A Haunted Mind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ingrid Brannigan is a regular everyday house wife; but an unexpected twist reveals her true identity.

Submitted: July 09, 2013

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Submitted: July 09, 2013



A haunted mind

Thursday, 17 January 2013

4:22 AM

I sat there in the eerie, foggy darkness of the cemetery. Surrounded by nothing but the souls and tombstones of the deceased. I stared out into the darkness and thought to myself 'Could there really be an afterlife?' I paused at the thought and shook it off. The idea of it is preposterous. Once you die, you are left to rot in the ground. And so from that thought I lay the flowers down on my family’s graves and walked home.



A new page


I sat down at the glass dining table with my family. My two beautiful children Izaac and Bella and my husband of four years Paul.

The table was covered in different bowls of food ranging from salad to spaghetti.

"Izaac would you like some pumpkin honey?" I asked softly.

"Yes please Mummy." He replied.

I handed the bowl of pumpkin to Paul to serve when I felt a force pushing the bowl out of my hands. The bowl shattered on the cold tiles and shards of porcelain and pumpkin bits were scrambled everywhere. It could have just been a muscle spasm in my hand. After all I have been working non-stop for the past few weeks. And so I cleaned up my clumsy mess.


An hour after dinner, lay the children down for bed in their cribs and sang to them softly the song I had written for them when I was pregnant.



Rest now




I love you


I wont leave

My darlings

My babies

Please fall asleep

My darlings

My babies



Shortly after I sang to them, they fell asleep. Its adorable how two year olds fall asleep so easily.

I set up the baby monitor in the room again and went to my bedroom. Much to my surprise, I found it cleaned up! It was all disgusting and messy just yesterday; with laundry covering the floor and food scraps from the kids. But now it was completely spotless!


"Paul? Babe, did you clean all this while I was at work?" I asked softly.

"Yeah, do you like it?" He replied whilst getting out of the shower.

"I love it! Gosh! You must have been seriously cleaning!"

"Yeah, I was. But only because I know how much you hated the pig sty before." he chuckled.

"That’s amazing! Thank you" I said suggestively.

He understood me well enough to know that the way I said that was to get him into bed with me.  He grabbed my waist gently and pulled me over to him. We kissed passionately unlike anything we have done in the past few months. Then he strips me naked and unwraps the wet towel from his waist. He picked me up and lay me down on the bed and I giggled sexily. He giggled too and began to kiss me and get on top of me. At that moment, I heard crying and screaming on the baby monitor. Being a mother, I left Pauls grasp and went to check on them, to find that they were both sound asleep. Not a peep had been made out of them. I pressed my lips onto their soft little foreheads and kissed them gently and went back to Paul.


"Are the kids okay?" He asked

"Yeah, they were sound asleep when I got to them." I replied.

"Okay then, where were we?" He said seductively.


We made love for a good two hours and went to sleep. In the middle of the night I heard a strange whispering. I couldn’t decipher exactly what being said.


"Paul, wake up. I think there is somebody on the house." I whispered while shaking Paul.

"Ok honey, let me just get dressed and I will check." He groaned.


He clothed himself and grabbed a steel baseball bat.

I could still hear the whispering, so I turned on the bed light and hugged the quilt to my chest. I could hear Paul talking.


"Whose there?" He yelled aggressively.

But no one replied. All I could hear was the soft creepy whispering. It was ringing in my ears like the high pitched sound after an explosion. It was agitating.

"no one survives." I heard the whispers say repeatedly, this time clearly.

"GO AWAY!!!!!!" I yelled back at them.

The noise of the whispers was so overwhelming that I lost control of my thought and ran out the house. But the whispering continued. I ran down the street and was chased after by Paul. He grabbed my arm with a vice like grip and pulled me out the way of a car.


"What the hell do you think you are doing?! Do you have a death wish?!" screamed Paul.

"I-I-I heard the whispering. I couldn’t stay in the house after that. I was scared, Paul. I Just, I don’t know." I replied shakily.

"Babe, are you okay?" he asked concerned.

"yeah, just hearing things." I replied.


The nights after that were strange. I was treated like I was crazy! The whispering was still there, but it became a familiar sound. Like the sound of your own heart beat.

Until one night, Paul finally heard it.


"No one survives." whisper

"What the fuck was that?!" Paul yelled.

"You finally heard it! Finally!" I replied excitedly.

"We gotta get out of here. I feel like this place is evil." He replied.


I saw shadows tip-toeing around the house. They werent the shadows of humans though. They seemed human-like, but taller. 10ft tall. Like creatures born for darkness. Pure evil.

