Are You Alive?

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Actually the person dwelling the earth are not now that humble. They are not now that humble and helping in nature. Wriggling over others is becoming our important hue. So we should now think about "we" and not "I", we should think about our earth and preserving our earth. We should strive to make it "the older earth", and should preserve our lives and earth.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



We often do much redemption for many of our deeds but does any of us really pays homage to the good of others and criticize the bad of ours. I guess no, in fact quit opposite is the case,   we do pay homage to our good as and criticize wrong of others.

Wriggling for others is becoming our important hue .We are yet waiting for the so called “end of world tragedy” which was scheduled for 2012. It intrigues people and long discussions and debates are held over this topic. While this topic remains to be hot potato, there is a parallel irrefutable fact that none of our aspect matches to those of an intelligent life form on earth.  Today there is an abstruse topic that deals with the existence of human being left on earth “The long old mother earth”. As we are much concerned about ‘I’ that has never been a characteristic of a human. So we need not fear about existence of human because I was long ago over with the end of consideration of earth as a deity.

When human being existed, rather lived there was another huge living thing called –earth, now with the death of that living thing and birth of  dummy earth over which we reside there is an end to mankind also.

I am not very tendentious over this subject, although it may sound a cacophony but it actually fires a question are we still alive as a human being.

Those who are valiant today are just worried about their life and not about the life of the diversity of the earth. WE are ready to meet the standards of a animal who is only concerned about himself. So I would just like to raise a question “where is life left on earth?” When we compare the old golden pictures of the old earth with a great diversity of flora and fauna on earth, we will realize that actually we have lost our hue of residing on earth.

So if are not able to put a constraint on our selfishness, any debacle needs not to be feared because it would not be greater than the human beings itself. We should strive to protect the earth else someday if any other planet of universe gets life, it would wonder upon the existence of life on earth.


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