The Really Short Epic Tale of Fala and Alistair

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A moon fairy named Fala discovers interesting facets of the fairy Royal Family.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Past the cities, past the country, even past where you think the world might very well end is where the fairies live. The fairies are segregated, sun fairies from moon fairies. They don’t have to be; there is no reason or rhyme as to why. The only difference is the time of day they were born. Sun fairies were born just as the sun stretched over the horizon, their hair sun-kissed and blonde, while moon fairies are just the opposite. Moon fairies were babies graced enough to be shone down on by the glorious purity of the moonlight, just as it came into view in the first seconds of night.

Naturally, fairies are only born on the brink of night and day, as there is no time otherwise! Every adult fairy has a job in life, which they choose, and from birth have been made to feel like they had a purpose. Now, the sun fairies were considered very wealthy, and of course the Royal Family were sun fairies. But the night fairies had all the fun. They dragged the stars from the sky and hung them in the trees for light. They had music and food, and everyone was civil.

Fala Ravenboro was one such party-going moon fairy. Her black hair was white-tipped, and her purple eyes and nearly black skin were offset by silver tattooed tiger stripes across her cheeks. For all intents and purposes, she appeared to be quite the rebel. But looks could be deceiving. Even just walking to the nightly gathering, she kept her head down and blushed if anyone outside her family said a word to her. And then, quick as a flash, a man barreled right into her. Or she into him, as she had been the one looking at the ground.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry,” he murmured, his voice like velvet. Looking up for a moment, captured by the sound of his voice, Fala blinked in surprise. He wore a mask closely resembling that of a jester, and a silken black top hat. Stumbling backward, Fala attempted and failed to stutter out a response. He quickly walked away, and she stood for several minutes, trembling slightly. After some time, she shook it off and made her way to the Moon Circle, where the parties were usually held.

Exhaling, she felt as if in that one breath she had shed her awkward, shy skin and was enveloped in the atmosphere of the party. A giddy laugh bubbled up her throat and out her lips as she skipped into the crowd and joined their dance. Through the night, she danced, talked and drank. Until someone bumped into her again. Laughing it off, she turned to see who it was, and found herself facing the jester again. Smiling brightly, she spoke with confidence now, although she wasn’t sure where she had gotten it.

“The first time you ran into me, I believed it was an accident. Twice now, I have to ask, are you trying to get my attention?” Smiling coyly in return, he simply shrugged and offered his hand. Fala accepted it curiously, before being swept into a dance that last the rest of the night. Minutes before the sun would blink into existence up in the sky, the mystery man offered to take her home. Obliging in his request, she kissed him goodbye at the door, and he hastily left. She couldn’t decide what that meant, and almost didn’t care.

For months afterward, they continued this routine, all while he was wearing the mask. One night, while they were walking home, she asked him why he wore his mask. He didn’t answer, only smiled sadly at her. Stopping in her tracks, she crossed her arms and stomped her foot childishly. “Hey! I asked you a question,” she called out, her voice uncharacteristically stubborn. “Why do you wear that mask?”

“Everyone has secrets, my dear. I bet even the little people way up in that preposterous castle have some fantastic secrets.” Turning around to face her, he smiled charmingly as he spoke. “Even their son.” Gently reaching up and pulling off his mask in a flourish, the Sun Prince Alistair stood before her, in a way he had never been permitted to before. His true face, one side dark as night and the other as golden as the sun, shone with honesty.

Fala, for the moment, was entirely flabbergasted. Staring at him, faint squeaks could almost be heard as her jaws hung on their hinges. Shaking her head, silently mouthing things she was too confused to voice, she simply stared and he patted her head and laughed heartily. People stared; some cussed, others bowed and a few froze like Fala had. Things didn’t change on the spot, and he was still politely asked to leave the city until daylight.

But, months after, changes could slowly start to be seen around the village. Fairies stayed out longer than they normally had before, sun and moon fairies engaged each other in conversations that lasted longer and longer.  And as for Fala and Alistair? He now freely came and went to the night gatherings, and invited Fala to every royal gathering the castle had. They lived happily ever after, as friends and political associates, content with the changes they had set in motion to change the history of the fairies forever.

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