*Song Of Love*

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Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Song of love…
…is the secret of life
It is the real meaning… and beauty of each strife!

Song of love…
… is the ecstasy of the soul
Which guide and leads us… in each ‘n every role!

Song of love…
… is on the lips of every child
Which makes every mother’s touch so gentle so mild!

Song of love…
..is in the core of every heart
The dignity …the fluency… the essence of the art!

Song of love
Is the song of every wave
That kisses the shore’s feet… in love .to lave!

Song of love …
is which make the birds sing
Flutters every butterfly… and makes the flowers swing!

Song of love…
is the song of every season
The gestures of change ..and the clue of every reason!

Song of love…
…is which makes the night stay
For lovers to love… wait… cry .and to pray!

Song of love…
is boon from above
Serenity ….the elegance… the spirit of a dove!


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