The Place That is Mine

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Allergies never bothered me here

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014



Allergies never bothered me here

amidst the grasses, wildflowers and thistles

tall, overgrown bushes, no trees

my dirty bike lying there, my cracked helmet

tossed to the side among the flowers

an old plank, dragged here long ago


That flattened place on the rough fronds

where I let my emotions seep out and sink

through the layers and into the ground

away from the world but in the midst of it


This was my real world

natural peace, wholeness, me and God

fuzzy bees, and butterflies white as light

the wind and grass dance to their own music

the noise of the road is blocked out


I lay on the twitching grass and gaze up

at bobbing flowers, white, yellow and purple

blue sky and bright clouds passing

oblivious to the world


my father figure was there

in nature and in church

my earthly father was farther away

and mother was depressed

after losing my two baby brothers

and moving away again

and every time mom cries, so do I

but nobody knows


My world and sanity so unstable

bees and butterflies my preferred company

and sometimes my smallest sister

my bike was my only friend

and my hat, my treasure


Overgrown, wild field

hiding so much in its cushion

out here in the sun

the bees beg me to stay, but no


How long before they wonder

where I disappear alone

come back soon enough: no questions

just a bike ride that’s all


This special place is my escape

at least it was back then

years later I returned

to find my place completely gone

a building and parking-lot stands

a place to buy plants grown indoors

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