We packed up all we needed and left the house, half way down the street there was a cool breeze that didn’t seem natural. The breeze brushed past us whipping my hair forwards. All of a sudden, we were surrounded by an eerie grey fog. Paul couldn’t hear the whispering in the darkness, but I sure could.


You are no different


I screamed and Paul grabbed my arm tight and held my shoulders until I was calm.


"What happened honey?!" Said Paul Concernedly

"The whispers. They keep talking to me!" I replied sobbing

"Honey, we need to keep calm and focused and get out of this fog. But we need to stay sane alright?"

"Yes dear."


We pulled ourselves together and sat on the road. We figured no cars would pass in this fog, but boy were we wrong. I spotted the dim headlights coming from the distance and tried to move Paul out of the way. But the car was coming at such a speed that he didn’t have enough time to move. Paul was struck by the car, and the car didn’t even stop.


"PAUL!!!!!!!" I screamed crying to no reply.


I ran over to his mangled bleeding body and dragged him out of the way of other cars. He had a gaping gash stretching from his left jaw to the base of his skull. There was blood everywhere. His arm was twisted in the opposite direction and I could see his Femur poking out of his thigh.

The first thought that came to my mind was to get him to the hospital, but the fog hadn't cleared. Should I carry him through the unknown for god knows how long or should I wait until the fog clears? I had to risk it. I picked him up and threw his unconscious body over my shoulder and started walking.

Six hours past when I saw the sun shining through the thick fog. I knew it would have to clear up soon! So I gently placed Paul down onto the road and caught my breath. Shit! What about the kids! They are still at home with those things in there! I ran back the way I came from and caught a glimpse of the outline of a house. I ran towards it when it disappeared.


They belong to me now…

Whispered the shadow, followed by an evil deep chuckle. A chuckle so thrilling, it chilled me to the bone.


I was all alone, trapped in the eerie fog. No Paul. No kids. Nothing. The kids are not safe, and Paul is dying. My life is falling apart around me. I sighed a long saddened sigh and sunk to my knees weeping. What am I going to do? My husband is dying, my children are gone and I have no idea where I am. I am lost in this fog and I don’t know where my husband is! God!! This is all my fault!!! If I hadn't made such a big deal out of the shadows, I might not be in this mess! And now I have nothing! I wish they would just leave us alone. Why me? Why us? WHY?!


I screamed at the top of my lungs and cried until the tears burnt my face. Exhausting myself so much from the emotional an physical stress, I passed out right there.


My eyes fluttered open, it was dark and there was a figure standing over me, staring into my eyes with a piercing gaze. It knelt down and put its face close to mine and stared right into my soul. This was no human. Its big black eyes watched mine observantly and came up closer.


"You are no different." It whispered into my ear. It was a shadow.  I could feel its cold breath on my neck and its pungent aroma of rotting flesh and evil. As it spoke, I got a blurry view of the shadows body. It was tall, black and floating in mid air.


The shadow flickered up higher and let out a blood curdling squeal that would burst the ear drums of anyone who heard it. The shadow threw itself at me and as I felt its cold flesh pierce my body I woke up.

I flung myself up from lying down in a cold sweat and gasped for air. The fog had disappeared and I found myself lying on a hospital bed next to Paul. I wrenched my self up from the bed to see my children sitting on a couch at the foot of the bed.


"Mummy!" screamed the kids in unison.  They ran over to me and tackle hugged me.

"Kids! It's so good to see you are ok!" I replied.

I don’t know why I felt uncomfortable with the kids. But there was something different about them. And whenever I saw them, I would think back to the shadow. You are no different.


I hopped up off my bed, and walked towards Paul, I stood over him and grabbed his hand and smiled. He woke up and looked at me. His eyes were yellowed from the morphine and his face was bruised. His arm was mangled and his body was twisted. He would need a lot of surgery to fix him up. The kids walked over and stood next to me staring at Paul. He moved his head slowly to look at the children. I looked at them and there eyras' were growing larger. Paul looked into Bellas eyes and stared intently. The heart monitor began to beep faster and his eyes were not moving from hers. The heart monitor was now racing, until. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. His heart had stopped beating. His eyes were open and still looking at Bella.


"Paul! Paul! Wake up Paul!" I screamed to no reply.

"NURSE!!!!! Someone help me!"


I began CPR on him, but his skin was unnaturally cold and his eyes had lost their liveliness. The nurses came rushing in and took over CPR, to no avail. He was pronounced dead half an hour later. I slouched my body over his and bawled my eyes out. My husband is dead. The white sheet was placed over him and Izaac and Bella stood there with the blank wide eyed look on their face. As if they were in a trance. Once the nurses left and the people from the morgue arrived and placed him in a bag. The kids stared at Pauls corpse expressionless. They grabbed each others hands and sat down to play patty-cake.


