I Could Just Kill You

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A unstable girl loses her temper. *Please read and review!*

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




ifi sat on the shitty futon in the middle of her tiny apartment. the coils under the fabric digging into her shoulder blades and encouraging her muscles to tighten harshly. Some indie movie her roommate liked was on, and said roommate was sprawled on the floor, wasting time on her computer.

Tensions between Fifi and her roommate rose and fell as often as breaths of the stuffy air they shared, and Fifi had just returned from a small vacation, so any tolerance she may have built for her roommate was in short supply. Every time her roommate spoke, her voice tortuously shrill and baby-like, a chill ran up Fifi’s spine. Clenching her fingers, blood pulsed through her veins, and her head throbbed momentarily before she took a deep breath.

A few minutes of peace were shattered by an obnoxious, wall-shaking cackle, and Fifi closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and cleared her throat, praying for an ounce of patience. Why had she even agreed to this? Oh, right. Because she had only spent time with the girl in small doses before hand and thought she was nice. Fifi hadn’t been wrong, but she had no idea how very annoying she was.

Ironically, this thought was interrupted by an incessant clicking from across the room. Then by her roommate’s equally aggravating rodent, squeaking his way around his cage. Fifi accidentally laughed aloud. The only reason she even had the damn thing was because Fifi had recently bought a companion of her own and her roommate couldn’t stand to not have everything she had. So naturally, she had gotten the most annoying animal on earth. 

At Fifi’s request, the door to her roommate’s room was closed, silencing the hamster at least. Fifi offered a smile, explaining the noise was just a bit much. Her roommate’s eyes rounded, and in a baby voice answered, “O-oh. I didn’t notice.” 

The smile on her face formed into an emotionless line, her attempt at a friendly exchange squished by her roomate’s toddler-esque fragility. “Oh, come on,” she hissed, before realizing she said it out loud.


Here we go, Fifi thought. And, right on cue, tears brimmed in her roommates eyes. She whimpered pathetically, squeaking about how much Fifi hated her and all she had to do. How hard she had it. Turns out, that was Fifi’s breaking point. Her reddish-brown eyes blazed with an inhumane level of rage. 

“H-hard?” she shrieked. “You live here goddamn rent-free! I don’t even make you get a damn job!” She stood up abruptly, towering over her roommate, who wore a satisfyingly terrified expression, for once remaining quiet. Fifi’s hands balled tightly into fists. In the small opportunity her roommate could have taken to calm Fifi, she instead complained. Some idiotic comment on having to clean instead of pay rent being unfair was broken by a fist swinging down and into her jaw.

It wasn’t enough to really hurt her, but enough to silence her. A dark smile spread across Fifi’s lips, and any hope this girl had had of surviving was now gone. Her roommate’s face, in turn, had paled as the magnitude of the situation hit her. Her usually, freakishly peppy smile was a terrorized “O”, and Fifi pinched her cheeks between her fingers until they turned purple, pulling it into a smile as her roommate yelped and squirmed, trying to get away. Fifi laughed loudly, intentionally over-dramatizing it, and her roommate screamed in surprise and fear. 

Fifi growled at the noise, and slapped her hard across the face, silencing her again, the silence itself roaring through the room until she whispered in her victim’s ear, “Can’t you just shut the fuck up for ten seconds? You’re being goddamn murdered… You literally couldn’t be quiet to save your life!”

She chuckled at her joke, shaking her head. Fifi’s other hand released the plum-colored flesh before shoving the girl down and sitting squarely on her chest, her ankles digging hard into the girls hips, her knees squeezing the girl’s arms to her sides. One of her hands pressed onto the girl’s throat, resulting in a rewarding gurgle. She continued to pressed down, watching the fear dilate in her roommate’s pupils. Her mouth moved silently, begging to be let go. These pleas went ignored, and with a quick thrust of Fifi’s arms, a snapping could be heard and her roommate screamed, but only a wheezing could be heard. 

Fifi cocked her head, her long, dark hair swishing side-to-side. She wasn’t dead yet. In pain, surely, but not dead. How to remedy this… Aha! Fifi stood, and took a few quick strides to her purse. She grabbed her knife from her purse, which had originally been purchased as a safety precaution. Turning back, she watched for a moment as her roommate, soon to be former roommate, crawled desperately toward the door. Stepping lightly, almost dancing over to her, she dropped down onto the girl’s back, smiling.

She pulled the girl’s head up by her hair, and in one slice, the soft flesh of the girl’s throat was parted by a red sea of blood. The stickiness rushed over the carpet before soaking in as Fifi dropped the now-dead girl’s head to the floor and stood once more, looking over her work. As a finishing touch, she turned her over, and sliced a Glasglow Smile into her face, her annoying smile now stretching literally from ear-to-ear. Satisfied, she stood, walked to the door and waved back at the body, mockingly, before slamming the door shut behind her.

Fifi jumped, brought out of her fantasy by their upstairs neighbors thumping loudly above them.  She blinked a couple times, and looked over at her roommate, who was looking right back at her. “Have a nice daydream?” her roommate asked, laughing slightly. Fifi said nothing, only shaking her head and smiling a little, thinking, ‘Yeah. Yeah I did.’

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