The Cannibal

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A guy named Mark discovers a horrible secret about his neighbor Dr. Vince.

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012



My name is ‘Mark’, a 21 years old guy, living with my dad and younger brother Sam in one house; My parents are separated. I witnessed some of the most disturbing events ever in my life. I would like to share with you those events that happened with me.

I had a 19 years old girlfriend named ‘Lucy’ who was the love of my life, and I was dreaming of marrying her someday, but I lost her. She was a part of all those events, and worse than that…she was a victim.

There is a house opposite to our house, and there is only a road that separates between us, but the house wasn’t the problem; the man who lived in the house was the problem, and he was the reason of all what happened to me.

The man was a surgeon named ‘Vince’ probably in his forties; he was one of the best surgeons, and he even used to give medical lectures in the famous medical university in the city, but he was a weirdo living in the house all alone; loneliness can make a person insane, so it wasn’t strange that Dr. Vince was insane who used to go out every night at a late time for some unknown reasons, but people who lived in nearby houses including me noticed that something was wrong with Dr. Vince; Dr. Vince the most famous, respected and reputed surgeon.

They say that psychopathic killers are the most elegant, innocent-looking and charming persons in the world because maybe they try so hard to be normal, but people don’t want psychopathic killers in society.

When did I notice that Dr. Vince was actually doing bad things? It was one day when I was looking out the window watching the house of Dr. Vince at night with Lucy just for fun, but we saw him dragging something that looked like a human body into his house, so I had to make sure.

My dad was out on a business trip that night; my younger brother Sam was in my aunt’s house, so it was the perfect night to investigate what was going on in that house.

“You stay here” I said to Lucy.

“Where are you going Mark?” Lucy asked.

“I will go sneak into Vince’s house to see what is going on, because I am sure that he is doing something wrong; he always go out late at night, and just now we saw him dragging something that looked like a body” I said.

“Are you mad? You just said that he was dragging a body into his house, so it’s not safe to sneak into his house especially in this late time of night” Lucy said.

“Don’t worry babe; I will go and come back quickly” I said.

“I will come with you then” Lucy said.

“No I will go alone. I promise I will come back quickly” I insisted.

I took a flashlight, a pocket knife and a lock pick with me then I went to Vince’s house. After some time I was able to open the door using my lock pick, and so I sneaked into the house slowly with my flashlight opened because the house was dark, but there was only some little light I saw coming from some room, and so I guessed that Dr. Vince was in that room. I also heard some cutting sounds coming from there; what was that room? I didn’t know at first but then I knew everything going on.

I returned back home scared, and I was all sweaty because of fear. You can’t imagine how I was when I got back home.

“Mark, what is wrong? Why are you breathing like that? What did you see?” Lucy said.

“He…he…he was…” words barely came out of my mouth while I was trying to take my breath.

“He was what? Tell me” Lucy said while she was worried.

“He was eating a child” I said after I calmed down.

“Huh! Are you serious? Eating a child? Dr. Vince the most respectable and famous surgeon?” she put her hands on her head then continued “I can’t believe that”.

“I sneaked into his house slowly, and I heard some cutting sounds coming from the only room with light turned on in the house, so I walked slowly into that room to take a peek and that room turned out to be the kitchen where he was cutting a child on a table into pieces using a meat cleaver while the blood was everywhere…” I said.

“Oh my god, that is scary. What happened then? Tell me” Lucy said while she was shocked.

“I saw him putting the legs, arms and head of the child in the oven; we have one problem Lucy” I said.

“What is it?” she asked.

“He saw me and recognized me, but I ran away before he can catch me. Don’t you know that he knows my dad?” I said.

“We have to call the police” Lucy said.

At first we thought that calling the police would be a waste of time because nobody would believe that the great doctor Vince is a cannibal, but we did it anyway.

