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Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012




Dear readers ,

Many of my friends have different hobbies.

For instance,

collecting stamps,watches,ties and so on.

They show me their collections and ask, "how did u find it" expecting appreciation and I do all the time.Today I will try to give you all the highlights from my collection of "Thoughts" without expecting any appreciation from you but a serious consideration.


It doesn't matter if you are never meant to be together but just  to know there is someone, who loves you without fail all the time without care for what you are, with all of your strengths and weaknesses does matter, in fact it matters a lot.

To love and to be loved is heavenly beautiful relationship, which keeps you moving and rolling the dice on board even when your luck is sitting opposite right in front of you playing on the other side of the table and you are losing,when you are in the depths of hopelessness, trust me there is no other hope and attraction towards life than to be loved by someone, knowing someone's existence, moral support, a life line, a one fine solid reason not to give up no matter what. It gives you the strength,courage and resistance against all odds to fight and survive for the one you love.


Today , do we find an opportunity to give it a thought ?

Do we try to find out that reason which keeps us away from satisfaction even at times after availing all the maximum resources and opportunities in life ? It's like something missing, strange feelings of stress for no obvious reason, rebellious to everything and everyone around and then doing things we don't like or never planned or without any purpose. Why is that so ? What is missing ? I leave this answer blank for you.


What is that?

Do we have any, a sincere one?

Our phone books are full of friends,relatives and relationships,

do we have one phone number saved in our mobiles, to make call in the middle of the night, wake him up and say " nothing yaar, was upset for no apperant  reason and am coming to you for little gup,shup for a while over a strong cup of tea" what do u expect ?

 " are u crazy? Common, we will talk about it tomorrow, go to sleep" or " yaar, aa ja but Subah ni aa jata"

Today's relationships are based on status knowing the fact it's for the time being. Why do we respect or deal people according to their status, cars, house etc, relationships with phony emotions,artificial attitudes full of formalities and flaunt of resources, isn't it suffocating? To me it is.

Aankhoon dekha Haal

One of my friend once called me and said " yaar Aik urgent Kam hay, meray mammon ka land cruiser un ka beta lay Gaya hay, land cruiser arrange Karni hay, for his pick and drop" for a marriage ceremony. I did that,and as I was invited rather participating in managing different stuff of that ceremony, later that evening he at the end of the event again asked me to arrange rikshaw,

for ? When I asked, he replied " yaar Abu ki cousin hay an old lady" I said " yaar why don't we drop her in your car as she is old enough not to travel in this cold evening, that's free at the moment, right? He " oh Naheen yaar, Woh rikshaw per he aayi thi"

That's how we weigh people.

Golden time

it's not long ago, when we used to go to our nana, nani for spending summer vacations, those pretty days with long sittings, all night gup,shup oblivious of the fact of being realized by cousins about expensive mobiles, brands,cars etc.

Playing pithu garam, maar kutai with rubber ball, kokla chupaati jumay raat aayi hay ya intaakshiri. Waiting for nana nani to go to sleep and then planning for the long drive.warm participation of khala, mamoon in games, where did that time go?

Why can't my kids enjoy that sincere and simple time with their khala mamoon?

Are we happy and satisfied with what's going on ?

I am not to be candid...................

Indian media

Where does media stand in our lives?

Indian media entered in life gradually and took away the sharm o Haya from us,in such a beautiful and innocent way that we couldn't even realize the difference when we used to feel awkward if hero is holding heroine's hand,and now when we feel awkward to switch channel when there are bold scenes not to miss the dialogues in presence of our kids and family members.

It's sign of modernism and broad mindedness to use American slangs, starts with F.without realizing the actuall meanings.We know deep inside it's wrong but we justify to our own self that it's ok everyone does, it happening everywhere and who doesn't know today all this crap, what does that mean. Silly ,isn't it?


Professional Molvi and zakirs have complicated Islam to the extent by dividing everyone into sects for their own benefits that we don even bother following it anymore with justification saying" Allah jaanay kon bashar hay, Samajh he Naheen aati bunda kis ko follow karay". These so called representatives exploit Our religion and people of our society with the name of Islam.

Mom and Dad

How can a healthy relationship and family bonding be developed between parents and kid when day care centers have started working,when there is school accepting kids at the age of only 3 months,and when sleeping with kids, infants in the same room is against the norms of the society? How would a mom know about her kids more than a maid does, because she spends more time than mother. How can a mom and dad expect that bonding and respect without being mom and dad?

And that's the root cause for the old homes have started working in Pakistan.

Dear all !

These are the highlights from my collection of thoughts.

Please find an hour, sit aside in a dark corner of your house and look at your family system, just imagine yourself once ending up in some old home, I am sure you would hate it but are you trying to make any effort to avoid it ?



Sadardin Bukhari


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