blue lady

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

a story of a young man (Leo)helped to a women he found on the street and weak. as time pass by with her in a single night he started to fall for her. and it was a fortune she fell the same way after that stormy night.

It was one hack of a night; I was walking through a dark road, on my way to home with a terrible storm around the city. Sound of thundering keeps me quit while the lighting makes me close my eyes every times it happens. Not all those were enough to scare me off from this spooky storm. Every time when a cold gust of bizarre windblown to my face, I felt extremely hostile. Only one element was missing from that disaster. A bit of joy rain which I enjoy a lot, but not that kind of night. Suddenly I saw a young lady across the road with a blue dress sitting on one of the bench nearby state park which was few steps away from my apartment.

At that time I was thinking should I go and talk to her or just stay away from other’s business, who knows she might be waiting for someone. So I just straightly went to my apartment as I was feeling frozen cold. After I went upstairs, I just shouted very loudly ‘mom’, but I got no response. Then I went to my mom’s room to see that my mom is awake, besides it was very late. When I opened the door my mom and my little sister lily were sleeping and due to cool tempo they were hidden under a big blanket. Then I just closed the door softly and went to the balcony to check on the lady, who I saw few minutes ago when I came to my home.

From our apartments balcony I can see clear view of state park and the bench she was sitting. But at the time I was looking through a foggy night, so the view was little dull. But I was able to spot that lady and I was shocked that she was still there. So I decided to go there and ask her if she’s alright.

I picked up my leather jacket for her and kept it on my shoulder. I kept my hands in my pocket for inspiration and making myself comfortable when talking to women as it was my first time. I slowly walk across the road and went close to her. I just sat near her and softly said ‘are you alright lady’, I got no respond and I asked same thing for second time. She responds by nodding her head a little bit.

I couldn’t see her face at the time as she was holding her hand tightly like protecting herself from something. And she was little bit lean forward and straightly looking at her hands. Also I experience that she was shivering and deeply exhaling. Besides I could literally hear those airs she exhales.

Her long wavy hair keeps falling in front of her eyes and every time she just put back those hair to rest of it. Such a beautiful skin, like it was created from pure milk. Normally I don’t observe a woman that much. But that night I had full of beautiful thoughts in my mind craving to express from my mouth.

Again I spoke as saying ‘are you not cold here? It’s a very stormy night and you shouldn’t be alone here’. She just whispered something and I couldn’t hear what she said. So I ask her ‘Pardon’ then she replied ‘my boyfriend will come soon’. ‘I should wait even in this dark stormy night’. That makes me heart broken. Quickly I said ‘what kind of boyfriend is he, leaving you here in cold’. She did not reply. So I told ‘let me cover you at least its very cold here’. Softly she replied ‘yes’. So I gave my jacket to her. She covered herself with it.


For few minutes we were sitting quietly and it was kind of awkward for me. She spokes again and said she needs to make a phone call so I gave my mobile phone to her. She tried called someone for several times. After five to six times of trying someone picked it up. And she was listening very quietly and suddenly she started crying. She gave me back my phone and stood up gently. At the same time I stood with her, asked her what happen in a worried manner. She just keeps crying and started heading to right side of road.

I also walked with her and asked her several times what the problem was. But she never told me the problem. I was very curious and suspicious that something happened to her boyfriend. Suddenly the weather gets even worse as Heavy rain started to fall from above us and touching the ground hardly, but still she did not stop and neither did I. accidently she slipped her foot on ground and was going to fell off, before she touches the wet ground I caught her. Still she was crying like a baby and I was holding her in my bear hand. She had no power to neither say a word nor stand herself on the ground. She was like all gone from this world.

So I decided to take her to my home as she was completely exhausted and vulnerable. I asked her ‘you may stay at my apartment for tonight and you can leave at morning after eating something’. ‘Right now you’re vulnerable’. She stopped crying and replied in a tense manner that she can’t. And I said ‘please at the time you’re just pushing yourself into something you have no idea’. After that she took a deep breath and agreed to stay in for few hours and said ‘as the rain stop, I am gone’. I replied ‘fair enough for me’.

We went to my apartment and when I opened the door she was standing outside at the time I went in. so I ask her to come inside ‘it’s totally ok and I am a nice guy’. She entered my apartment like she was entering to haunted house. When she came in I invite her for some coffee and said ‘let me bring some dry clothes for you and keep my jacket on the tables it’s very expensive’. She smiled a bit which was first time I saw her simile and it was like heaven. I brought a t-shirt which was mine, because our height almost same as I think she was a bit shorter than me. Along with t-shirt I brought my mom jeans.

