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Baat aik lumhay ki
Baat aik lumha thee
Yaad de ke jholi main
Lumha guzar jaata hai
Guzray hoay lumhay ko
Waqt kion bulata hai

Waqt jaisay paani hai
Moj ki ravaani hai
Paanion ki lehron pe
Uks kab thehertay hain
Aainon main chehray to
Buntay aur bigartay hain

Boond boond lumhaiy sub
Shaakh shaakh jeevan pe
Shaid oss ki maanind
Kucch der jaisay ruktaiy hon

Baadlon ke sung sung ya
Ruktay aur subhultay hoay
Holay holay urtay hon
Shaid inhi lumhon main

Koi aisa lumha jo
Yoon bhi guzar jaata ho
Ashk bun k pulkon pe
Jaisay theher jaata ho

Thehra hoa lumha woh
Khamoshi ki taaron pe
Dheeray dheeray bujta hai
Saans k tarunnum pe
Durta aur sehemta hoa
Holay holay chulta hai




This is a story of a moment. Moment that passes away after giving memories in possession. Why does then time recalls the elapsed moment!

Time which is like flowing water. Reflections never stay at the surface of running waters, just like reflections in mirrors are formed and deformed with time.

Amongst these droplets like moments some stays like dewdrops at the branches of life. Some floats with the clouds of memories , while some stays at the lashes like tears.

Such moments play harmonies in the silence of solitude and keep going in and out like breaths of life!


Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Thanks for the critique..yes I felt so too but I liked that little mystery in the poem about the cherished moment or moments of life with are memorable...

Sat, October 1st, 2011 11:50pm

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