The Immortal Fight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jacob is an ordinary teenage boy struggling with being abandoned by his father and brother. His life changes on his birthday and reveals the truth behind the abandoning. He reveals that he is in the blood line of war gods.

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013



The Immortal Fight

Friday, 23 November 2012

12:13 PM



The rain has fallen onto the eternal pit of my despair, time grows longer and life, shorter. I cannot help but wonder when my time will come; but when it does, I will be ready. Death will be slow and peaceful, but my death shan't be in vain. I never thought I would die with this high honour, but it is a good way to leave the Earth knowing that you have lived a full life with meaning.


Chapter 1:

In the Beginning


There I lay, in the soft cot listening to the music being played and my mothers subtle voice singing me to sleep. Everything is so peaceful and calm. I'd never felt anything like it before. Just as I let out a small yawn from my tiny little mouth, my mother; with her luscious, silky brown hair; eyes the deepest green and smooth lips kissed my forehead and turned off the dull lights. The gentle music of the safari mobile lulled me to my resting slumber.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!!!!" screamed my now aging and eccentric mother. "Happy Birthday Jake, this is for you, one day you will look back at it and everything will fall into place, I bet it feels good to finally be 13 huh?" she said as reached out her lanky arm holding a black leather book. I reached out to grab it, the leather was soft  yet aged, it was a rather small book with a title written in a language I could not decipher. The title text was written in gold, engraved into the leather. It was rather dusty and smelled of mould and old paper.

"thank you Mum, I really appreciate it." I said with a smile. This book was intriguing. Everything about it lured me to want to read it, yet I couldn’t decipher its text.

I was in my room all day trying to figure out what the book read, but to no success.

Three hours later, I had fallen asleep, book in hand.

I stood there, in the depths of a fiery prison; surrounded by strange and captivating creatures. They all seemed different yet the same. Large, tall creatures with skin coloured blacker than coal; mean, fierce faces covered in scars and blood; atop their heads they had large, long horns about 2 ft long with jagged spikes. A muscular tail with barbs that reached 3 metres long. Long arms and a body built tougher than a tank. There was seven of the creatures, each with different coloured eyes that peer into your soul.

I was imprisoned in a flaming fortress of piping hot bars keeping me from the creatures, the walls made of rock seemed to stand taller than a skyscraper with no openings for fresh air surrounded me and the creatures. This place smelt strongly of sulphur and burning flesh.

There is a loud clanking sound and one of the creatures was pulling the cage up with metal chains. I was surrounded by these massive, fearsome creatures. They started to chant in a language that I could not recognise.

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy ashante

This frightening yet captivating ritual was being performed whilst I was in the centre of their circle. The flames grew larger around us and the smoke began to take the shape of the symbols in the book I was given. 

They had finished chanting, and they were staring down at me intently. The blue eyed creature began to hum in an eerie tone, and then the other creatures did the same in unison. They were getting louder and louder until it was deafening. There was a loud banging sound and the smoke rushed at me like I was their magnet. In a big *WHOOSH* of smoke, the symbols flowed into me when the creatures began to chant again.  Only this time, I could understand them. Sure the language was the same, but I understood what they were saying!

The chosen warrior

The chosen warrior

The chosen will fight

What do they mean? The chosen warrior? The warrior will fight? What DO they mean? I don’t understand.

A blinding white light flashed around the entire room and I woke up to a cold sweat.



Chapter 2:

The Chosen One


I walked down the creaking stairs of the house and just before I stepped into the living room, I overheard my parents talking.

"Should I have given him that book? It is very dangerous! I don't want anything to happen to my son!" Said mum in a worried tone.

"You did the right thing dear, Jake is the only hope we have of ensuring the immortality of the archangels. You know the consequences if the Archangels were to go extinct!" stated father.

"Yes dear, I know the consequences, but is it really worth the risk of losing our only innocent son?" asked mother.

