Stomach meets Butterflies

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Its the story about a girl who's dad recently passed away and its her life and how she copes with it and who's there by her side helping her out.

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



Alarm rings. I'm trying to ignore it. \"SAMANTHA!! Your going to be late.\" My mom says. Damn it another day I got to go through with everyone asking how did your father die? Are you okay? I'm so sorry. My ass you are. How would you know how I feel... Your dad didn't die.

My dad recently passed away... 2 weeks ago to be exact. It feels as though its happened a couple of days ago. It was terminal cancer. What's worst is we were on non speaking terms. I refused to visit him but then again he never asked to see me And I shouldn't feel guilty because he never really showed me or told me he loved me but I do feel the guilt because he's gone now. Everyday I'd wait for him to come up to me and be like honey I'm so sorry and to tell him he loved me or skip the apology at least talk to me. Now disappointed and guilty and for sure I didn't mean much to him. Just the first messed up child he had that he got rid off. my mom is doing this thing where we continue with our lives and be strong together because they're already long divorced before he died. I still wish to have him talk to me just one day or tell me he regrets not talking to me or something.

\"Sam we are leaving, hurry.\" My sister screams. I put my shoes on and brush my teeth, grab my bag and run to the car. The ride to school was silent again. My mom tries to break the awkward silence by asking if we like what we had packed for lunch. \"I don't like peanut butter and jelly.\" My brother whines. We have not told him we just said dad's doing business in italy.. \" You used to love it.\" My mom said. He didn't answer

We arrived to school late as usual. I didn't even bother to run to class. I got my books from my locker and walked to class. Luckily the teacher was late. I entered and sat in my usual seat. Second last seat in the corner.. \" Hey How are you doing?\" Jane asked. She's a really close friend of mine. Fun to hang with and all. But I was not in the mood for all this. \"I'm fine.\" I said. \"You sure?\" She says back. I know she's just trying to be nice but I don't want that nice and pity from everyone. I just want this all to go away. \" Oh boo who poor girl, her daddy died and now she is all alone. That's so sad.\" Claire said. I just looked down and started doing my chemistry homework which is next period. \" Oh stop being such a bitch, claire\". Joshua said. I just zoned out of it all but since when did he give a damn shit. They're all just stuck up rich kids. The english class went smooth.

Chemistry class now. I'm lab partners with dan. We are good friends. Since last year. \"Hey\" I said. \" Hi how are you?\" He said. \"I'm managing.\" \"I know everyone has been saying sorry but I really mean it.\" You can see it in his eyes he truly meant it. I can feel the warmth even though sometimes he can be a jerk. \" So you still need my help after this in spanish?\" I asked. \"Yes.\"

\"Alright so you get it now? Its easy common sense.\" I said. \"Yeah I do just that teacher can't explain well.\" He said. \" let's go to the food court,I'm hungry no breakfast.\" He said. We started walking. \" Why do you always help me even though I can be a real jerk to you at times?\" He asked. \" Umm I don't know, I believe you deserve it and also really need it. You know.\" I said. \" This may sound inappropriate but I love you, as a friend of course.\" He said. \" Oh really\" I smiled. \" I guess love you too, as a friend of course.\" I said. \"You guess?\" He said laughing. \"Actually now that I think about it maybe not at all.\" I said. He was like \" you better run, I'm coming for you and I won't stop tickling you until you say I love you dan.\" He said. \" You wish.\" I said, I stuck my tongue out and ran. These are the times where I forget the troubles of life and escape them for at least a while. Dan is such a sad good sweet jerk guy. He can be all but really he's a good guy, it feels like its a shield from his past experiences but he opened up a bit to me and I'm happy to know I got someone else permanent in my life. Ill take all I could get.

\"I caught you, now say it.\" He said tickling me. \" I'm not saying anything\" I said laughing. \"Oh really?\" He raised an eyebrow up.. I knew what he was gonna do next steal my hair tie or my shoes and run. \" Alright I love you too dan Are you happy now?\" I said. \" Almost.\" He said. He quickly took my hair tie off my hair. \" Now I'm happy.\" He said. I just laughed. The bell rang. Break times over. We walk to class together.

\"How's everything at home?\" He asks. \"Fine.\" I said ignoring the topic and where he was going with this. \" You have been neglecting this conversation for 2 weeks now.\" He said, slightly pissed. \" Hey look its your ex! Looking at us, shall we wave?\" I said joking. \" You know what fine keep ignoring it.\" He walked off steamed. Is it caused I mentioned he's ex. That's probably why. He'll get over it soon. The most he has gotten angry at me for was like 30 minutes tops. And it was because I lied to him about my crush. I told him I didn't like anyone but really I was into joshua who turned out to be such an ass.

Oh yay! Economics next with professor watson. Such a stuck up man. Talks about his ipad, iphone and his big mansion and a bunch of car stuff that only guys are really interested in. \" Miss samantha would you to share with the class what you have been chatting about for the past 10 minutes?\" \" I was just telling amy about the new eyeliner I bought.\" I said. That was a lie. We were talking about him being an ass and how we wished there was self. \"Out you go miss Hampshire. I've had enough of you.\"

I went to the suspension room. Empty. I guess its just me for today. I start drawing/writing on my copy book. Nothing better to do.

Dans point of view:

I enter the suspension room. She's here. Haha that was excepted. I just sit and watch her write a bunch of lyrics or scribbles. I clear my throat so he pays some attention to me. \"oh you got kicked out too? For what?\" She asked. \" History, I got caught sleeping.\" I said. \" Still with the sleeping problems?\" She asked. \" Yes.\" I said. \" I see.\" She said. Weird she didn't lecture me again about the fact that I should sleep more. \" Are you okay?\" I asked. Before she could answer... nora came in. \"Heyy dan.\" She says looks at me .\" And sam.\" \"Hiii what did you get kicked out for.?\" He asks. I hope our conversation works out fine and no awkwardness and we can be close friends as be4 I have been trying really hard with her and vicky. \" Oh this guy rated me out for causing the mini explosion in chemistry class. Asshole.\" She said. I just laughed. I missed my best friend. \"So bestie, wanna ditch and go have some fun.\" She says. \" That's so typical of you. Alright let's go.\" He said. \" Bye sammy.\".

