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expression of the difficulty we face in our community

Submitted: February 17, 2015

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Submitted: February 17, 2015



Hi old friend so beautiful you are flying high over schools sport fields all over the sky

Yes old friend it is sad to see the sacrifice you represent be lost in time

But I remember what your shades reflect  the  worlds some still want to regret

Your black like the dark of the night and the boot of the man in blue with his badge as gold as you

His flesh as white as snow something most new generations have never come to know

His eyes as green as the grass our blood in our hands as red as the desert sands.

But it came that a time so dreadful can pass.

There he stood his hair as white as their flesh

Yet his skin beautifully black age has taken its course yet still he stood with words of pure gold

And through his veins ran a blood so red that his wisdom thought us to forgive and forget

Above him a clear blue sky supporting his weight mother Africa so green it brings a tear to your eye.

Today we find the monster is still white only he is no man, he is power that our youth consume in the night

And the gold is the wealth of families stolen to obtain a short lived pleasure with no real gain

And today we find our youth on the green grass looking up at the blue sky with their blood red

Spilled on the black cold Tar,  is it the end I wonder old friend

Or will we once again hold you high with you might and power as Mandela walked against the oppressor

Will be walk against the drugs together a nation and its pride its glory

With you our flag raised high to be seen by all the enemy from far and wide

With the white of our shirts

The black of our soles

The red of our blood

Supported by the green of mother Africa

And the sparkle in our eyes Gold and True

With you flying up high in Africa’s great blue sky

For in history of South Africa let black white and brown unite under one flag

And destroy this new enemy

The white powder


For we are the South Africa that Madiba dreamed we could be.

Yes us the Nation and you old friend


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