-Almost 20,000 miles of pure Snow and Mountains. What little plant life can grow in these P... Read Chapter

Tundra Village

Tundra Village: (Tundra Village: Southern Sector-The Southern Portion of a large Village. Due to the extreme weather, the Icic... Read Chapter

The Observatory

 Lance— “It is too damn cold!” yelled Amberlin. “It won’t get any warmer with your complaining,” I shivered. ... Read Chapter

The University Of Natural Sciences

Aurora— “What in the name of all things holy happened here?!” I exclaimed as I got out of the Helicopter. For miles around ... Read Chapter

The Icicle Caves

*Theme Of The Hectic Battle-Emergence Of The Haunted, by Shiro Sagisu* (A/N: I call this 'Interactive Reading'. This is just a litt... Read Chapter

Into The Viper's Nest

Arc Theme-After Dark, by Asian Kung-Fu Generation Link- Read Chapter

The Southern Desert

The Southern Desert: (The Southern Desert-An unforgiving wasteland of endless sand and heat. The Desert covers the entirety of... Read Chapter

Two Steps Into Hell

Two Steps Into Hell: (Titangel Entrance Hall) Lance— It only took one swing from my Sword to shatter the Castle Door. ... Read Chapter

A Desperate Effort And An Honorable Knight

  *Theme Of Hunter's Battle: La Distancia Para Un Duelo, Shiro Sagisu* ---------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm: Jackson— I swung my Cutlasses wildly at Lamorak and he struggled to hold off my blows. “How’s this?!... Read Chapter

A Battle Of Wits

A Battle Of Wits: Hugo— Percival’s Staff grew thinner, and his armor went from Gold to Silver. He slammed it down onto the gr... Read Chapter

Death At The Hands Of Mercy

*Theme Of Killer Instinct: Hollowed, by Shiro Sagisu* Link- Read Chapter

Dismembering Of Hope

The Dismembering Of Hope: Millicent— I gasped as I felt a light breeze come over me. “Lance,” I said. “No…not Lance... Read Chapter


Reunion: Millicent— “S-Sir Gawain?” Chastity stammered as he stood there smiling. “Yo,” Gawain announced. He st... Read Chapter

A Genesis Of Battle

A Genesis Of Battle: Millicent— Lily and I watched as Lance and Gawain clashed blades with one another. The blast from the stri... Read Chapter

Lance vs. Gawain

    *Theme Of Gawain: Power To Strive, by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme Of Lance and Gawain's Battle: Encirclement Battl... Read Chapter

The Conclusion Of A Battle Long Sought

  *Theme Of Never Giving Up: Before My Body Is Dry, by Hiroyuki Sawano *Theme Of The Battle's End: Recollection III, by ... Read Chapter

Five Minutes

Arc Theme: Velonica, by Aqua Timez Link- ----------... Read Chapter

Torn Apart

Torn Apart: Lance— I couldn’t believe my eyes, even as what I saw unfolded before me. It was another Knight who gleefully kic... Read Chapter

A Reunion In The Making

A Reunion In The Making: Lance— Though I closed my eyes, though I reserved myself to eventually feel the piercing sting of deat... Read Chapter

The Strongest Swordsman Alive-Seth Gilgamesh

The Strongest Swordsman Alive—Seth Gilgamesh: Lance— Seth Gilgamesh was a man four years older than I was with similar facial... Read Chapter

Black Magic

  *Theme Of Lucifer's Honor: Nightmare, by Shiro Sagisu* -----------------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Clash Of A Mad-Man And A Mad-Woman

The Clash Of A Mad-Man And A Mad-Woman: Trinity— “Me?” Carla exclaimed. “Stumbling into an experiment? What a Paradox! Th... Read Chapter

All The Pieces Come Together

All The Pieces Come Together: Lance— “There you go Lance,” Millicent sighed as she wiped the sweat off her brow. “Good as... Read Chapter

Fight With All Your Might

Fight With All Your Might: Seth— I stuck my Sword to stand up in the sand and sat in front of it, with Kotomi resting atop my h... Read Chapter

Lance vs. Lancelot

Lance vs. Lancelot: Lance— When the dust settled, there was a scratch on my cheek. Blood dripped from Lancelot’s sword as he ... Read Chapter

Sometimes The Best Isn't Enough

  *Theme Of Lance and Lancelot's Battle: Creeping Shadows, by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme Of Lancelot's Power: Frenzied... Read Chapter