Samantha's point of view: How dare he? Like that ignore me like I'm not in this planet worst in the same room as him. Because nora came, I understand he's trying to fix things with her but all that and didn't even ask if I wanted to come along. My ass he cares bout me ..or even worst loves me at least as a friend like he said. But with the way he acted , highly doubt it.

\"Hey\" joshua said. \" Hi\" I said. Weird he's talking to me. Omg this is probably out of pity. \"So what are you doing here? Kicked out of class?\" He said with a grin on his face. \"Yes and you?\" I say. \" Nah, I'm just skipping. Wanna come?\" He asks. \" Depends , is this out of pity and where are we doing because I'm not a fan of smoking weed or pot\" I ask. He goes all serious. \" Listen I know how it feels to lose someone and I know I've been a real ass but come on, I promise you will not regret it and promise nothing with smoke.\" He says. He didn't answer my question although he does sound convincing so what the hell. \" Alright then\" I stand up. I follow him to his car yellow porsche 911. Rich kids.\" So are you gonna tell me where we are going?\" I ask. \" Do you like snow patrol? He says and turns on a song from them on his stereo. Damn I'm in love with snow patrol. Even better \" crazy in love\" is playing. Such a rock n roll cliché song but still love it. \"Your seriously not gonna tell me where we are going?\" I ask. \" You will see just wait.\" he says and smiles. He hears me humming to the song just say yes. \" So you do know them?\" He asks. \"Yup. I'm actually shocked your a fan of them.\". I say. \" Really? And did u just think I'm some stuck up rich kid that listens to all the famouis ones? \" He asks with curiosity. \"Hmm maybe but irrelevant because it could be that I had you all wrong.\" I say. \"Oh yeah.. Well you know what they say I'm the lady's man.\"He says and winks. Omg I'm so stupid this is probably just an act to go in my pants , I was ready to believe he was a good guy hiding behind all the bad ass. samantha you got to keep your eyes open and don't get fooled.

After about a 15.min ride we reach to this amazing park that's deserted. He stops the car and gets off. \" Cmon on\" he says. \"Its beautiful.\" I say mesmerized by it. \"Really you think so? He asks. \" Is this were you take all the girls to impress them? Cuz it aint gonna work on me\" I said. \" Nah your the first I show it to.\"He said while blushing That's shocking why me? \" So why are you showing me?\" I ask. \" Well I thought u need cheering up and this usually does it for me. \". He said. The wind is blowing softly . I couldn't help it by twirl around in circles. What are you doing? He says laughing. \"I'm enjoying this place.\" I say \"how did you find it?\" I ask. . I'm still turning even faster and faster but I'm happy. \" I've never seen you smile like this.\" He says. \" I like your smile.\" He whispers beneath the wind but unfortunately for him I heard what he said. Which surprisingly made me even happier. I feel like its only me and him and everything else is on pause or something. I'm getting dizzy but I don't stop. \" Careful. \" He says as he catches me in his arms before I fell. But somehow we both lose balance and I ended up on top of him. Awkward. \"Sorry, I kinda lost it there. But thanks this really did it for me.\" I say as I get off him. He pulls me towards him and kisses me. It was a long tender kiss that felt so right but at the same time wrong. \"What are you doing?\" I ask as I pull away. \"Kissing you dummy.\" He says. \"No I mean why?\" I say a bit frustrated that he thinks he could just kiss me \" I dunno it felt like the moment . \" He says. \"You don't know? U stole my first kiss and your saying you don't know why? Seriously?. I say. He was about to say something. But I stopped him. \"I gotta go.. My next class already started.\" I say.\" Ill give you a ride then.\" He says. \"No thanks I can walk.\" I say. \"But you will never make it in time.\" I ignored what he said..

I started walking, he started following me with his car. \"Come on don't be stubborn its only a ride back to school.\" He was right I was stubborn and exaggerating , I won't let it get to me. Although the kiss felt so damn right and perfect not to mention my heart was beating fast and loud that I thought he might have heard it how embarrassing and on top he says he does not know why he kissed me... Player but whatever I just hope he doesn't mention it to anyone. Why would he? Not to mention I'm not some slut he can just kiss whenever he feels like it\" Fine but hurry I'm late.\" I say as I got in his car. He smiles in defeat I couldn't help but smile too but I looked the other way so he won't notice. The ride back to school was silent. I enter class and dan shoots me a where have you been look? I ignored and sat in my seat.

Dan kept looking at me trying to get my attention, but I purposely acted like I didn't notice a thing. Just when the bell rang, I picked my books and bag and walked out. Took the bus home.. \" How was school, darling?\" My mom asks. \" The same\" I say. I go up stairs to my room. Close the door. Put my heapphones on play 'confessions of a broken heart' loud enough to shut the whole world out. 'Why did you have to goooo daughter to father I am broken a part of me is stolen....' I start crying , I crawl up my knees to my stomach hold on tight and fall asleep crying...

\"Sam, can I borrow these earrings?\" Aria, my sister asks. \" What time is it?\" I asked her completely ignoring her question. She knows I'm not gonna say no. We have a policy, we share everything that one of us have not already planned to wear. \"Its almost 7, if you don't hurry we will be late.\" She says. \"Shitt\" I say. \"Tell me I'm too sick to attend school today.\" I told her. \" About 2minutes later, my mom comes barging in. \"There is no way...\" She stops talking and looks at my face. I betting she notice I cried a lot last night. \" Fine you can stay but only for today and no going out.\" She says. She walks out of my room and shuts the door. Yay the whole day in bed. Sounds like fun. I cover my head with the blanket and close my eyes. I lay there for what seems like days. Finally I get up and go downstairs to make me some breakfast. I look at the clock... Wow its only 12. It must be lunch time now. I decided to text em. \" Heyy I was too sick to make it *cough* how is school so far? Having fun?*wink wink*\" I send it.