I called the cops telling them everything I saw; I am sure they didn’t believe me, but they came anyway to investigate Vince’s house while I was with them. As I expected, there was no sign of what he did in his house, and the kitchen was all clean and organized like nothing happened there.

“Sorry for disturbing you Dr. Vince, but this boy told us that he saw you cooking a child” cop said while laughing.

“No problem officer. The teenagers these days can be so creative and problem makers” Dr. Vince said while smiling.

That bastard cleaned everything before the police came, and he was even smiling like he was really innocent. He looked at me an evil look meaning that he was going to kill me and probably eat me too.

Of course the cops warned me of making any fake calls again and they didn’t believe me, so I had to do something myself.

The next morning, my dad brought my brother Sam from my aunt’s house and came home. Lucy went to her house which was just a few blocks away from my house.

I wanted to tell my dad what happened with Dr. Vince but I just couldn’t do it; I didn’t have to do it because Vince the cannibal came to our house by himself, and of course he told my dad a different story making me a liar.

“Good morning Joe, how are you? How was your trip?” Dr. Vince said.

“It was fine. Thank you for asking. How are you doing?” Dad said.

In short, Vince told my dad how I called the police on him because I thought he was a cannibal. My dad shouted at me and he even grounded me.

My dad had to do something for work so he left at night leaving me alone with Sam who was 15 years old. I told Sam everything about Dr. Vince to warn him not to ever go near his house.

“You really broke into his house? You saw him cooking a child in the oven?” Sam said.

“Yes Sam. Police wanted to take me in for breaking into his house, but he told them not and dropped the charges against me” I said.

“Why did he do that? Why didn’t he let the police take you to jail?” Sam said.

“It’s obvious Sam, he wants to kill me by himself and eat me” I said.

“That is creepy” Sam replied with disgust.

I called Lucy and told her to come to my house. I waited for one hour but she didn’t show up, so I got worried and I knew that something was wrong. Vince kidnapped her; that is what came into my mind.

I told my brother Sam to stay home. I took the flashlight, pocket knife and my sweet lock pick to break into his house again; his house was dark as usual when I got in, but the kitchen had light just like before. I went into the kitchen and my flashlight dropped from my hand because of what I saw. I got shocked.

Lucy was there on the table but her head was on the floor; the floor was all blood. Vince was holding the meat cleaver with one hand and a gun with the other hand.

“I was expecting you Mark; how good of you to come here?” Vince said.

“You bastard, you killed Lucy and you are about to eat her” I said with anger.

“Yes I am going to eat her. The meat of women is softer and better than the meat of men; care to join me for dinner? But I want to eat the brain, kidney and intestines. I like them fried” Vince said in a calm voice.

“You sick bastard. I am going to kill you” I shouted.

“And how exactly are you going to do that? I have a gun” Vince said.

“Why are you doing this? Why?” I asked with anger.

“I will tell you everything because you are going to die anyway; I belong to a secret club of people who eat human flesh called ‘secret club of cannibalism’. We are so many and we look just like you and everybody else, but we crave human flesh. Even if I die, there are many others like me who belong to that club and you will never get rid of us all” Vince said.

“A secret club of cannibalism? You people must be really insane and I am sure your little club will go down someday, and you all are going to pay” I said while angry.

“Unfortunately, you won’t be around to see that day” Vince said with confidence.

Vince pointed his gun at me and I thought I was going to die, but suddenly I heard the famous word ‘freeze’, then Vince was on the floor dead in a pool of his own blood by three gun shots to his chest.

“Are you alright?” the cop said.

“Do you believe me now? I was about to die and get eaten by that cannibal; he said something about a secret club of cannibalism before you shot him” I said.

“We will look into it and hunt down the club members one by one. I promise” the cop said.

It was Sam who called the police and told them that I went to Vince’s house, so it was my brother who really saved me.

My dad mostly go out at night saying that he has to do something for work; could he be a member of that club of cannibalism? Could any of my neighbors be one of them? I will never know. Nobody is safe now.

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