"Don’t bring up Kaileb, you know he is sided with the witches and demons! For all we know, he is plotting to kill us and Jake!" yelled father

I ran into the room and demanded answers. "Who is Kaileb? And what is an Archangel? Why am I theyre only hope? What is going on?!" I demanded.

"Son? What are you doing up? Look at the time young man! Go back to bed otherwise you wont be able to function at school tomorrow." said father sternly.

"I want answers Dad! Give me answers or I wont do jack shit for the Archangels, whoever they are." I screamed frantically

Father got up off of his lounge chair, walked over towards me in an intimidating manner and picked me up by my throat with one hand and pushed me eagainst a wall.

"You listen to me Jacob, when I give you a command, you WILL obey me or so help me you will be thrown ou--"

"HAROLD! You put him down. Now!" Screeched Mother.

"STAY OUT OF THIS VIVIAN!!" Yelled father in an almost demonic voice.

I summed up all my courage and with one swift movement, my foot was thrusted between his legs with a direct hit to his groin. He waled in pain, cupping his parts and I was able to escape and run out of the house. I fled out onto the streets and into the nearest park. Once I'd found a steel bench to settle, I remembered I'd kept the book in my back pocket of my trousers. I lay back on the uncomfortable and cold steel seat and opened the small leather book. I opened to the first page and much to my surprise, I was able to read it. Each page was a different chapter, they were eall very complex, but I was able to comprehend the vital parts.

I'd gotten to page 53 when I noticed a shadow behind the park bench I was rested at, terrified it might have been Father, I turned around quickly and to my surprise, there was no one to be found, yet the eerie shadow was still there. I moved to see if the shadow belonged to me, but the shadow just stayed there. Odd. Feeling very uncomfortable and creeped out by the strange shadow, I decided to move to a different park.

As I walked to the next park in the night, I checked behind me to see if I was being followed by Harold, or that strange shadow. I seemed to be safe and unshadowed, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t alone wherever I was.

Once I arrived at the next park, I discovered therre was no seats, so I decided to climb the tallest tree in that park. I grabbed onto the first jagged, barky branch and hoisted myself up. I dug my foot inside a hole where a branch once was and got my balance, I grasped the next branch higher than the last and repeated the process until I got as close to the top as I could safely. Even though the tree was the tallest in the park, it wasn't all that high. It was only about 9ft off the ground, I could still see the highway and traffic, not to mention I would be able to see Harold if he was following me. This spot was perfect.

The clock struck twelve and I had just started to doze off after my abusive ordeal with my father. I had fallen into a deep restful sleep. I pictured laying in my starch white cot as a baby and staring up at the safari mobile that lulled me to sleep every night. I flashed back to every moment I had spent with mother. I missed her warming smile and comforting hugs. I was only 13, of course I felt homesick. I flashed back to the picnic we had had on the beach on a fine Saturday morning. I was only 5 at the time. I remember how she let me make the sandwiches and make sand castles. We lay out the red and white checked picnic blanket and sat down on it. We had the food layed out in front of us and I went and played in the water. I turned back to look at my parents to see my father kicking over the sand castles and tossing the food in a violent rampage. In my saddened state as a child, I dreamt of that moment and my father had morphed into hideous being. He had grown to be 8ft tall with blackened, slimy scales. He had enormous horns growing out the side of his head and a tongue that was lizard like. He wrapped his giant slimy tail around my mother and she was screaming in terror. I ran towards him with a rock in my hand. I hoped that as David beat Goliath, I could repeat history and save my mother.  I hurled the rock at his face but it crumbled into tiny little pieces on impact. He turned and faced me, with his giant hoof he kicked me in the chest sending me back 20 metres. He laughed  in the same wretched tone in which he had yelled at mother earlier and turned her into vapour.

"Son, guess what? You are half demon and half archangel, you have to choose your side." He said chuckling and smurking.

"That’s impossible! They don’t exist! Where is Mother?!" I screamed at the beast.

"She is not gone, she is perfectly safe in my hands. But I know that she can aid your decision." He said calmly.