The door bell rings. Who could it be? Its a fricken school day and I look like a mess with my snoop pajamas. I open the door. To my surprise its dan. I'm still pissed at him. \"What do you want? Did you forget a book or something with me?\" I ask with a straight face hiding any emotions like the fact that I'm happy he came. But how he treated me yesterday was sure good enough to stop me from cracking. \"No, I came to check up on you.\" He says worried. \" Yeah well as you see I'm fine. So go back to school\" bye\" as I'm closing the door he puts he's hand. \"Sam please\". He says. Darn it now I can't be mean. \" What now dan? Just go hang with nora and her friends.\" I blurted it out. He's eyes look in pain. Oh save me the drama.\" Sam I'm so sorry about yesterday I got carried away. She's talking to me again.\" He says. \" You don't get it. Do you? She's gonna hurt you again. I'm tired of being ignored by you whenever she's there.\" I say. \" Jealous much?\" He says. \" Someones a little full of themselves. You wish I was. Now can u please leave?\" . Surprisingly without a fight he leaves. Easy. Although I lied, I am so freaken jealous of that bitch. She hurts him over and over again yet he goes after her again and again. I go on facebook everything that I've missed will be there. Nora and jake broken up(boring), mia got a boob job( expected) etc Weird claire dumps josh on a wall post. I thought she was glued to him or something. I scroll down his wall. He's a foster child? So he was not born with the rich and wealth. Omg that's sad no real parents. I feel bad for him. Wait I can't care for him. That's what I decided no feelings towards guys because I would just be rejected like last time. Unfortunately I kinda already broken the rule with dan. I feel rejected by him when he hangs with her and ignores me. He said he loves me so why the hell doesn't he show it. ... Still claire dumping josh a little too much....why dump him because of that. Doesn't make sense must be something to it? Oh no... Maybe its the kiss we had, he might have told her. I'm so gonna kill him. I don't need cat fight drama right now.

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Its already wednesday and I have to go to school! I also got my student math quiz that I didn't study for. Damn it. Here goes another new fail this year. I take I shower wear my purple and green summer/spring dress, its the only thing that isn't dirty or that I have not worn yet to school. I hate wearing the same clothes. I catch the bus right on time. I take a seat somewhere in between where 2 seats are empty. More relaxed that way. After the 5th or 6th stop josh came in. I never knew he took the bus... First time I see him here. He walks directly to where I'm sitting and sits next to me. No comment. Do I say something? \"Hey\" I say. He looks at me and smiles. Okay this is soo weird. Should I be straight forward? Or nice or just let him be.? \" This is the first time I see u in the bus.\" I say. \" Yeah... First time taking it.\" He says. Oh god... Why do I have to keep the conversation going? Why can't he say something. \" Are you okay?\" I ask. He looks at me \" no\" he says. I couldn't help but put my hand on top of his. \" Everything will be okay. U know what they say After a storm, the sun rises.\" I say. He holds my hand tight. He looks me straight in the eyes. \" Will you be my girlfriend?\" He says. \"What? Me! Why?\" I say without thinking, now wishing I could take them back. \" Its just your nice, funny, kindhearted, and u seem lonely like you need someone. And I have feelings for you\" he says with a really cute look on his face. I just couldn't stand saying no to him. \"Yes.\" I said. This huge smile came across his face. \" Great, how about saturday, 7 pm ill pick you up.\" He says. \" Sounds like a plan then. I say smiling.

The week goes by smoothly. Last day before the weekend was sort of a drag. We have chemistry class now with my partner dan. \"Hii\" he says as a slide next to him. \" Hello. \" I say. Not taking one glance at him. \" What's new?\" He says. \" I got a boyfriend.\" I say. \" Seriously? Who?!\" He says. He didn't seem to happy for me. \" None of your business. Go talk to nora.\" I say. \" That's real mature same really.\" He says a bit pissed off. If anyone had the right to be pissed off.. Its me. But whatever I'm gonna let it slide. For the rest of the lesson it was silence. Just as the bell rang, I picked up my books and walked out. \"Sam!\" I hear someone screaming. I turned its dan. \" Look I'm sorry about how I acted when nora was there. We got back together.\" He says. I don't know whether I should be happy for him or not cuz she broke his heart once, how do I know she won't do it again. \" Josh and I are going out. \" I say. \" You and josh? Together! He's a player. You will get hurt\" he says. \" He seems so nice and hurt. He asked me and I said yes. What's so bad? Plus I would say the name about nora but your still dating her.\" I say. He stayed quiet. \" Listen I gotta go josh is waiting but don't worry he's a sweety. And you know how I kinda had a tiny crush on him before\" I say.