Corrupted Instinct Unleashed

    *Theme Of Corrupted Instinct: What Can You See In Their Eyes, by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme Of Monstrous Brutality:... Read Chapter

Now Cometh The Hour Of Your Demise

  *Theme Of The Last Clash: Cometh The Hour Part B-Opus 1, by Shiro Sagisu* ----------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

An End In Tears

  *Theme Of Dread: Cometh The Hour Part A-Opus 1, by Shiro Sagisu* -------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

A Day Humanity Would Never Forget

Arc Theme: Liar Mask, by Rika Mayama Link- Read Chapter

The End Of All Things

The End Of All Things: Trinity— “Damn, look at all that,” Hunter gasped. “Most of the Southern Landmass is underwater!”... Read Chapter

The Black Potion

The Black Potion: Lance— I felt them all around me…the lives of all my friends…the lives that had ended abruptly… Fro... Read Chapter

Through The Eyes Of The Shroud

Through The Eyes Of The Shroud: Shroud— When I finally connected with solid ground, it was in a small puddle of rain water... Read Chapter

A Pirate Is Born

Theme Of The Chaotic Battlefield: Wild Instincts, by Lorne Balfe ----------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Clash With The Griffin

Theme Of The Griffin: Conflict Of The Griffins, by Stuart Chatwood Link- Read Chapter

Return To The Tower Of Rain

Return To The Tower Of Rain: Shroud— “Learned anything about yourself?” Belial’s voice rang out. I was simply sitting... Read Chapter


  *Theme Of The Desert Titan Battle: Liberated Guardian, by Kow Otani* ----------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Crisis Protection Squad

Arc Theme: ViViD, by Blue Link- -----------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

A Social Event To Die For

A Social Event To Die For: Trinity— The shackles of my Handcuffs echoed off the walls of the brick prison as I was forcibly dra... Read Chapter

The Inferno Titan

  *Theme Of The Inferno Titan Battle: A Violent Encounter, by Kow Otani* --------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Battles In Betwen

  *Theme Of The Unknown: Disappeared, by Yoko Shimomura* -----------------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Wind Titan

  *Theme Of The Wind Titan Battle: Grotesque Figures, by Kow Otani* -------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Tracking The Titan

Tracking The Titan: Lance— “To Leon,” Seth announced. “To Leon,” we repeated. All of us then simultaneously too... Read Chapter

The Sea Titan

  *Theme Of The Sea Titan Battle: A Despair Filled Farewell, by Kow Otani* ------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Seven Days To The End

  *Theme Of The Somber Evening: Night Of Seclusion, by Takeharu Ishimoto* *Theme Of The Triumphant Morning: The Highwind T... Read Chapter

The Orbital Titan

*Theme Of The Orbital Titan Battle-Part 1: Counterattack, by Kow Otani* *Theme Of The Orbital Titan Battle-Part 2: Divinity... Read Chapter

Trouble In The Elder Forest

Arc Theme: Haruka Kanata, by Asian Kung-Fu Generation Link- Read Chapter

The Ancient Masters

The Ancient Masters: Lance— “Rose, where are we going again?” Hugo asked. “Keep going East,” she replied. “Only w... Read Chapter

What Was Destined To Occur

Theme Of Destiny-Part 1: On The Precipice Of Defeat, by Shiro Sagisu Theme Of Destiniy-Part 2: The Other Promise, by Yoko S... Read Chapter

The Road To Revolution

The Road To Revolution: Seth— Out of everyone, I was finished with my training the fastest. I got through my Dive Cycle in only... Read Chapter

For Liberty

*Theme Of The Chaotic Battlefield: Wild Instincts, by Lorne Balfe* --------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Trinity vs. Elektra-The Rematch

*Theme Of The Hard Fight: The Face Of Lost Pride, by Takeharu Ishimoto* ---------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Proud Queen

The Proud Queen: Marlette— Ryan and I jumped back after our latest clash with our opponents and stood back to back, facing oppo... Read Chapter

Lance Returns

Lance Returns: Trinity— When Aurora struck the ground, a blast wave cratered the street and knocked dust all around us. “... Read Chapter

The Death Machine

*Theme Of The Showdown With The Death Machine: Saber's Edge, by Masashi Hamauzu* ----------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Truth Behind Of The Project

*Theme Of The Clash With The Mad Scientist: J-E-N-O-V-A, by Nobuo Uematsu* ----------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Amberlin's Growth

*Theme Of Amberlin's Battle: A Beating Black Wing, by Takeharu Ishimoto* ------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Swift Lightning

