A Teacher at school-BLODDYFULL

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The day i was....awarded in school with slaps after slaps.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012




A Teacher at school-bloodyfull


He entered the class,expecting greetings from us.

Not a single human bothered,but he thought it was must..


Banged the desk with a ruler, in his hand.

He pointed at me & asked me to stand…


At first I avoided,scanning my books & scratching my knee,

But for the next few seconds his eyes were fix on me..


Now I knew it was time to welcome trouble..

One fine day I’ll grow up & return it to you double..


I said stuff to myself,& stood for getting slapped hard

Avoided contact with my girlfriend, as he examined my i-card…


One,two,three and my cheeks were set burning…

Holding my ears he said it was also a part of my learning.


Demanded instant apology, as if he was asking mr dowry,

Fuck u said the innersoul, while my organs said sorry..... 

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