I run out, to see josh waiting for me. \" Hey\" he says. \" Hi I say. So what's on the agenda for tonight.\" I say. \"We just missed the school bus. So we have to walk.\" He says. \" I wanna hear all about you.\" We start walking. \" ask me questions and I will answer.\" I tell him. \" Okay then let's just play 20 questions. I will start.\" He says. \" What's your greatest fear?\" He asks. \" The dark\". I answer. \"Really out of all the tings in the world dark\". He says. \" Yup, what's your greatest fear then?\" I ask. \" Spiders.\". I couldn't help but laugh. \" And your making fun of me for being scared of the dark?\" I tell him. \" My turn, do u wanna go with me to prom?\" He says. My heart skips a beat. I wanna scream yes but I keep my cool. \"yeah sure I guess\" I say. \" Why the hell me?\" I ask. \" Because your pretty, smart, funny and what's not to like right?\" He winks at me. I blush. Is this too good to be true. I'm just gonna go with it.. He is making me happy I wonder how dan is doing? Him and nora. I don't want to see him heartbroken.. *ring ring* my phone. I pick up. \" Hello\" \" Alright I will be there as soon as possible.\" I hang up.\" Sorry josh I have to go home. Rain check? \" I say. \" Its okay. Ill pick you up on sunday at 7 remember prom. \" He says. I start running as fast as I can to the hospital. I hope my mom is alright. I don't even know what has happened. Which is fricken irritating. 15 minutes later I arrive to the central hospital. I enter go to the reception. \" Ellen joseph. Please\". \" She's on the 4th floor. Room number 46\" the lady says. I wonder where my bro and sister are. I hurry up the elevator open the door. I find my brother and sister next to mom, crying. \"What happened?\" I ask \" we got into an accident, mom was telling me I should put the seat belt on and she didn't pay attention to the road.\" My brother says choking on his own words. Omg is she gonna be alright. \" What did the doctors says?\" I ask. My sister answers now. \" They said she's in a comma we have to wait till she wakes up. Then they will keep her for a week for surveillance.\" I didn't know what to do or say. I was speechless. I fall to the floor and burst out crying. My brother comes up to me and hugs me tightly. He whispers \" don't worry, I know she will be okay. Mommy is strong.\" He has so much faith. I should too. \"Your right\" I say. I whip my tears. Get up and go next to mom and hold her hand tightly. \" I love you so much.\" I say. \" Listen we are gonna sleep with mom tonight. Aria, you and john take the extra bed. Tomorrow you too are going to school alright?\" I order them. \"I wanna stay with mom till she gets better.\" Aria whines. \" This is what mom would have wanted. And after school, I will come pick you up. okay?\" I tell him. They both agree. I hope mom wakes put before the morning \" I can't do this without you, I'm not ready for you to leave, ever, so please just wake up so this nightmare could end. \" I whisper. I fall asleep on the chair holding my moms handing. Only to be awakened by her. \"Sweetie\" I hear someone saying. Is this a dream? Who's calling? I open my eyes to see my moms eyes wide open. I jump in happiness. Waking up aria and john. John runs to mom and hugs her tightly , aria does the same. mom is just smiling just like me. Thank you god for keeping her with us.

\"Enough with the hugs I'm fine. Now off you guys go to school.\" she says. \" I'm not going, I'm staying with you.\" I tell her.\" Me too.\" Aria says.\" Me three\" my brothers says all excited. \" Alright but just for today, tomorrow right back to school.\" My mom says. She starts coughing. She looks in real pain. Broken leg, swollen eye, scars all over her.\" I'm gonna call the nurse.\" I go out running.

I get the nurse she does a check up. The nurse told us that She's fine. The doctor will come to give her some x-rays to make sure no internal bleeding over than that. \" Its a miracle your mom is alive\" she said. Which scares me even more, I hope no internal bleeding. She's all I've got left. Other than my siblings. \" Wanna play uno I got the cards?\" My brother suggests. He's been obsessed with it for weeks now and he can't stand losing. I give out the cards and we start playing for bout 3 hours straight. It was a blast. The game got boring, but how we all bonded and how we were happy after all, made the game just too good. No fighting nothing about dad even. I guess we are all starting to move on. But I just can't, I dunno whether he forgave me or not. He's gone now. The day was long but amusing. Mom forced us to go home. So we did.

Aria and john fell asleep watching kindergarten cop. I put a blanket over them and left them at the living room sleeping. I walk upstairs , to my bedroom. I click the swtich. The lights won't turn on. I turn around its dark. The power its down. What do I do? Omg omg omg.. Fisrt thing that comes to my mind. Call dan he will figure it out. I open my phone, which I find hard to do because my hands are shaking of fear. \"Hello\" I hear dans voice. \" Dan, our power just went off, a a and I. Am scc ar. Ed . I don't know. \" * beep beep* I look at my phone as it shuts off. I slide to the ground and crawl up shaking even more. I couldn't bring myself to move. God me and my stupid phobia. At least my brother and sister are asleep. This fear that I have always had, is such a drag. And now mom isn't here to help me through it. Usually she comes , hugs me and tells me some soothing words. I'm shaking even harder by the minute. I wonder if dan got what I was saying and if he would be coming but that's unrealistic he wouldn't come. He would be crazy to show up. A tear falls down my face. I'm wondering why I'm crying and I realize its cause. I'm just pathetic. Really I got no real friends, not much of a social life. When I need help, I'm not sure if I can could dan for help but I would feel as though I'm depending on someone and that I could not do because as soon as that person walks out the door, I will have to be stuck with dealing with things on my own. So pathetic. I cry some more. I hear footsteps coming closer and closer. I'm freaking out. \" Sam? You there?\" I hear I voice. I could not Tell who it was. I could even answer. I tried but the words won't come out of my mouth. \" Oh there you are. You scared me, I came as fast as I can. Are you okay!\" He says. I shook my head no \" But I'll be fine, you can go.\" I muttered. \" You crazy? Look at you, your shivering. Have you been crying?\" He asks. I don't answer. He puts his arms around me. Gets a blanket and covers me. \" Everything will be okay. Don't worry.\" He says as he holds me tighter. I feel safe with him. He's holding me in his arms. I shouldn't be thinking this but they fit perfectly around me. I can hear his heart beating really fast. Is he scared too? \"You came\" I tell him. \" Does that surprise you?\" He asks. \" Yes\" I say. I turn my face around to look at him. Our faces are so close , I could not help it but blush. Thank god the lights are off. I couldn't help but notice he was dressed up pretty well. \" Did you come from your date with nora?\" I ask. But before he could answer. I lsarcastically laugh. \" What am I thinking, no one is crazy enough to ruin they're date for me. \" I say. I tear falls down my face. I'm such a retard for thinking that. I lie my head on his chest. The warmth. My phobia disappeared. Usually it takes longer than this. I hope I'm not being too clingy. \" You can leave if you want. I won't mind.\" I tell me. \" I'm staying over tonight. Your mom aint home. You need someone to watch over you. He says We just sit there in silence for a while. Its weird my heart was beating soo damn fast. I felt as though I could hear it. \" Normal people sleep on beds. I will be right behind you don't worry.\" He says. We both get up. Is he gonna sleep with me in the same bed. I lie down on the bed. He takes off he's shirt and pants. So he's only wearing boxers. The light came back on. He's standing there staring at me as I stare at he's body. I never knew he looked his good shirt less. He has a bit of a six pack going on. I blush because he realizes I was staring at he's Abs. How embarrassing. I turned around facing the other side. He turns off the lights and lies next to me. Its so awkward. But it feels so right. The light is so bright. I forgot to close the curtains. I see a hand on my stomach. I turn around it was dan holding me tightly. I just watch him sleep so peacefully. He looks so hott sleeping. He's eyes are moving, I quickly close mine so he won't find out I was staring. I could fell my face heat up. I hope he doesn't notice. I can feel his breath even closer. Is he leaning in? he kisses me on the forehead. What kinda kiss doesn't that mean? Why do I care? I don't have feelings for him but my heart is pounding so fast. I open my eyes a couple of minutes later to see him staring at me. \" How are you feeling now?\" He asks. \" Fine, I'm certainly not scared anymore.\" I smile. \" I never quite understood why your afraid of the dark?\" He asks. \" U will never know either\" I say jokingly. He laughs\" I'm just glad your okay.\" He says, playing with my hair. I don't know what we are doing exactly, if its passed the friends zone or not but I lend in closer to his chest. He plays with my hair some more.