*Theme Of The Unexpectedly Powerful: Last Order-Crisis Mix, by Takeharu Ishimoto* ---------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Trail To The Ravine

*Theme Of Righteous Fury: Vim and Vigor, by Yoko Shimomura* ---------------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Army Of One

*Theme Of The One Man Army: Sinister Shadows 2.5, by Yoko Shimomura* ------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Lunar Goddess

*Theme Of The Battle With Selene-Part 1: Challenge, by Masashi Hamauzu* *Theme Of The Battle With Selene-Part 2: Desperate ... Read Chapter

Prelude To The Final Battle

Arc Theme: Ranbu No Melody, by Sid Link- *Theme Of The Ho... Read Chapter

Ryan's Battle

*Theme Of Ryan's Battle-Part 1: Guitar III, by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme Of Ryan's Battle-Part 2: SD2_83, by Shiro Sagisu* -... Read Chapter

Hopelessness and Despair

*Theme Of Divine Power: Stand Up Be Strong, by Shiro Sagisu* --------------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Might Of Ramshah

Theme Of Ramshah's Might: Strong and Strike, by Toshio Masuda -------------------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

Revelations Of Truth And Lies

  *Theme Of Shocking Revelations: Ceremony Commences, by Shiro Sagisu* ---------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Price Of Godship

  *Theme Of Lucifer's Entrance: Battle Ignition, by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme Of Monstrous Brutality: A06, by Shiro Sagisu* ... Read Chapter

The Final Dive

*Theme Of The Final Dive: Nothing Can Be Explained (2008) - by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme Of Godship: Angel Of Doom - by Shiro ... Read Chapter

Lance vs. Atreyu - Part I

*Theme Of Lance's New Power: B13A, by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme Of The Titanic Clash: Snakes Of Despair, by Shiro Sagisu* *Theme O... Read Chapter

Lance vs. Atreyu - Part II

  *Theme Of Atreyu's Wrath: Orochimaru, by Toshiro Masuda* *Theme Of Divine Power: Stand Up Be Strong, Shiro Sagisu* ... Read Chapter

The Eclipse Of Crisis - Part I

*Theme Of The Fortress Battle: A Fight To The Death (2.5), by Yoko Shimomura* -----------------------------------------------------... Read Chapter

The Eclipse Of Crisis - Part II

  *Theme Of The Alternate Dimension Battle: Darkness Of The Unknown - Armored Xemnas 2 (2.5), by Yoko Shimomura* ---------... Read Chapter

Final Moon

  *Theme Of The Final Moon: Darkness Of The Unknown - Final Xemnas (2.5), by Yoko Shimomura* -----------------------------... Read Chapter

The Secret Episode

*Theme Of Fury: Rage Awakened (2.5), by Yoko Shimomura* *Theme Of Stories To Come: Fate Of The Unknown, by Yoko Shimomura* ... Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension - Prologue

During Lance's Battle with Sir Lancelot, a mysterious woman seemed to be watching him. Who could this be...and what did she want?
Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension (Verse 1) - The Invaders

Life has slowed to a peaceful pace for Lance. These days, all that he is trying to do is find a well paying Job to support his family. However, strange foes from beyond Crisis have come; shattering
the temporary peace like a cracked mirror. Where did these Invaders come from?
Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension (Verse 2) - The Kidnapping

Visitors from Hell have attacked Crisis. As Lance and his friends struggle through the aftermath of the day's battle, they must now prepare themselves to enter the Isolated Dimension itself. It was
time to go to Hell...
Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension (Verse 3) - Welcome To Hell

Our heroes have finally step foot in Hell. It is a horrid place of suffering and cruelty beyond imagination. Within the flames waits a series of battles that they will need to overcome in order to
make it out alive...
Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension (Verse 4) - Return Of Corruption

The battle rages on in Hell, as Lance and friends race to rescue his loved one. However, a sudden reveal changes everything our heroes were expecting...
Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension (Verse 5) - Miracle

Lance's rampage tore right through the Hell Dimension and damaged a portion of Crisis. Things take a turn for the worse as Lance awakens, and Kiri's fate is confirmed. His entire world is now
crashing down around of him.
Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension (Verse 6) - The Dimension Splitting Battle

Judas and Lance's feud comes to a head in this shockingly destructive final battle...
Read Chapter

The Hell Dimension (Verse 7) - End

The battle is over, and the Hell Dimension lays in ruin. A strange man appears afterwards, hinting at future trouble for Lance and his friends...
Read Chapter