Its half past the hour

We're buying daddy a flower

Mummys reminiscent






Chanted the children. The lights flickered. The power went out and a familiar cold wind was in the air.  She is no different. What have I missed at the house?!


"Kids, its time to leave now." I said calmly and shakily.


They looked at me and their eyes were glowing an eerie black I could see in the darkness.


They belong to me now… Spoke the whisper.


The power came back on and the kids were gone, the nurses were gone, the doctors were gone and even the receptionist. Everybody had disappeared within a matter of a minute.


"Kids? Izaac? Bella? Its no time for playing hide and seek babies." I said.


There was a crashing of surgical utensils next to Pauls bed and I slowly walked over to investigate.


"Come on you two, stay away from those sharp objects." I whispered.


I peeped around the corner of the bed to see Izaac sitting in a corner sucking his thumb and holding a scalpel. 


"Put that down honey." I said gently.


He stared at me and his eyes were jet black, staring at me with that familiar piercing look that the shadow gave me in my nightmare. I gazed back at him and the power went out again.

All of a sudden I was rammed by something. I fell to the ground and once again, there was a dark figure standing above me.  It was a shadow. It leaned down to me and in Bellas voice, spoke.


You are no different Mummy.


I tried to move, but there was a force holding me to the ground. I looked into the corner of the room to see Izaac controlling my movements. His arm was extended and he was sucking his thumb with a blank expression. It was so dark, yet I could see better than during the day. I bought my attention back to Bella and she let out the very same high pitched, blood curdling scream as the shadow before hand. She flew up to the ceiling and continued squealing. I could hear a familiar, bone chilling chant from Izaac.


You are no different

You are no different

You are no different


The combination of the two sounds made a rush of fear spread through my body. Bella was hurtling towards me and at the moment of impact, I could feel a chilling sense of evil rush through my bones, the cold air push through my body, the memories of the fog race through my head all in a split second. The pain of the impact was excruciating. It was like I had been hit by a freight train going a million miles an hour. The lights flickered on, and the children were gone. I looked to my left and found myself lying in a pool of my own blood. And as I got up. There was Paul, his mangled, bleeding body standing over me. Izaac and Bella were behind him holding each others hands. I looked at them, and saw their blackened eyes peering into my soul. I wrenched forward uncontrollably and felt my back break. I screamed in pain and could feel myself haemorrhaging. My legs pulled themselves out of the hip sockets and my arms were twisted backwards. The pain was absolutely grinding. My eyes had widened and my head was forced forward to look at Paul.  He walked towards me and his body looked normal and stroked my face gently.


"Don’t worry honey. I will take good care of the kids. I just don't need you anymore. Remember that time I caught you with Jared? And that time you punched Izaac? I remember it clearly. And remember that time when you tried to kill your sister and me? I remember. You pushed me in front of a bus. I broke my legs and neck because of you. And now you will feel the same pain I did. Just not for as long considering you will only be alive for the next few minutes. No this is not black magic either. I snuck a hallucinogen into your coffee this morning. I made sure that you weren't taking your pills for your epilepsy, only sugar pills. Hence why your body is so fucked up at the moment. And now, its time for me to stop talking." He snarled.


He kneeled down to my mangled, broken body and kissed my cheek. He snuck his soft hands around my throat and wrung my neck. I was rasping for air, my face was going red, I could feel my wind pipe being crushed. And there was nothing I could do about it. I struggled for a minute and my body began to relax. The air was not going into my lungs. I had lost. I am no different.

I flashed back in the final moments of my life to my entire life. How I played with my sisters as a child; how I fell in love; how I spent the days with my children; and how I murdered my husband and children two years ago. I was killing myself. My mind was being controlled. I could do nothing to stop it. Right there, on the floor of the hospital, I died.


October 15th 2004, a married mother of two who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and epilepsy murdered her husband and children. The children were found to be stabbed in the chest with a scalpel 25 times and the husband Paul Brannigan was pushed in front of a bus before being strangled to death. To this day it is unknown as to why Ingrid Brannigan murdered her family, all we know is she is on the run and is very dangerous.


I remember when I killed my family. I had no control over myself. But I visited their graves every day and lay black flowers known as shadows on their graves. I loved my family very much. But now, I have paid for my sins. I remember telling my kids when I stabbed them. That they are no different from the other kids. Annoying and parasitic. I loved my family. I hate myself and I will for eternity.





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