After I handed those cloths and showed the direction to restroom. Then I straightly went to kitchen to make some coffee. When I was making some coffee she came in to the dining room slowly walking through the door and her arms were locked around her. She looks amazing in those outfits. At the movement it was difficult to me to lay my eyes on elsewhere rather than her. Her big blue eyes were more than enough for me be happy. She suddenly noticed that I was looking at her and she slowly look down at her feet. I bring those coffees to table and ask her to sit. She sat in the chair in front of me which makes me paranoid so much.

She tasted the coffee and said ‘this coffee tastes so good and thank you for all this’. And that was the first time she gave me a compliment. I felt very good. She looked at the window to see whether it’s raining or not. Unfortunately the rain was as heavy as before.


We talked for long hours, it’s like she has forgotten what happen to her that night. She was like a different woman from few hours ago. She laugh, crack jokes, and she’s smart for the record. I wonder why her boyfriend left her alone in such a night. When she said she feel sleepy I showed my room to her and said ‘you can sleep in this room and I will be at living room’. She insists and said ‘let me sleep in living room’. But how can I let that happen, so I said to her ‘you’re such a gorgeous lady and you don’t deserve sleep in living room’. She smiled and went to bed.

When she went to sleep I took a blanket and a pillow from my mom room and checked on my mom and little sister. They were still sleeping as sound of thundering have no effect on them. I went to living room and sat on the sofa and I was thinking about her. I realized I am fucked up and I can’t fall asleep that night. So I turn on telly to avoid thinking about her. A tight game was going on between two Madrid teams. Sadly I couldn’t concentrate on the game other than her. Funny thing is I still don’t know her name. But I managed to get to know her age. She was in same age as me as we were 25 back then. 

When I started fall asleep someone came from my room and I knew it’s her but still I act like I was sleeping so I did snore a little bit. She came near by me and pokes me. When she got no answer, she calls out my name softly and pokes me again. I act like I just wake up from a heavy sleep and I said to her ‘what happen dear’. She replied in a shy way ‘I am scared to sleep alone’. ‘Can you come to sleep with me? And don’t take this in a wrong way’. I replied after taking a long breath ‘I will never think of you in a bad way and it’s a promise, if you’re scared then I will sleep with you’. At the time I was thinking how we both can fit to that single bed. Bad luck for me that I don’t have a king size double bed.

When we entered my room I told her ‘there is no way we can be fit to that bed’. She laughed and said that ‘who told we are going to sleep in one bed. You can sleep on the floor right’. The way she said it’s like I am the one from outside and lost. Apparently I replied ‘yes sure’.

So I bring my pillow, spread the blanket on the floor and find a new blanket for me to cover my body as it’s was still freezing. When I was there lying down on the floor, I was still thinking about her. It was hard to express.

After a while I fell asleep. Suddenly I wake and opened my eye, I saw that she was lying next to me. She was sleeping and my arms were around her hip. I thought she accidently fall down from bed. So I did not mind at all and I slept.

Next day when I woke up she was not in my room and it was 8:00 am in the morning. I knew if my mom saw her, she will freak out. So I ran outside of my room to living room. No one was there. Suddenly my mom calls out my name and said. ‘Leo, she just left and she told me everything’. My mom added more ‘what you did last night it’s what a real gentle man will do, forget it all and come here, I am cooking your favorite meal’. I was so happy that my mom said that. It was a big relief. However the saddest part is she belongs to someone else and I will never going to see her again. I still think of what was her name.

When I was eating my meal my mom asks me ‘do you like her, she looks your type and I like her’. After swallowing the food in my mouth I replied in a shy way ‘come on mom, it was just a night I help her and that’s all’. My mom gaged and said ‘but she likes you a lot, eat well I am going to ready lily for her dance class. Now days, she sleeps too much’. After I heard what my mom said, my hopes of achieving her lighten up again. I finished my meal swiftly and went to shower as I need to attend an important meeting in my office. And my boss will be very pissed off, if I wasn’t there in time as I am the head of art and designing department.

After a hot bath I quickly dressed up my suit and took my jacket and left for work. While I was on my way to office I put my hand inside the inner pocket of the jacket to check whether I have my ball point pen. Suddenly my hand slips to a piece of paper which was not mine. I took it out and it was folded. So I unfolded it and something was written in it. It says;

“These words aren’t enough to thank you. Everything you done last night will be unforgettable. It will be stored in my memory forever. Last night my boyfriend dumped me there for alone. I was waiting there for him to return. I was thinking that he might return for me if he loved me. But he never looks back to 5 years of relation with me. I Guess god have not been unfair with me that night. I met you last night and it might be a gift for me. I hope you feel the same way”. At the end I found her name was Julia.

I was speechless for a while.  

(Not the end)



Submitted: November 13, 2014

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