\" Sam, who's that boy?\" My brother comes in the room asking. I jump up. \" Oh he's just a friend. Is aria awake?\" I ask him.\" No she's asleep.\" I suddenly remember my moms at the hospital, oh shit. \" John go get dressed and wake up aria, don't forget brush ur teeth. \" I tell him. \" What's the rush? \" Dan asks. \"My moms in the hospital. The tests will be out today, I gotta go check on her.\". \" I will drive you.\" He proposes. \"No\". I say. \" Oh don't do this. you can lean on people when u need it, you can ask for help, you don't have to be all don't get attached shit I know you. See yesterday I came to you when u needed him.\"He says. I don't respond I just walk out. \" Aria are you and john ready?\" I scream. \" Sam don't be like this.\" He says coming after me. \" Dan, please don't do this, not right now.\" I beg of him. \" That's what you always say, and I let it go. Didn't last night mean anything to you?\" He says. \" You have a girlfriend, what are you even doing here? GO! \" I scream, damn I lost my control. He fully broke my wall.

I don't even wait to listen to what he has to say, I get aria and john and we go in moms minivan. I drive.

We get to the hospital, first thing we go check up on mom. She's doing fine. I go to the nurse and ask her what the doctor said. \" Just like a said, it was a miracle. Nothing is wrong with your mom but she is gonna stay one more day for surveillance. It felt like heavy weight got lifted off of me. Like i can finally breathe properly.

I hurry and tell my mom, brother and sister the good news. We stay with my mom a couple of hours more. Laughing and talking. It didn't feel like anything was missing but I could not stop thinking about dan how I wanted him to be here, he's body, his smell, and those eyes, they are truly the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. I got to stop thinking so much bout him.

On the way home, \" who was that boy who u had a fight with?\" John asks. \" Nobody\" I tell john. \"He sure is somebody, its all over facebook, he ditched nora during their date because he got a phone call from you. \" Aria says. She comes close and whispers to me\" they're all you boyfriend stealer.\" She says. I immediately stop the car. \" He ditched nora for me? Are you sure?\" I ask her. \" Here take a look\". She hands me her phone, facebook. I can't believe he ditched nora for sam. Nora is so much better than sam, hotter too. This one girl said to another through wall posts. I can't believe he did that. All this time she's always been his priority and he leaves her during they're date because I called and he stayed the whole night over. I don't know what to say. I'm shocked though, the happy shocked. He truly cares about me. I care about him what am I waiting for?

I turned the car around and drive towards his house. I try to call but no answer. \" Where r we going?\" John asks. \" She's going to get her guy.\" My sister says smiling. I couldn't help but laugh. And a big smile came across my face. My guy and only mine. I stop at the front of his house, took a breathe. \" Aria stay with john ill be back in a minute.\" I tell aria. \" Take your time.\" She winks at me. Man that sis can be weird. I knock on the door. His mom opens up. \" I'm here to see dan.\" I say. I'm nervous. \" He's upstairs in his bedroom, you can go up.\" . I race up stairs, turn left. I didn't even knock, I just open the door. \"Dan listen, your right...\"I was saying till I saw nora sitting on his bed. \"I forgot what I came to say. Bye\" I close the door and run down stairs, out of the house. \" Sam wait, its not what you think.\" I hear dan say behind me. I turn to him. \" Explain what? You don't owe me an explanation.\" I tell him. \" Yes I do.\" He says. \"No you don't\" I say. \" I'm in love with you, sam. I invited nora over to explain why I bailed on her. I didn't exactly realize my feelings until you called and I realized I didn't care about nora. I was worried about you and I didn't even excuse myself. I hurried over. My heart beating as fast a ever\" he says. He takes a breathe and continues \" that night when I held you tight, I realized I would not mind doing that for the rest of my life, when that tear came down your face I was prepared to do anything not to see another one come down. I love you samantha\" He says. I smile and kiss him in the lips. \" I love you too.\" I whisper in his ear. \" Well is he gonna spend the night over? \" Aria screams through the window. Gee thanks for the embarrassment. \" Only if sam wants me to.\" He says then looking at me, waiting for my answer. \"If your mom doesn't mind.\" I tell him. He smiles. \" Alright just hold on I will tell my mom and nora then we can go.\" He says. He runs back to his house as I wait.

