Until We Bleed

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A woman struggles to move on with her lover.

Submitted: June 18, 2014

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Submitted: June 18, 2014



I sat on the park bench, waiting. Waiting and watching the grey clouds obscure the sky. It might rain today, that would be fitting. It was overcast and sprinkling on the day I first met him too. We were so free, open to what was about to happen between us. He captivated me from that first moment, when he invited me to join him. It was just a normal day, both of us just out and about.

"Come with me," he said. "I could use some company." I still don't know why I agreed, it was so unlike me. We'd only known each other a few moments, a chance encounter and a brief conversation. He was just magnetic, drawing me into him.

It was like magic from the very beginning.

I felt the heat radiating off his body from the seat next to mine. The electricity between us was overwhelming, I wondered if everyone else in the bar could feel it too. I looked him over, letting the warmth fill me. I savored the anticipation. This certainly wasn't our first time, it definitely wouldn't be our last. But there was no denying this intensity, unlike anything we had felt before.

I felt him sit on the bench next to me. I froze, too nervous to even look at him. So much had happened, so much is unspoken between us. He feels it too. Out of the corner of my eye I can see his hunched over form mirroring my own, both of us silent statues. This was unusual for him, someone who always has something to say.

The emptiness inside me swells to new heights. We've never felt so far apart.

He hovers above me, his hand traces my curves. He explores every inch of skin, taking his time to enjoy each caress. I almost can't stand it, my need is overwhelming. He backs away from me, gives me that smirk of his. He knows how crazy he's driving me and he loves it. His eyes roam over me, I can sense his appreciation. For once I'm not self-conscious, there's only the desire to please him.

I can feel his eyes on me. I can feel his uncertainty. We're in new territory, each of us too vulnerable to make a move. I cautiously glance at him, afraid to let our eyes meet. He senses my fear and looks away. I open my mouth to speak but no words form in me. There's a spark in the air between us.

Something in him changes. He stops and looks down at me. I'm worried for a moment, he's too serious. He leans down against me, firmly hugging me to him. "I just wanted to say... I love you." I'm stunned by this new side of him. He who's always the jokester, never the one to be serious. I've waited so long to hear him say those words. "I love you, too." He gives me that smirk of his, he's always known how I've felt. He knows how well he's patched up the once shattered parts of me. He leans down to whisper his love in my ear again. I beg him to fill all the empty parts of me.

"I still love you, you know." His voice cuts through the silence. I stare over at him, a tear escapes down my cheek. We lock eyes and share a lifetime in this moment. So much has happened, so much pain has been caused. And here we are, two bruised and broken souls, in desperate need of repair. But we're not dead yet. Our futures are so uncertain, neither of us know where to go from here. All we can do is look into the other, hoping they can each hear our silent pleas.

"Fill all the empty parts of me."

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