Mid-night Secret

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crazy werewolve romance

Submitted: October 24, 2010

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Submitted: October 24, 2010



 Mid-night Secret

“Katy,” whispered Mark “isn’t the moon beautiful?” “Yeah,” I answered, “sure is.” I looked over a little while later his eyes were closed and his mouth was a little open. I could tell he was asleep. He was handsome when he slept. I picked up the blanket next to me and tossed it over him, then scooted next to him. Soon after I was next to him, Samuel, his ashy colored dog, walked up, twirled around, and laid next to me. I turned over and pulled some of the cover over me and drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed about Mark's strait, layered, black hair and his icy blue eyes, and pale skin.  All I had was long, curly, red hair and blue eyes with dark mid night blue rim on the outside. I didn’t understand how he could hang out with me. Trust me I’ve seen some of his girlfriends. So, that pretty much sums up my night.

About an hour or two later I woke. The sun was rising and Mark was watching it. I picked up the blanket and folded it. Mark stood up and stretched so did Samuel. Mark has been my friend sense well birth. Then out of nowhere Biscuit, my golden colored dog, jumped high in the air.”When did she show up?”I asked.  “Not long before you woke up.” he chuckled. I glared at him trying to hide my smile but failed.

Ok so I haven’t told you of our relationship. Well my mom was there maid she died of breast cancer. When she did I took her role, until Mark and I fell in love. Then the midnight secret was formed. The midnight secret is something me and Mark share.  Every night at midnight we grab a blanket or two and go to our secret place which is actually a cliff near their house. Then we would watch the stars.

 On the way, out of nowhere Mark said, “Kat, will you go out with me?” I pretended to think about that. “Heck ya I’ve been …” I couldn’t finish at that moment he kissed me and sparks flew. Wahoo he is kissing me. Yes he is an awesome kisser…wow this isn’t so hard, “…wow.” He chuckled, “so I guess that’s a yes.”

The next day we had school. Everybody knew after second period that I and Mark were a couple. At lunch Jodie one of the school popular girls walked up and dared us to kiss. Mark stood there like an idiot as the area around us became crowded with people. So I finally grabbed his hand pulled him to me I put my hands on his shoulders as he put his on my waist. Then we kissed not a peck but mouth to mouth. This is awesome. I was afraid of the crowd. Then the kiss ended and the crowed was whooping and whistling. Jodie looked angry and said, “ok your cool with me!”, then smiled. On the way back to class Mark said, “Thanks for saving my butt back there.” “It's ok,” I answered. He walked me to class holding my hand.

After school he found me and put me on his back then ran so fast I ran out of breath he was going at like 50mph. Next thing I knew we were in a field. “Kat I have something to tell you.” “What are you a super hero?”I joked. “No I’m a loup-garou.” “A what?” “A loup-garou means werewolf in French.” “Then prove it.”I screamed. Then right before my eyes he turned into one.

I fainted and when I came to my hand was throbbing. Then I realized there was blood on it to. I sat up scared. He was there, the black wolf staring at me. Then I realized as I looked down at the throbbing, I had no hand only a reddish colored paw soaked in blood my clothes surrounded me. I whimpered. He walked up to me and touched my nose. This is weird.  Ya I know he said I freaked his mouth didn't move.

Then we heard something. A stick or something braking. It scared me I stood still and studied the woods it came from. A guy with a gun came from the woods. He bent down and touched Mark on the head. Mark shoved his head into the man's hand. I paced behind him looking at the man....no glared at him. “I see you’ve brought a friend,” He said. He walked over I growled at him. Mark sent a warning glance. So I stopped he pet me too I pulled away. Then ran into the woods.

I changed, got dress, and ran out then as where they were. He looked at me and explained he knew about us and he was Marks uncle. Then I changed back to a wolf and followed him to a little cottage. The cottage looked so perfect there that my wolf like jaw popped open. They looked at me and laughed. I ignored them but quickly closed my mouth.  It was so perfect there sitting right in that clearing. Wild roses, tulips, and some flower I didn’t know that were growing around the house.

Finally we went in I loved the inside more than the outside. It was cozy and warm. There was a fireplace and a rug. I trotted over to the rug and plopped down. It was warm. Mark trotted over and laid next to me. I started to wash him with my tongue soon he was asleep. I stopped and laid my head down and fell asleep.

When I woke up Mark was still asleep so I wandered around.  Found a warm rock and laid down. I relaxed as the Saturday sun fell upon me. It was nice and helped me sort through the big ball of ball of confusion that had gotten tangled in my brain yesterday. Thank God for Saturdays.

I got the large tangle confusion untangled a long while later. Mark followed my scent trail and found me. He saw how dirty I was and began to lick my fur clean. After he cleaned my fur he layed down next to me and basked in the noon light. Man I'm hungry, I thought. He looked at me and got up. We went hunting. My first hunting trip and I caught more food than Mark.

With half-full tummies we headed back to the house. Only to find his uncle cooking stew and a large number of boys yowling. I just knew they were more werewolves. I went to the bathroom and washed up I had turned human again. I put on a black mini-skirt and white muscle shirt. "Mark who were those boys in the kitchen and won't your parents get worried about us?" " Naw I told them I was taking you on a vacation this weekend and that was the rest of the pack." "Cool."

 " So where do I sleep," I asked." in the hammock," he answered pointing to a hammock I never noticed before in the corner. I layed in the hammock after putting on night clothes thinking about all that had happened that stinking ball of mess had gotten tangled up again. I fell asleep thinking about everything that had happened.

My dreams were all mixed up and happy. I was happy he chose me. Mark told me a werewolf could only turn one person in a life time. He also told me we could have a mind link so powerful we could talk with our minds. This didn't confuse me much and after all I had always known there was something different about Mark. That there was and had always been something between us something like magic or love or maybe destiny. There had always been something different about him, but until now I could not put my finger on it.

I woke up early no one else was awake. My stomach growled. Hungrily I went to the kitchen to find food. They had everything I needed and I cooked muffins, eggs, cinnamon rolls, and bacon. Finally done I made a plate for myself and sat at the table and ate my fill. After finishing I washed dishes and walked to the living room. Smells good that wasn't my thought so I thought back Good Morning Mark! That would be because I made breakfast.  I bounded upstairs to the room whereI felt he would be. I opened and closed the door and jumped into his arms and gave him kisses all over his face I love you! I love you! I love you! I thought to him. He chuckled " Come On Beautiful" he said," its first come first serve in this house." he grabbed my hand as we ran down stairs. His Uncle was up looking shocked. "Thank you" he said. I laughed  " no problem." I ran to the hall and went wolf. I tilted head to the second floor and howled a laughing howl. I got several angry howls back. I turned human and chuckled into the kitchen dressed. Mark laughed and pulled me over to him wrapping his arms around my waist. A boy walked in, "that is Garret , that's Dino , that would be Hatch and that's Lilia." Mark said as two more boys  walked in and a girl.

They all grabbed a plate. "Thank you" said the boy called Hatch and the girl Lilia. they each filled their plates and ate Mark finished eating and pulled me out side before I could object.



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