\" Does mom know?\" Aria asks. \" No and she won't know right?\" I say. \"Right.\" Aria giggles. She's enjoying this. Poor john well asleep already. My mom is a bit strict with the no boys policy in your bedroom but I'm not planning on having sex so its fine. He comes back. \" Alright let's go?\" I say. He gets in the car in the passenger seat.\" Yeah.\" I turn on the car and drive home. When we get home, dan carries john to his bed. Aria was half asleep, I walked her to her room. I go to my room, I don't know what I'm gonna be doing with him, this is awkward. I walk in and find him holding this key chain of mine I think \" Aria and john are asleep.\" I say moving closer to him. I realize it kinda sounded like I was trying to say its just me n you let's do something. He's holding the key chain I got my dad for his 54th birthday. \"Its my dads. \" I pause.\" I mean it was my dads\" \" U know, when I wanna let go of things and forgive. I give away the things that I got from them or gave them to people that mean something to me.\" He says \" I think I know someone who's birthdays in October, josh.\" I say. I look at him. I can see he got annoyed by bringing him up. \" Did u break it off with him? He asks. \" Not yet\" I say. I can see him clench his jaw. I think he's slightly pissed. \" I'm gonna sleep on the floor.\" He says as he walks away from me. \" I don't mind, you can sleep next to me.\" I say. \"Its fine, ill sleep on the floor.\" He says. Damn why is he doing this. I really want him right next to me. There is no other way then to wear my usual pajamas a shirt and my undies. I walk to my bed and I see him take a look at me. He looks away right when he realizes I know he was staring. I blush, its kinda embarrassing. I can't pull off the I'm sexy you can't resist me look. But I'd look stupid if I go and put on my pants now. I get on my bed and tuck myself in the cover and turn around facing the other direction. It didn't even work. He's still sleeping down. I breathe out loudly in defeat and close my eyes.

Dan's point of view It is driving me nuts that she did not break up with him until now what is that suppose to mean? Does she has feelings for him? I can't sleep next to her knowing she isn't mine and only mine. Cuz that josh thinks she's his. She is mine and will always just be mine. I want everyone to know that.

God, she just had to wear those pajamas of her and try to get me to sleep up. I could tell she was embarrassed in walking like that with me there. That made her look even more cute and sexy. it was so hard not to go up next to her. I am afraid that she's scared but because of her pride she is not saying a word. If I sleep up I get to hold her in my arms, which is comforting knowing she is mine. But she isn't even mine yet. Its killing me. This list is not helping me decide.

I love her and I should not let this get to me. So I go up her bed and hold her tightly. She turns around and smiles. Such a beautiful smile. Everytime I see that smile, my heart jumps and I bite my tongue.

The next morning , I wake up and she is not there. I get up and start looking around. I go to the kitchen and I see her cooking something. I couldn't help but smile. She is just too adorable. I sneak up behind her and peak at what she's cooking. She turns around and smiles. \"Good morning, john likes pancakes with chocolate chip so I thought I'd make some \"she says. \" That's sweet.\" I say and bend down and kiss her neck. She giggles. This is too perfect. Better than everything I have ever dreamed off. \" Let's go wake them up, the pancakes are ready\" she holds my hand directing me. \" Wait first I need a kiss\" he says. \" What happened to u being all pissed yesterday?\" I say. He let's go of my hand and frowns. I kiss him on the cheek and turn around I started walking towards my sisters room hoping he would follow. And he does. That makes me really happy that I lose my train of thought. I miss one step as going upstairs and I tripped. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would because I feel face down. I Look down and I see him beneath me, I blush and quickly try to get off of him. He holds me so that I won't get off him. But I was worried he hit his head or something. He gets closer to me and whispers I wish we could stay like this forever I blush soo fast that I can feel the reddness on my face. He notices too and laughs. \"Not funny\" I say. \" Its cute\" he says. I walk away because I can feel my face heating up. \"Running away?\" He says as I continue upstairs. \"No, I'm just going to wake up my brother and sister.\" I say.\" Sure,that's what they all say.\" I laugh and continue walking.

I go to my brothers room, lie down next to him, kiss him on the cheek. \"Guess what's for breakfast?\" I ask him. He gets up all hyper and screams \" chocolate chip pancakes!!\" \" Well you have to go see for yourself.\" I say. He runs out of the room and goes downstairs. I go to my sisters room, \"morning wake up\". She opens her eyes a bit\" can I. Sleep more?\" She begs. \"We got to go see mom at the hospital.\" I say. \" I almost forgot.\" She says. She's right at some point I forgot all the troubles in the world too. Oh shit, our money problems. Oh god. \"Come down for breakfast okay!\" I walk out of the room and go to my room. I need to sort this out , we have to pay the rent soon and we don't have enough money, mom can't worry bout this now. Think think. \" Hey, john is gobbling up all the pancakes. Come on before he eats them all.\" Dan says. As he enters my room. I look up and smile. \"What's wrong?\" He asks. Damn he's good I thought that smile would do it but no. \" Nothing just got to figure out some stuff. Let's go down\" I say. \"Not until you tell me what's wrong.\" He says. \" Just drop it okay nothings wrong.\" I walk out and go down to the kitchen. Emma and john look so happy eating those pancakes. \" Thanks sam, your pancakes are the best, I saved some for mom\" john says. I smile at him. Dan comes down, sits at the table and starts talking to john. \" So do u have any crush in school?\" Dan asked john. \"Yes, she's in my class and she always wants to play with me.\" John says. \" This girl fancies you.\" Dan says. My god he's going all british. I understand he's english but fancy is just messed up. John stops eating. \" I don't know maybe she does but she also plays with this guy in my class rooney and everyone likes him.\" John says. I couldn't help but laugh the way he said it. \" don't give up got it cuz the geeks get the girl\" Dan says. My heart starts beating really fast. \" Are you calling me a nerd?\" John asks. Dan just laughs. \"Cmon we will be late for school.\" I tell them. We get in the car , with dan next to me. I start driving to school. \"First johnnys elementary school then you emma and ill pick you both at 2. Okay?\" I tell them. They nod. \"Your a really good with them\" Dan tells me as I finished dropping both of them off. \"I'm alright. You should see my mom she's a miracle worker.\" I tell him. He looks at me and I can feel his eyes on me but I don't look back because he would probably see right through me. We entered school together, I was jumping with happiness inside. he was holding my hand. \" I had to go to the library and he had some practice. So we went our separate ways. As I was walking to the library, someone behind me screamed and I heard a gunshot. I see blood on the floor. I look at my stomach and I see blood. I was shot. It all happened too fast. I started moving to the library first safe place I thought of.

