Where Are You?-

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
About Human's Faith...

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



The sculptor sculpted it , with the best of his skills and used the most effective tools he had had. He put the pain of his throbbing touch and the gloom of his aching soul to shape it. He painted it with the serenity of his gaze and the beauty of his mind. He finished it with the blow of his deepest sigh in his burning heart!

He erected him in his own image to worship..seek protection and pray…

A God!

Before him as an assurance of his own presence..a proof of his faith and the assertion of his beliefs..
A monument of love and a friend of all times…

He always turned to him
He always trusted him.
He always prayed to him.
Then one day, with the broken heart, he stood before him…pleading …complaining …accusing…and shouted; “ Do you really care…for what I’ve been going through…do you…if you do ..then why my heart never rests…why my soul is ever-wandering…why my faith staggers so instantaneously..?

Do you see…?
Do you really hear..?
Do you…?

He hugged his God and the emptiness in his soul even increased more…his frustration grew…
Depressed and disdained ..he was about to hit it…kick it…push it…but he held back his anger..

He turned away and ran away…

He kept running and running…until he reached a lonely and deserted place,,with no humans around there…

He started shouting.. hereticaly…

Where are you…???????

Where are you…????

Let me know…!!!

Let me…..
Exhausted ,he sat in the earth beneath, leaned over the shoulder of a rock and wept. He wept and wept…for hours.

Then suddenly he felt a light relieving touch of combing inside the curls of his hair..he raised his head and felt a warm caress of the wind across his cheeks. His tears dried slowly and when his senses returned , he felt the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers around him to refresh his feelings. A butterfly flew passed his sparkly eyes, which sparkled even more after shedding tears of dismay, as if it was trying to play and prank. He smiled through his sadness and got up!

Walking slowly…touching the hanging branches with leaves, he felt as if they were shaking hands with him. Then he heard a bird singing merrily and softly. His spirit got elated, just like the brook flowing silently and indifferently on the way…He took off his shoes and felt the soothing touch of running water..taking away all his tiredness and fatigue.

He could see tiny little fish under water swimming and dancing like stringless puppets, around him!
He became indifferent too..indifferent to what had had happened..
He held his head high looking at the wandering clouds, soaked in the mystery of hidden raindrops, wondering which part of the soil they might bless.He felt a tiny droplet fell on his forehead and took away all his anger,,,

It started drizzling…..

He took off his shirt and let the soothing drizzle fall on his bare chest and get absorbed deep down his heart…until..his heartbeat started reflecting the strange rhythm of the rain itself. His whole body got wrapped in an invisible warm blanket of serenity. He raised his arms up and got lost in the tender turbulence of a spiritual tornedo out side his whole being.
Hid mind opened his eyes and his lips started whispering softly and quietly…

You are here..
You are near..


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