He showed me mother being caged inside a icy prison surrounded by creatures that looked exactly like him.

"She will not get into the wrong hands; on one condition. You destroy the Archangels. Simple as that and your mother is safe. I will leave you with the decision." He said chuckling. He then disappeared in a whoosh of  icy smoke.



Chapter 3

The Decision



I woke up screaming and fell out of the tree. I grabbed the book and placed it firmly in my back pocket. I ran back home to see if mother was safe. I burst through the front door to find no one. I let out a heavy, loud scream and fell onto my knees. As I walked out of the house, I saw a black, slimy scale on stuck to the door along with scratch marks. I knew that my nightmare hadn’t been just a noghtmare, it was reality.

I read through the black leather book that Mother had given me. It was all linked about a prophecy.

One child against the squadron of demons, one child against the squadron of archangels; brother verses brother  in a brutal battle for good or evil. Once the child hits thirteen, they will be struck by the decision of good or evil. Only one side will win. Only one side will survive, the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.

Could this 'Kaileb' be my brother? Is he already working for the demons? What about father being a demon? Mother must be an Archangel then. He never loved her, he only married her to spawn two male mutants! I have it all figured out now! I will not work for the demons. Demons are the death of mankind. I shall find a way to contact the Archangels and I will not let my father do this to the Earth!

Just as I had that thought, the same blinding light I had in the first dream appeared yet again. I found myself standing in the midst of the seven different eye coloured creatures.

"We had been waiting for you to come to a decision, Jacob Tullhawk. And now we have it. You are our warrior. You are the one who will defeat your brother and keep the world safe." said the seven creatures in unison.

"I never knew my brother, what are you?" I said shakily.

"We are the Archangels, the protectors of the Earth and Heavens." Said the archangels.

"If you are the protectors of the Heavens and Earth, why can’t you fight without me?" I asked curiously.

"The last great battle we had was 20,000 years ago. There were well over a thousand of us. But the demons forces were too strong. Even though we had one the battle, we lost all but the seven of us. Including the last chosen child." they said solemnly.

"How are we going to beat the demons this time then? We haven’t got many on our side. What if we lose the battle?!" I said worried.

"We have undergone training since the last battle, we have become a lot stronger, faster and amore agile. It is only you who now must train to defeat 'Kaileb' and save Earth." Said the green eyed Archangel.

"You guys are a lot bigger than me, the demons are a lot bigger than me, what about Kaileb? Is he bigger than me? Do I have a chance even?" I said wearily.

"Hahaha, young one, you have a lot of questions. We have a large chance of winning this battle. The demons are in their thousands, but we are bigger than them. And we have another child with us, she is strong and fast like us. She was born from a demon, but coujld not take the violence of that race. She decided to join us in our training and battle. She is your age and a brilliant fighter, they will not expect that. My name is Brummda, the eldest Archangel." Stated Brummda.

"I am Hollith, the youngest." Said Hollith, the green eyed Archangel.

"Crummnia." Said the red eyed archangel.

"Zeffos" Said the purple eyed archangel.

"Goran" smiled the yellow eyed archangel.

"Mattonta" stated the orange eyed archangel.

"Ulya" stated the black eyed archangel.

"You will be training for the next 10 years, until the battle, your mother will be safe." Said Ulya.

"Thank You Ulya, I thought the Demons were going to kill her for sure if I didn’t join them." I said shakily.

"They are not to be toyed with, but there are rules that they hoped you did not find out. Until the battle has started, prisoners are not to be executed in order to persuade the chosen. Vivian is safe until then." replied Crummnia.

"In the mean time, it is time to be training." stated Brummda.

A brilliant flash of light re-occurred and we were transported to a realm filled with fire, stone walls and weaponry. I flashed back briefly to my dream, this was the place I'd dreamt about! It was much larger, brighter and eerier in person than in dreaming.

