IN MY DREAM...Last night..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Huge and intense is the feeling of loosing sum 1..
n life saving is the fact that it was a dream

Submitted: January 18, 2014

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Submitted: January 18, 2014



IN MY DREAM…last night….

We wer all in a boat, I had never spoken to her before this…she was not well.. sitting at the corner of the deck..and all of a sudden there was panic round that corner..we had just left the shore…n hardly reached the depth of the sea…the news was she fell down into the water from that corner….i got to know that she’ll be saved and brought to the banks again..i ran hard very hard to the banks(I don’t know how) waiting for her..she was brought there..and I was not able to breathe ., was nt crying, was weird out of  fear..she came and as I was the only 1 there she knew…the officials handed her over to me..both of us sat on the ground she was badly injured..her purple color dress was no more fit to put  on…I ..wanted to speak to her…ask her if she was fine..was trying hard very hard,..but not a single word  of my mouth…and eyes literally full of tears ,,she saw this…n without a word she realized intense pain within me..and hugged me tignt very tight…saying..”m okay….”..

I couldn’t speak out still…we sat in that posture for a couple of minutes..and then stood up to depart..when we saw  she couldn’t walk..with the injury..i lifted hr in my arms..i felt the warmth of her waist, warmth of her hands round my neck…and a I started walking..she hugged me again this time  much if not crying for the pain..but crying about the fact that I was so much in love with her…we had our left cheeks in felt heavenly absolute happiness..and ultimate, intense feeling of love and emotion ran through the body… words spoken..only our breathe conversated.

I walked few more steps…realized something had stopped..i was afraid I dint know what but sumthing had stopped… she was no more weeping..i could feel the hug loosening,,,and just den her hands which were round my shoulders dropped…before I would check her existence…

I got up..all sweat in the winter chilled my was around 3 in the morning…I was afraid ,,never before I experienced fear to this extent….i was happy that was a dream…for both reasons:

  1. She was safe.
  2. I had this wonderful apparent feel of her touch….i can still feel it…

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