Divinity -

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My perception of 'Divinity'...


Quiet like silence
No speech ,no violence

Walks like grace
Measuring every pace

Sings like a melody
Sweet sad parody


Blooms like a flower
No weakness, but power

Surrounds like peace
Light perfumed breeze

Deep like a slumbers
With dreams full of wonders


Shines through the souls
Directs every goal

Touches like the sunshine
Neither yours nor mine

Dances like a flame
No guilt, No shame


Colorless and pure
Like patience and endure

Real, like faith
No fable, no myth

Mysterious like an ocean
Or a magical potion

A quality a sense
Of dignity and prudence


Identity, reforms
Of being and norms

A knock at the door
Of heart to explore

A waiting of an hour
For a miracle to shower

An ecstasy that rains
No loss, no gain


Protects like an embrace
No body , no face

Guides like a friend
No craze , no trend

Treats like remedy
No pain, no tragedy

Frees like freedom
No insanity, but wisdom


A rhythm a harmony
No promise , no testimony

A sorrow that elates
A joy, that sedate

A word that glows
A mirror that shows

A seed that sows
All human pros


A trust which is blind
Yet opens the mind

A death of a martyr
A life of a character


A crown that honors
Every site every corner

A prayer that blesses
No hassle no messes


A pearl , a gemstone
Exuberant , unknown

A gift from God
No commodity , no fraud


A question that answers
No learner, no preacher

A reason a passion
Original, no fashion


No urge but fulfilling
No taking, only giving


Submitted: September 23, 2011

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Saleem Akhtar Malik

Very thought provoking. I like it.

Wed, December 28th, 2011 2:30pm


Love this! Very well done.

Mon, November 4th, 2019 3:42pm

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