something that happened to me the other night


Do you remember what you said 

As we lay naked on that bed

How you said you couldn’t feel 

Didn’t know if it was real 

And I said I couldn’t hurt

And something in me didn’t work

And you told me of the time

And I I let you read my mind

And we made love like the birds

And mumbled all the words

To the songs we didn’t know

And talked of michelangelo

And he only made it worse

Our whispered voices coarse

As he drew pictures on the wall

Paint and gilt and gold and all

And you picked up your guitar 

Your fingers picked out all the stars

And we looked at the formations 

And all their boundless constellations

And your lines went on and on

You wrote them on my arm

So we would never forget 

How you said you couldn’t love

And I cried to the stars above

And said I couldn’t feel

And you knew it wasn’t real

That even love was fake

And we all floated on this lake


And it was nothing but a dream


Submitted: December 21, 2011

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