Dans point of view: My chemistry practice class was on the other side of samantha but I will be seeing her at our lunch time soo its all good. We can talk bout what's been up with her then. I'm worried. Out of nowhere, I hear a guy screaming \"run there's a gun.\" So everyone was running towards me. I started looking for sam. But the crowd only push me more towards the gate. The police arrived really fast and refused to let me in. And I heard emily saying she could have sworn samantha was right next to her before the gun shot. I can't just wait here. Especially since whoever had that gun and shot was still in there so without any second thoughts I started running towards the building. The police realized it a bit too late so they couldn't chase after me. I entered and I started looking in every class room until I see blood on the floor. My first thoughts were I hope it wasn't sam. I follow the blood which lead to the library. \" Anyone here?\" I scream. \" I'm here!\" I hear a familiar voice say. Omg its sam I hope she's not the one hurt. I see her leaning on a bookshelf one the floor holding her stomach and her hand full of blood. \" Omg its you who got shot, we have to get you out of here.\". I tell her. She looked kinda weak. \" We can't the library doors only open from outside .\" She tells me. \"Ill go get help then.\" As I was going. \"No please don't leave me alone.\" She says. So I sit down next to her. Worried to death. I couldn't lose her but then again I can't leave her alone. I try to get a look at her stomach where its still bleeding \" Don't worry its just glass.\" She assures me. but I knew it was a bullet. \"I have to get you out of here\" he says. \" If I don't get out of this alive.\" She said. I stopped her. \" No don't say that, what will I do without, sam? I need you. And. I know you need me too even though u won't admit it.\" I tell her. She shakes her head no. \"Yes you do need me .\" I tell her. \" I'm gonna need you more than you need me\" She starts crying.\" Shhh, its okay.\" I say. \"No its not, its not fair.\" She says. \" You know those lovely couples that have everything and look so perfect\". tell her. She nods. \" I don't want that. I want us.\" I put my arms around her. She was shaking. I need to get her out of her. \"Incase I don't get outta here alive\" she leans in and kisses me on my lips. She stops for a second then whispers \" I love you \"right before passing out \"Your not gonna die. I'm gonna get you out of here alive, I promise.\" I look at her, she had already passed out. I got up, took a chair threw it at the library window. I went back to get and lifted her up and got out through the window. \"Stay awake,sam!! Don't sleep.\" I try to wake her up. I get her to the ambulance they take her in. I grab her keys. And follow them. My heart was beating so fast. Please god don't take her away from me, I just got her. A tear came down my face. The thought of losing her is unbearable. She's amazing and everything I have ever wanted, I love her flaws, I love her the way she is. . I knew it that day when we were messing around on the first day of school just before her dads death. That day changed her but you can't blame her. That day, a part of her died. And being an ass hole that day her dad died when she needed me the most I wasn't there. I ran away like a coward. A week later, I went up to her and she ignored me.. Since then she was pushing me away until a week ago where she finally let me in This past week has been nothing but sparkling and butterflies. She can't go now not when I need her the most.

We arrived to the hospital. They rush her to the ER. I call her sisters school and make up an excuse. For her to come to the hospital. Because I really can't do this alone. I sit in the waiting room for what felt like hours. Emma finally came. It looks like she ran because her face was red and she was sweating like shit. \"What happened? The school told to come here and I got scared.\" She says. I couldn't speak. But she understood from the look on my face. \"Is she gonna be okay?\" She asks. I shrug I dunno I have no idea. \"Dan, talk to me. What happened?\" She asks. I can hear her but it feels like I'm somewhere else and even though I want to answer I just couldn't. Sam believes in god so maybe praying would somehow help. Unlike her I don't believe in anything but what do I have to lose if I did give it a shot and start to believe. How does it go? You just talk to god in your mind or out loud. Hmm I've never done it. I guess he can hear you if u talk in your thoughts. please god if your listening, I'm sorry I have not prayed to you or believed in you for a while now. Its just when I was small and I begged you not to let my mom die. You didn't listen to me. You let her die. I was a very good boy that week just so you would let her stay with me. But u didn't and from that day, I no longer believed there was a god or someone greater that controls it all. But now, I beg you please don't let sam die. This will be the last thing I ever ask of you but if your out there and your listening. Save her not only for me but for her family that really needs her.

I get distracted from my prayer by emmas slap. \"Ouch, what did you do that for? \" I ask. She slaps pretty hard but not as hard as sam. \" Now you talk. What's going on I'm worrying here while your off on some planet. \". She says. \" You heard about the gun shot at school?\" I ask her. \" Yes \" she says. \"Well your sis was the one who got shot and now they took her to the emergency.\" I tell her. Emma drops to the floor and starts crying. I kneel down to tell her to be strong and sam will be alright because its sam but as a kneel down tears come down my face too and I'm on the floor next to her crying too. Last time I cried I was 7 and it was when my older brother died in a car accident and before he died I promised I would not cry anymore and that I would be strong for mom and dad.

