A Day in Man's Life

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Submitted: December 30, 2014

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Submitted: December 30, 2014



He awakes in a sweet morning of an on-going Spring Season and smells the taste of his mother’s milk. He opens his eyes and absorbs the radiance of multicolored rays in the cones instead of the rods of his vision, which suddenly expands through the air like the wings of a new-born butterfly emerged out of its chrysalis. The movement of subjects and objects tickles his mind yet he takes all his efforts to connect them into meaningful perceptions , struggling with the missing conjunction of his flimsily interwoven nerves. He tries hard to express his amusements, by relaxing his facial muscles into an innocent yet eloquent smile. He attempts to read and understand the languages of other faces without noticing the faces hidden behind the faces. 

He is new to the world . The world which is many many years old, yet still young and fresh like ever. Questions start breathing in the vacuums of pulsating curiosity. Questions, questioning the very existence of every single thing breathing or not breathing. Questions, answering the existence of an invisible motive, coded within the chart of this very existence. 

Holding the finger of Traditions, stepping upon the prints of his ancestors , he begins traveling backwards, until the sunlight glitters his forehead bring the news of up-coming Summer. His senses fully awaken , leave the comfort of subconscious bedding and after taking the fresh bath of angelic desires , prostrates before an idol of patience . He feels the strength and the energy flowing inside his perfect stature and decides to move forward, then! 

Busy , with every passing moment at the clock-wise rotating routines of the Noon of his life, he tries to gaze the burning sun ,spreading the scorching heat over his uncovered head. The direct gaze injures a tiny portion of his retinal curtain, projecting his latest thoughts about his existence. He denies the divinity of Sun and reverts back to his solitary solitude , deep inside his heart, where he tries to find all his answers, waiting for injuries to heal! 

The Sun keeps taking his course down the peaks of hills of all opportunities, marking the worldly achievements, while he bends his head to explore his heart, again. The moment he realizes that he is just like others, an ordinary person with a few medals at his chest and some cash in his wallet, he bends on his knees and starts praying. He finds all he could earn was the Peace of his Soul and all he could spend wisely was the Time he had. 

It seems the best prayer of the Time, when only the Wise would weigh the gains and losses of the time passed away so quickly, slipping away from the hands of fortune like the grains of sand. He realizes all his treats and trials, he had had experienced through other people and the material of the world. With eyes filling up of unknown tears, and a strange smile at his drying lips, he simply begins thanking and forgiving, at the same time! 

He does n`t have much of the time left as soon the setting of the Sun would marks the onset of the darkness on the final pages of his book of life. He is neither scared nor regretful though, since he had never been dumb, deaf and blind of his Senses .His tongue could tell the difference between the taste of Milk, Honey and Vine. His Touch could feel the Virtue and the Sin. A few extravagances, he would confess and repent in his final prayer, which might otherwise, would increase the cold of the Winter, about to stay the longest on the calendar of his life. 

He suddenly realizes , though his whole body is marked and heavy with the sufferings of past, yet his soul is pure and light like a down-feather! He would spend the rest of his life in the glow of the dim flame, lit in his contented spirit, as he used to be a grateful person to the Nature and the Creator. And in the comfort of all cozy memories, he will keep waiting for a promised Spring, when he will wake-up , again….. 



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