girl with the dragon tatoo--stieg larrson

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they say it's best to hop on to a successful book's bandwagon,if you really must,before it falls in line with what happens to every bestseller,and a movie is made based on it.besides really extinguishing any chance a genuine reading enthusiast would have of being offered  an unbiased viewpoint of what the book is about,the cover,through a twisted idea,probably purported by some nitwit where the cover of a book is peppered with the images of the actors playing characters in the movie,sucessfully scares off readers who're wary of the crass limits of “liberties” a commercialised version of a best-seller would be subjected to.i did stieg's trilogy a bit before hollywood jumped on to it,but only just for by the the time a columnist had managed to rail in that the book deserves a read,it'd spawned a massive cult online.

like a cool fresh breeze after a particularly soggy heatwave,the protagonist of the book,lisbeth salander,a short underweight,androgynous girl,an above average hacker,who,larrson doesn't seem to have modelled on anything or anyone else or isn't even a delibrate antithesis to the common prototype of female protagonists around,manages to score with even seasoned readers of the thiller/drama genre.

the narrative though starts off with larsson's other protagonist,mikael blomqvist,a surprisingly blase character,a journalist still punch-drunk on ideals,being handed out a prison term for libelling against hans erik wenerstorm,a local industrialist,and a very powerful person.blomqvist,comes across as the player sort,with a marriage behind him that failed courtesy his affair with the co-editor of millenium magazine which he fronts,who continues the affair despite staying married to an artist.however,this  little anomaly,isn’t the only place,the trilogy takes on tradition in a full-on grapple.there’s a lot else,like say for instance,many female characters in the book modelled with such subtle quasi-feministic undertones,that you’d almost mistake the work as one helmed by a female,should you happen to read selective excerpts,without knowing the author.

The mystery should actually be termed as a bit predictable,since you’d guess where the story’s going.yet,it’s gripping,the way it unfolds,step by step,as mickael blomqvist,goes about his transformation from a financial journalist to a full-fledged detective when he is hired by a yesteryear industrialist to solve the mystery of the dissaperance of a certain niece of the former,when she was 12.he is helped in no small measure by lisbeth salander,in his endaevour.while they’re working on the mystery,mikael and lisbeth inevitably get involved,but here again,the author has put his own twist on what would have turned into a predictable pattern had his been any other murder-mystery/thriller.

To cut a long story short,a perfect groundwork for the rest of the trilogy,which is possibly now a must-have,whether or not u’re a fan of the genre.also,another fact worth mentioning is that the book is actually a translation,and to transcend the language barrier(of course the work of the translators must be lauded as well),itself is a feat that has eluded some of the biggest names of the literary universe,which is where stieg scores,for that is a feat that has eluded some very notable literary stalwarts.too bad he isn't around to see he cult his work has created.

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