The Loonie

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Vision of life!

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



It was a dull evening hour ,when he found a shiny loonie in an empty street. Finding it made his stomach growl immediately for he was a poor little boy living in a confined area with the smell of hungry poverty growling in the streets.
Looking at the shiny coin made his eyes gleam with a sudden hopes. He crossed the street and reached a bakery shop where he used to stand quite sometimes to catch the glimpse of mouth-watering bakery products. That day he hoped to buy something for himself to eat.

He wasn’t able to make a choice amongst so many eye-catching variety of the food, framed inside the display section.Just unconsciously, he was pointing and placing finger on the window pans, when he was noticed by the annoyed shopkeeper who beckoned him to leave the place immediately. The boy innocently waved at him to ensure that ,at that time he had money to buy something actually and wasn’t just fooling around.

He ,very confidently opened the door and paced into the shop with a grin on his smudgy face. He found the shopkeeper looking at him with a frown, already. He selected a pastry cake and ordered, immediately. When he was about to pay for it , he cast a last look at the shiny metal and felt as he was about to lose it in eating. With the thought , he suddenly turned away , opened the door and ran away, towards his cottage.

He wouldn’t eat up his coin , he decided, finally!

He didn’t tell anybody about the coin,at all. That night he couldn’t sleep properly for he was planning to buy something to play from the dollar shop, instead.

Next day he reached the dollar shop and started looking at the amazing toys he could buy for a loonie. The Car! How he always dreamed of sitting inside a moving vehicle!. The Airplane! Much better a choice , he would fly!!! No the color box! May be he could paint his life, too..The Pistol! No , no , How he hated killing people…!!!!

He became very sad.

No he wouldn‘t buy a toy for him! He would never ever be thinking of spending the money again. What if he buys a money saver , instead ..but then he would have no money to save … !!!

He looked at the loonie and felt as if he was really a poor guy. He went back home and put the coin inside his pillow case.

That night he couldn’t sleep at all. He dreamed of a large shiny dollar which was rolling and rolling ahead him like a giant wheel. He was trying to catch it but he couldn’t. It started rolling faster and faster. At last it stopped and fell on the ground. When the boy touched it with his hand it opened up like a big lid and under it was a deep dark well…the wishing well !

He could hear the whispers coming from the dark depth of the wishing well..!

“Make A Wish….!”
“Make A Wish…..!”

He leaned forward to try to see through the darkness , when he heard a loud whisper again. He became so scared that he lost his balance and fell into the well. While he was falling , he woke up!

It was the late night , everyone else was sleeping peacefully.

Next morning he took the coin in his hand, went out and dropped it in inside the rusty can held in the hands of a little beggar boy across the road!


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