The Pro-Choice Argument

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Pro-choice argument article! Debate welcome.

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




My topic up for debate is the argument for keeping abortion as an option for unwanted pregnancy. Now, for most of the other topics of discussion, the debate is simply pro or con. But there is really no side that is “pro-abortion.” It isn’t a pleasant topic or experience, and everyone knows it. But it needs to be kept as a safe, legal procedure to keep women healthy.  Today, I am presenting to you several facts and opinions as to why I am a “pro-choicer.” After that, it is your choice to decide what your side of the argument is.

Firstly, abortion should be legal for the sake of women’s health, worldwide. Let’s say a woman gets raped, and is impregnated. Should her mental and psychological health be put in danger for the sake of satisfying religious grounds? No. Never. And while I would never in a million years wish someone to be violated, let me say this: If all those pro-lifers, who are pro-life strictly because it is against your religion, what if it happened to you? Would you want to keep that child, knowing where he or she came from?  Would the child be safe with someone in that state of mind?

Which brings me to my next point. The emotional and physical safety of the child once home. Another factor would be the mother’s tolerance of it, if the child weren’t wanted in the first place. The mother could develop feelings of resentment toward the baby, for how it came about, which could later develop into abuse in extreme cases. Even mothers who purposefully conceive a child can develop Postpartum Depression. Well how much worse would it be when they have no basis to love the child anyway, other than basic human sympathy? Or what if the mother is simply a teenager who made a mistake, basically a child forced to raise a child without the resources to do so? It should be every woman’s choice when they want to have a baby. Taking the joy out of a new life and turning it into a kind of punishment, is just as bad if not worse than abortion.

With my topic being abortion, of course I had to research Roe v. Wade. Remember that one? Roe went up against a jury to get an abortion, and won. That took place in the sixties. But upon further research, Norma McCorvey or “Roe,” later switched sides and is now a pro-life advocate. And why is that? Because she had the choice to decide what side she was on. In an interview with Seattle Times, she said even if she could go back, she still would have had it then. Because we make choices for ourselves that will serve us best at the time, and if a similar situation rises later, we can alter our opinions if we feel differently, or not. If a woman does not want to have a child, and has valid reasons for not entering parenthood, so be it. She may decide to try it later in life, on her terms.

Even if abortion were made illegal, honestly, would that stop it from happening? No. Our traits that drive our ability to choose just as much drive our determination to make what we want happen. So, the ending result would be women resorting to back alley abortions likely resulting in their death, or babies delivered unsafely and tossed in a dumpster to die.  Abortion, pleasant or not, is still doing our society some good. Unwanted children aren’t given away to parents they aren’t related to, women don’t have to go to extremes to attempt to keep themselves safe, the list goes on.  Our bodies, our choices. What do you say?

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