I could hear the clanging of swords being black smithed, the brilliant crackling of fire and bull whips, I could hear screams of pain shooting across the room and laughter of Ulya. It all seemed so bizarre and evil, yet I knew I was doing the right thing.

I turned around to face Brummda finding him crafting the finest of swords.

"When do I start training?" I asked politely.

"You start as soon as we finish training today. You will train with Bianca; the young one we told you about. But be warned, she has been training with us, you have not reached that privilege as of yet, you must be careful." replied Brummda.

He then returned to carving swords and other weapons I had not seen or read about.




Chapter 4:




I wondered aimlessly around the gigantic mesmerizing room, when all of a sudden a loud, deep horn sounded. All training activity ceased and the archangels surrounded me once again. I looked up at Brummda with a worried look on my face and he peered down at me with his eerie white eyes and said.

"Prepare yourself for battle Jacob Tullhawk. She will arrive here shortly."

I grabbed myself a large and heavy sword and a golden shield that seemed to be stronger than steel. I turned around and was struck by a force more powerful than the punch of a school yard bully. I fell back onto my butt and was slammed again. I sat up and prepared my sword and shield, with the adrenalin pumping through my body, the weapons seemed lighter than feathers. I saw another golden shield accelerating towards me and I pushed it back with all my strength. I got to my feet at peered over the shields. Much to my surprise, I saw a pretty blonde girl who was at least a ruler length shorter than me. Her eyes were bluer than the sky, she had a blemish free pale face with one scar that seemed to cut across her eye, stretching from her eyebrow to the edge of her mouth and one strand of loose hair swayed across her face. I was entranced by her rugged beauty. She looked up at me and smiled a cheeky grin, I smiled back and she then hit me across the face with a wooden pole. I was knocked out cold.

I awoke when a splash of ice cold water drenched me. I got up, sword in hand and shield readied, when Hollith yanked them free from my grasp. I looked up at Hollith and she smiled. Her smile was frightening, yet genuine. Her teeth were bared and her skin wrinkled. I looked away to find the beauty I had been struck by. She thrusted one arm out in a very formal manner, hand open and spoke.

"Hi my name is Bianca Brooke, by the way I think you're supposed to shake my hand." She said in a very innocent tone.

I grasped her subtle hand and shook it,

"Hi, the names Jacob Tullhawk, but you can call me Jake." I said shakily.

She pulled her hand away as I did mine, and replied.

"Nice to meet Jake, sorry for knocking you out hahaha." she giggled.

"Nice to meet you to, and its all part of the training I suppose." I replied in my wobbly teenage voice.

She smiled and laughed which made me feel a sensation I have never felt before. It felt, warm and fuzzy. Like a rush of warm air flowed through me. But she then walked off to her resting area.
I rested myself for an hour when the horn sounded once again. I readied myself and made first strike. She had tried to sneak up behind me, but I figured that she may do that, so as she took a swing with the wooden pole, I blocked it hard with my shield and struck her shin with the pole I was given for training. She waled in pain and swung her shield at my face, I barely blocked it , exposing the side of my body. She took the opportunity to strike. She swung the pole into the side of my chest winding me. I gasped for air and lowered my guard, she took another wicked swing at me, this time smacking me in the thigh knocking me to my knees. I screamed and my voice cracked, she was about to take another swing to knock me out, again when I lifted my guard and blocked the pole coming for my face. I flicked the shield towards her causing her to drop her weapon. I swung the pole and hit her square on the nose. Her nose started bleeding, gushing to be exact. Naturally I felt really bad so I dropped my gear and went to help her out. She was on the ground, I asked her if she was okay, but she just sniffed as I got down on my knees. I was about to help her up when she grabbed my arm, jerked it behind my back and kicked the back of my knee forcing my to the ground. From there she pushed me onto my stomach and reached for my pole, whacking me on the back of my head.

"I win, again." she giggled.

I groaned in pain and she helped me to my feet. I staggered to the resting bay and lay down.

"Are you alright?" Bianca asked.