Sam's point of view : I open my eyes. I try to get back but it pained my stomach too much. I think back. Last I remember I was with dan at the library and I was hurt. Omg where is he? I look around and he's not there. I must have made him run away with my confession that I love him because he didn't say it back. I sit back on the bed and as I was about to start crying \" sam! R u awake?\" I hear him say as he's running to me. \"Omg I thought u left me.\" I tell him. I can't believe how relieved I am. My heart is beating so fast and I'm getting butterflies in my stomach. \" How could u think that?\" He asks concerned. \" Well I told u I love u and well never mind\" I tell him with a smile. He laughs. He let's out a laugh. Why is he laughing. Is there something funny. \" What? \" I say putting hands on my wasn't. \" Well. Obviously I love you sam. I love you I love you I love you. I could say it forever. \" He says. I take his arm and pull him closer and give him this long breathtaking kiss. That when we finally pull over we were out of breaths and smiling at each other. \" Oh I almost forgot where's emma and john\" I ask. \" Emma went to get john. She thought you would be getting him and yeah. she will be here any time\"he tells me. \"Did you tell my mom? Please tell me u didn't. She doesn't need to worry.\" \"Don't worry, emma said we shouldn't because ur gonna be fine. Its only gonna make her more ill.\" He says. Then I remember when the doctor was telling me and emma we should only be giving her good new otherwise her healing process will slow down and that would mean more time at the hospital and I knew emma wouldn't jeopardize it especially since mom is supposed to be out tomorrow. \"When will I be able to leave? We need to clean the house and throw mom a welcome home party. \" I tell him. \" The doctors wanna keep you for a few days for observation\" he says worried again \" how am I gonna do this without mom figuring out I was ever injured.\" I blurt out. \" We\" he says. I smile I guess I gotta get used to this and enjoy every moment of this \"we\" and \"us\" because I don't know for how long we will last. \"Well what do we have in mind? \" I ask him. \" For now\" he says as he lies down next down me and hugs me tight. \" I thought I was gonna lose you and just the thought of it drove me insane\" he whispers. \" Well I'm so glad I didn't die then\" I say jokingly. He gives me this look like really right now you wanna joke then he laughs. Laying there next to him makes all my pain go away. It sounds impossible , I always thought when you read that in books or see it in movies it was impossible but right here right now its very much true. Dan being so lovely solved the problem by telling my sister to tell mom I had a project that needed to be done in school and that I was sleeping over emily's house. Mom being mom bought it of course and dan stayed with me for the next two days. I told him he could leave to his bed and sleep there but he refused to. He keeps saying he doesn't want me to get bored alone and that ill get scared all by myself but I can tell he's worried. Today's the day, I'm outta the hospital for good. The doctor and dan insisted I got out with a wheel chair although I don't see the point. So there I was with my sister pushing the wheel chair and my brother jon next to me telling me about how it went with the girl he really like and about how dan was right. My sister suddenly stops pushing, john is done talking and its just silence. I look around and no one is around. I turn to my side and john is walking away and so is emma. \" Where r u guys going?l \" I ask them. \" You will see\" emma says smiling. I look forward again and stand there in front of me, a few meters away is dan in a tuxedo looking more handsome than ever. I'm still clueless about what's going on. My mind was blown away by dan. He comes up to me. \" Sam, at first I was kinda jerky to you I know. \" He says . \" Kinda? \" I tell him \" okay I big jerk when your dad died. I stopped being there for you as much. Its because I was afraid. I didn't know how to react I've never had anyone I care about so much die or even almost die. And when you got shot I felt it. I felt like if you died a part of me would die with you. And that's not wat terrified me the most. What really scared me is if you did die I would never be able to wake up everyday to see you right next to me. We didn't even get much time together as a couple and suddenly I felt like we were running out of time.\" He kneels down on one knee and opens a ring box \" So samantha brynes, will you marry me? Because I don't want to spend another day without or wake up another day without you safely by my side. I don't want life if its not with you. As corny as it is, you complete me.\" I'm speechless. He just proposed. \"Sam?\" He says . I'm trying to say yes but words just won't come out of my mouth so I just nod and keep nodding like a retard and smiling. He picks me up, hugs me. \" I love you\" he says. \" I love you dan\" \" wait wait , I almost forgot.\" He says. He puts me down takes the ring out and gently puts in on my finger and it fits. He picks me up and twirls me around.

10 years later, \"Emma, your boyfriend is here. \" adam screams he makes all these love noises. \" Shut up!\" Emma screams at him blushing. I laugh. \"Hey there\" dan says from behind giving me a kiss. \" Good morning to you\". \" She's already going out with that kid again?\" Dan asks. \" Yes and he's a good kid. He kinda reminds me of you when we were in high school.\". I tell him. \" Really?\" Dan says kissing me. \" Why do mommy and daddy kiss a lot?\" I hear adam asking. \"Because they love each other very very much. \"John tells him. \" Come here\" I tell adam. He comes over and both dan and I give him a very tight hug. \"Cmon buddy I'm taking you today. Let mommy stay home and relax because soon your getting a baby sister\" dan tells adam. \" But why? I told mom I wanted a baby brother.\". Adam says. Me, john and dan laugh. (mom died 5 years after dan and I got married so dan and I decided to live at home with emma and john and the year mom died I gave birth to a beautiful boy that looks just like dan and now he's 5 years old. Emma 23 years old now is in this serious relationship with this guy names eric. She loves him. And johnny 16 years old still struggling through high school with the dreams of becoming a musician. dan and I 27 years old, pretty old I know. Living happily as ever. Never more in love. I guess happy ending do exist just gotta have a little faith. )

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