The White Queen of Wonderland

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We all know how Alice got to Wonderland.... But what about the others?

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




How the White Queen Got to Wonderland

Porcelain sat in the comfortingly familiar wicker chair on her family’s porch, surrounded by chatter and refreshment. As per usual, people swarmed around her, often prodding her for attention. On the surface, she smiled broadly, appearing to soak in the attention. But inwardly, she wished desperately for them to leave her be. All she wanted was space, was that so awful? Ironically, even as the plea crossed her mind, a pair of young boys raced past, knocking her elbow, and by association her whole position, out of place. She sighed quietly, her white, strangely pigment-free hair blowing in a warm southern breeze. 

Glancing idly around, Porcelain realized for a moment, no one was looking her way. Quickly and quietly, she crept across the porch and down the stairs, maneuvering almost snake-like through the crowd. She tip-toed around the corner of her house, to the small road she lived on, and made a break for it. Once a safe distance away, she laughed aloud. Peace, at last. Her laugh lifted into the air and floated away, soon forgotten, and Porcelain wondered at how much space she had. Inhaling deeply, she took off running once more, no real destination in mind, but feeling an adventure was just around the corner.

Eventually, her mortality caught up with her, and her small lungs began to tire. Slowing down to an easy stroll, she began to look around her. There wasn’t much, just a small, paved, single-lane road lined by wheat fields. Not many people cared for the extensive fields, but she always thought the way they bent in the breeze was quite beautiful. While looking in the fields, something caught her eye. Something was darting through the fields! Her breath hitched in her throat for a moment; it could be something dangerous. But then it skidded into view for a fraction of a second. It was a silly little rabbit! Porcelain chuckled, shaking her head. What was a rabbit doing in a wheat field. But as she looked again, it seemed to be keeping pace with her. Cocking her head, she raised an eyebrow and smiled, before taking off at a sprint once more. 

The rabbit leaped and bound desperately trying to keep pace with her, and the girl giggled. She had not only bested her pesky family, but the mischievous rabbit as well. But maybe not. Looking back, she noticed the rabbit gaining ground, now hopping openly along the road. It raced ahead of her, and she was surprised to see the highway; she didn’t know she had come so far. It dashed across the highway, and she followed it blindly, only to halt in shock at the impossibly loud honk of a truck’s horn. Freezing like a deer in headlights, she held her gaze with the rabbit right up until the truck slammed into her full force and pulled her under it’s full weight.

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