"Just dandy, you have a hell of a swing." I replied mellow.

"I've been training all my life. It helps, believe me." She replied.

"So this is what the next 10 years is going to be like?" I asked sarcastically.

"Pretty much, only with more training, you will be able to defeat me." She replied.

I got to my feet and winced in pain.

"Sit down idiot." she said.

I looked her in the eye, I admitted defeat.




Chapter 5:




My training is complete, I have yet to defeat Bianca, but I grow stronger everyday. It is only one year until the great battle begins. I am not nearly strong enough to enter the field. The warm feelings I get for Bianca grow everyday, I can’t decipher whether she feels the same way. Who knows, maybe she does. I will have to train more to find out.

A film appears in my mind as I flash back to the first time I met Bianca, her beauty radiates more and more each and every day since then. The scar on the left side of her face is fading, yet is still mysterious. I can't help but wonder what happened for her to get a scar like that at such a young age.

I awaken to the sound of the familiar horn, I brush my short black hair out of my face and replace my resting clothes with battle attire. This routine gets more and more boring everyday. Today is different though, today I train with the Archangels.

I turn to leave the resting bay when I am confronted by Bianca. Her beautiful blue eyes peered into mine. Her hair swept across her forehead in a messy fringe.

"You ready for today? Its hard work." She asked me concernedly.

"Yeah, I'm a bit nervous though." I replied with honesty.

"Maybe this will comfort you Jake."

She slowly walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me. I reciprocated and she planted a soft kiss on my cheek. Her lips felt warm and soft, it was like I had been given all the courage in the world. She looked me in the eye, I placed my hands on her ever so smooth waist  and pulled her in for a kiss. My lips pressed against hers. They were locked, she began to caress my hair as I caressed her back. Her subtle tongue slid into my mouth and played slowly and gently with mine. She opened her legs and sat on my lap. I picked her up and placed her on the bed of the resting bay. She began to undress me. My battle attire was now stripped and I was bare from the waist up. She did the same with herself. Her breasts were soft and pale, and we continued to strip until we were both completely naked. She lay down and beckoned me to come in. I got on top of her and continued to kiss her, every inch of her body. My penis began to swell and before we knew it, we were having hot, sweaty sex before training. The sensation of an orgasm I had never felt before, it felt so good. Sex. Awesome.


The horn sounded again and we got redressed for training back into our battle attire.

"Are you two ready to train? Do you need five more minutes?" chuckled Goran.

"We are ready." We replied in unison.

We looked at each other and nodded. Sword and shield in hand. We had to block the strikes from each one of the Archangels.

Brummda struck first with force so powerful it forced me to the ground, but somehow, I managed to block it! One down, six to go.

All strikes seemed unworldly powerful, but what can I expect when they are not humans.

Blocks was our focus for the first fortnight. Then it was strikes, followed by parry's, then counters and points that kill. All in the lead up to the great battle.




Chapter 6:

The battle nears


The horn sounded yet again, and I prepared myself for training. Bianca and I are now in a committed relationship. Today is the day where I fight the Archangels and Bianca. Today is the last day of training.

I pulled on my chainmesh vest and rhino horn helmet and grabbed my mace, sword and golden shield. I am ready. I walked out of the resting bay and into the lair of the Archangels. Without warning, Ulyas tail flung at me. I was swift to block it and counter, I had been training to jump incredible heights. I felt like I was not a human. I realised though, I wasn't. My father is a demon, my mother is an Archangel. I am going to be a challenging opponent. I jumped up 6 ft in the air wielding my sword and struck down hard on Ulyas' chest. He winced in pain and Brummda thrusted his fist out in my direction, I jumped off of Ulya and towards Brummda, striking him square in the jaw with my steel mace. He screamed and threw another punch towards me, but with one quick jab of the sword in between his enormous mutant knuckles, he waled and pulled it back. Bianca joined the fight. She was wielding a dagger and a mace and shield. She flung up onto Holliths shoulder and threw herself at me ready to strike me with her mace. I foresaw this manoeuvre and protected myself with the shield. I struck her with my mace across her back and she squealed in pain. Dropping her guard, I kicked her off of Hollith and began to attack the Archangel. The battle lasted for hours, and I had finally defeated the Archangels and Bianca. Once the battle had reached its end, I checked on every one of my opponents. They weren't at all fatally hurt, just wounded enough for me to move on to the next. 

