Aasha aur Niraasha

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Hindi Poem with English translation..Hope and Hopelessness

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Saagar se bhi gehri soch thi jis ne usay duboya
Doob ke dil be-chaara jis mein hunsa nahi ,na roya

Ghor undhairaiy mein chundaa ki kirnain jaise akaili
Boojh na paaye koi isaiy jo jeevan aisee pahaili

Dukh sukh ke aangan main kabhi na paid na koi saaya
Phir bhee jeevan ka sapna jaisay budhati ghut-ti maya

Door gugan ke taaron main ho phaili hoi ik raikha
Apne haathon main kia hia woh kaisay kissi ne dekha

Kabhi sooraj to dhurti ki kokh se huryaali ko ugaiay
Kabhi tapassia-on ki dhoop se bhavna-on ko jalaiy

Baarish phoolon ke chehray se aanso-on ko dhulaaiy
Kabhi jo burse rotay hoay dil ko kion aur rulaiy

Dhoondh na paiy kabhi sagar mein koi aik bhi moti
Kabhi jala de ik aansoo bhi aankh ki bujhti joti

Kuth putli ka aik tamaasha. pur dor nazar na aaiay
Paa kur khoay usay kubhi to kho kur jis ko paaiy

Phir mil jaiy kho kur jaisay saath kabhi na chootay
Kuchh rishton ka toot ke bhi to bundhan kabhi na tootay

Jeevan dagar pe chulti rukti aasha aur niraasha
Chup rehne ki, dukh sehme ki apni alag hai bhaasha


Hope and Hopelessness

Those thoughts were ocean-deep which drowned the heart.
And the drowned heart then could never laugh nor cry…

Just like the lonesome moonlight spread in the pitch dark
No one can understand the riddle of life as such…

In the courtyard of sorrow and happiness. There’s no tree nor any shade
Still Life’s dream is like expanding and shortening of shadowy illusions…

The destiny is assumed to be scattered amongst the stars of the sky
While no one knows what’s written in the lines of the hands….

Sometimes the Sun grows the greenery from the wombs of the earth
Sometimes with the scorching heat of worship burns the innocent wishes of hearts…

Sometimes the rain washes away the blemishes from the flower’s face
Sometimes it makes a sad heart feel sadder and cry….

Sometimes it’s hard to find a single pearl in the entire ocean
Sometimes a single drop of tear enlightens the mourning eye….

This all is a puppet show and no one can see the strings…
It’s just like losing some one who’s found after being lost…

Still some relations are eternal and are never lost
There bond remains unbreakable ..even if it breaks temporarily

Hope and hopelessness, both travel at the avenue of life, stopping and going on..
Keeping silence and endurance has it’s own charm of language and conveyance !!!


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