The cry for help..

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Realizing the unwanted...

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



The cry for help
That undesirable feeling; almost as if you could never do anything right. You want to make things better, but you don’t have the resources. You need help but you wont receive it because the people surrounding you have taken full advantage; they've disregarded the fact that everyone needs, all for their own selfish reasons. Their greed overpowers our need.
So you and I will suffer. We will suffer because you and I, we’re not important enough to help; no they are more important, they need it more than us. Is there truly no justice any longer? Are we now put in a line; just so we can be placed upon a shelf, promised help in the future? I don’t need a promise. I need the help. I need to, for once in my life to feel like a child. I need to not worry, even if its only for a day.
I have no job, I pay no bills; just like many others, but the difference is… I’m a sixteen year old girl; whom watches as her father slowly descends towards his death, burying himself in stress, only because we don’t qualify to be helped. I see the way his life is draining; but I just cant seem to be able to do anything..
All I want is to not have to worry about the water getting shut; I want to see my father be happy, but that may just be to much to ask. I want to see the way his entire face seems to smile when he smiles; but even attempting to imagine it just shows me what a distant memory its becoming. I want to be able to see my bother happy. I want to see him without that scowl on his face.
I hate no one; despite the things that people have done to my family… to me. I have never wished harm on anyone, and I help whenever I can. So you tell me, what have I done to deserve such a cruel fate?…
I’ve done nothing; but as it is always said.. ‘its life’..
But despite my miss giving’s, I know I'm important, just as I know that you are too. I will not loose that fragile grip I have on the last bit of hope that survives inside me; only because I know that someday it will get better, and it doesn’t just have to be 'life'...

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