"You are ready to fight the thousands of opponents tomorrow Jacob. You are finally ready." Mumbled Zeffos.

"Thank you so much all of you for this experience, the fate of Earth is in our hands. We are all ready." I replied humbly.

We all began to chant the very chant I heard in my dream.

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy ashante

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy ashante

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy bratummnu

Krumba essy ashante


I went to lay down in the resting bay and I was welcomed by Bianca unclothed, laying on the bed. She looked at me with her blue eyes and said.

"Come here warrior, conquer me." In a playful voice.

I responded by stripping my sweaty clothing off and kissing her hard, our tongues tangling in a sexy eager manner. She pushed me onto my back and placed herself on top of me, she kissed me once again and leaned down to my ear. "Goodbye Jacob." she whispered as she plunged her poison tipped dagger into my waist. I couldn't move, I was paralysed by the poison. I couldn't make a noise. I was going to die here. I was in excruciating pain, it felt like lava was being pumped through my veins rapidly and I broke into a cold sweat. She packed her things, got herself dressed and left without the Archangels knowing.

Along with the pain of the dagger, poison and paralysis, my heart had been shattered in to millions of pieces. I loved Bianca and she betrayed me, the angels and Earth. I felt the pain of sorrow and regret flow through me. How could I have fallen for a bitch like that?  Why did she betray us? How could I let this happen and get my guard down?! And now, Earth is going to pay the ultimate price for my stupidity. I need to stay alive, I am Earth's only hope! I fought the paralysis and mustered up the strength to scream for help, and I was answered by Brummda.

"Dear God! What happened child?! Angels! Come and help him!" Commanded Brummda.

"Where is she? She did this!" I whispered.

"Bianca did this?! After all the things she has done with us!" boomed Brummda.

"Yes, she is a traitor! You must believe me!" I shook out.

"Ulya! Seize the traitor, she cannot be far away, Hollith grab the medical kit." Ordered Brummda.

"Everything will be fine child, Ulya will destroy her." whispered Crummnia.
Ulya bounded back, Bianca in hand and bound by thick rusty chain. Hollith gave me a drink that tasted of salt and mud, with a smell twice as bad. However, the drink dissolved all traces of poison in my blood stream. All that is left to fix now is the flesh wound where the jagged dagger impaled my side.

Brummda stitched me up, and all left now, was to rest. Ulya executed Bianca; pulled her apart and burnt the pieces. I will be setting out to battle wounded in less than 7 hours. I am so nervous I can feel the butterflies grow into moths, then into birds and then into fire breathing dragons that I can feel crawl into my throat. What if I didn’t survive? What if we lose? What will happen to the planet? The fate of Earth is in our hands and I am wounded! I wish I wasn't chosen. But I wouldn’t have met the Archangels. I am very half hearted about this. The pressure is mentally crushing. I need to rest, otherwise we could lose this.



Chapter 7:

The Great Battle



The battle begins, houndreds of thousands of foul demons line the horizon with their enormous disgusting bodies. Eight of us prepare ourselves. The Archangels had dressed themselves in gold plated steel armour hand crafted and armed themselves with enormous long swords that reached a length of 3 metres of pure sharp blade. It was a sight to behold. Brummda handed me my own armour, he had made it for me out of the strongest element known to them. An element deriving  from the planet Pluto. It was heavy, strong and had no shine to it what so ever. I was equipped with the finest poison tipped swords and strongest shield. My helmet was a brilliant deep black with breathing holes and eye holes. The metal suit weighed me down, but that will not stop me from carrying out my duty. I need to finish this in time to save Mother. And Earth.

