You leave me there

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(original title- Leaving) I wrote this poem about how people come and go in my life and in the process they hurt me so for once i leave instead of them.

Submitted: November 27, 2009

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Submitted: November 27, 2009



Leaving (Original title)

You leave me there

Without a care

I look at you

You looked away

I called for you

I cried for you

You said "I'm Sorry" and left me

Why did you leave me?

Alone in the dark without a care

All I did was care for you

And you walked away

All I do is cry for you

Please come back I cry out

I didn't want you to leave me

I'm constantly abondoned by everyone

Now even you abondoned me

In the dark without a care

I want to end my life...

Because of everyone

I'm sick of being left in the dark,

Abondoned, and


I'm sick of everyone leaving me

So I'm leaving them

Even if you cared

It's too late

I'm leaving now

So now it's my turn to say "I'm sorry" and walk away

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