I hoisted myself up onto Hollith's shoulder and we walked into the battle field. We could hear the wretched howling the demons were making, it was like a low groan that would spread for miles.

We walked towards the wretched creatures and spoke to my father.

"So, I see you don't love your mother. Well I guess that is expected considering she raised you to be a disgusting little brat. And now you betray me! Pity I never loved you. I would have if you joined us, its not too late." stated Harold, my father.

"Hmm, let me think for a minute Pops, no. I knew you didn't love me, considering the way you treated me, it wasn't hard to guess. I've got some news for you. I will never love you or your kind for as long as you live! Which won't be too long. See you in Hell Dad." I replied harshly.
"How dare you defy your own Father! I wi--"

"You are not my father! You are a no goood, scum sucking waste of oxygen who deserves to die for what you plan to do to the Earth! I will kill you and I will do so gladly." I interjected coldly.

We stared each other down with a cold look and prepared for the fight. I jumped up onto Hollith's shoulder once again and prepped myself for a battle of which I will or will not come out of. 'Be positive, you can do this Jake. This is what you have been training for your entire life. Now it is time to use your training. You CAN do this! Those wretched creatures shall pay dearly for their sins.' I though to myself.

The dark grey field reeked of sulphur and acid. The stench clung to my nose and burnt my nostrils. There was no greenery, only what used to be trees. The eerie dead trees sprung from the ground everywhere creating a creepy scene of death. The millions of demons stretched for miles back. The battle was not going to be easy. And I had not seen a trace of my supposed brother Kaileb. Perhaps he is waiting for me.

"Hey son! Come over here and meet your brother!" smirked Harold.

"Never, I refuse to associate with your kind!" I replied yelling.

A strange looking man swung quickly up Hollith and dragged me down to the ground and pinning me down. He had strange scars all over his face stretching from one side to the other, his hands were hairy and his horns were small compared to the other demons.

"Hello brother." said the strange demonic man.

"Kaileb?" I asked whispering.

"It's good to finally meet one of my own blood. Too bad there won't be much of it left. Just father and I." He replied with an evil grin on his face.

"That's what you think." I said strongly whilst pushing him off of me. I grabbed my swords and prepared to fight. He simply stood there and chuckled.

"Hahahaha! You think you are so tough! Clearly you are just the same as me. We are from the same parents and share the same powers. You are just SOOO humble aren’t you. Fighting for Earth. Do you even know our plan for Earth? Did these idiots even tell you?" he chuckled.

"Brummda what is he talking about? What are their plans?" I asked concerned.

"Do not fear my child. They are evi--"

"Evil? No no no no no. We are not evil, we simply have a different point of view. Jake, do you ever wonder what the world would  be like without criminals? Do you? Hmm?" Asked Kaileb.


"We are about punishing the evil and keeping the scum off of the Earth! Unfortunately for the most people, they are evil. But the few that are not evil, they will be safe and the world will be at peace. There will be no wars, no fighting, no assaults or rape, no crimes or anything against humanity! They are the REAL evil ones, they will come to justice with us! Think about it." Interrupted Kaileb.

"Brummda! What is he talking about?!" I yelled.

"My child, every human deserves a second chance, think about all the lives that will be lost! You cannot forget that they are people, humans have justice systems, it is not for demons to judge." Replied Brummda calmly.

"But think about my mother! She is innocent and being held captive while there are criminals are out there! Kaileb is right!" I screamed back at Brummda.

"My child! He has turned you against yourself! Your beliefs! You must not let the seed of doubt be planted in your mind. He is playing with your mind, you have trained with us for most of your life to save millions of lives that can be changed! Remember yourself!"

I fell to my knees, and took a deep breath. I thought back to all of my training and childhood. How much I wanted to be safe. How many people I knew that were innocent. I have chosen the right side. And now, it is time to fight for what is right.

I got up from my knees and tackled Kaileb and punched him hard in the face; multiple times. He laughed at me and grabbed my collar, picked me up and slammed me into the ground. I broke 2 ribs and felt a crushing pain throb across my entire body. I clutched his hand that was firmly pressed on my throat and twisted it behind his back, grabbed one of my swords and swung it around his waist, cutting him in two. His blackened blood gushed out of his sectioned body. Out of his muscular torso and lower half. His eyes were still open, only they went a deep grey colour. He was dead. And father, he couldn't care less. As far as he was concerned, Kaileb was just a pawn being played for the king. His bloody body dropped to the ground and I screamed, signalling the start of the war.

A rushing stampede of foul demons was charging at me and the Archangels. The horn sounded from both sides of the field and we rushed into battle. The clanging of swords and shields was loud, the screams of death lingered from the field. I was face to face with five demons surrounding me. They were all terrifying looking creatures that were large and muscular. They all charged at me at once and I held my blades one in each hand. I spun myself around a circle and sliced the demons stomachs open. They screamed at death and I ran to the next lot of demons. A much bigger demon approached me in an intimidating fashion. He held a large grey stone mace and lifted it above his head attempting to swing it at me. I seized the opportunity to slice his stomach and he wrenched over in pain. He was still alive and trying to kill me, he swung the mace at me and I sliced his arm off, leaped over its body and guillotined his head off. His friends must have seen me, as they were charging at me. I doubled my swords yet again and in a helicopter blade motion, sliced their arms off. They all waled in pain and doubled over collapsing on top if each other.

My father looked at me from across the field, he flashed me a smirk and charged at me. The other demons are being taken care of by the remaining Archangel. Hollith, Ulya and Zeffos had been killed. It was just me and my father now. Father verses son, blood v blood, champion verses champion. I knew that he was not going to be easy to kill, but it was not impossible. He lunged himself at me with an axe and mace. Our shields had been destroyed in battle. He swung his axe at my arm, leaving a deep graze. I threw my sword at my fathers stomach, he jumped up avoiding the blade with most of his body. His leg was cut deep in his shin. He stood there. Laughing at me, as if I didn’t know what I was doing. He started swinging his mace around and around and I seized the time to jump up and get to his backside. He predicted my move and countered it with the mace. It struck me against my chest sending an agonizing pain through my chest where the broken ribs were. His mace was still swinging forward and I had stopped moving, I got up and impaled my fathers leg with one poison tipped sword in the thigh, and skewered his stomach. We were face to face, blood was seeping from his mouth and wounds. We were less than two centimetres away from each other. He looked deep into my eyes, stared into them. And with his last breath, he spoke.

"You are the same as me. You are capable of murder. You really are my son." he spluttered.

I pulled the swords out of my father, they made a squirting yet metallic noise as the blade left his bone. He dropped to the floor, the battle was over.

It's done, taking the lives of demons in return for saving the lives of millions of people seemed like a good deal to me.

As my father fell to the ground, I felt a sharp burning pain throb through my stomach. I looked down and saw the very same dagger that Bianca had used to try and kill me impaled in my body. I felt the same excruciating pain of the poison flow through my body. It felt like the blood flowing through me was acid. I knew that the war was over, but this time; I was accepting of death. No more pressure of war on my shoulders, the Archangels were now free to be happy without me. My mother was safe. Everything was as it should be.

As I fell to my knees just before death. I heard the screams of a woman. My Mother. She ran over to me and caught me as I fell.

"Jacob?! Jacob talk to me! It's me Mum!" She said frantically.

"I love you Mum, I did it for you, I-I did it for you." I whispered with my last breath.

She broke down in tears and crouched over my cold dead body. Even though my death was not peaceful, I was content.



The rain has fallen onto the eternal pit of my despair, time grows longer and life, shorter. I realised my time has come. I was ready. Death will be slow and painful, but my death shan't be in vain. I never thought I would die with this high honour, but it is a good way to leave the Earth knowing that you have lived a full life with meaning.




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