Essay of My Father Goes To Court

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Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012




“A man is always wealthy, as long as he can laugh”, a line which I constructed after I’d listen to the story of “My father goes to court”. A person excluding his social status has always a chance to laugh. The story just wants to imply to us that laughing is priceless but it is one of the most vital features for the human person to live his life to the fullest. Like in the case of the poor family, even though they live in the midst of poverty but still they are happy living together and the most important is they are healthy. They live as a happy family and no matter how hard the problem is they just probably overcome it. Besides, they never let their relationship ruin or deter by any circumstances as long as they know they are right. On the other hand, look at the rich family they are wealthy in terms of material thing but they are frail, vulnerable and sickly. Just means they are not happy enough living with it.




Living as a person in our society is obviously adheres with trials and failures. But the mere fact that we laugh behind of it is still the best thing we could do and it makes lessen the burden within us. This is a good practice for everyone to have a good relationship among others. You will be surely blessed with so many friends in further when you seem to be a happy man. It gives you sense and good impression. Thus, happiness cannot be easily taken to you by anyone but it can be transmitted. The real bliss of life is that you must know where you are happy enough. Just enjoy it and take it in a positive way. It will probably convey you in a right direction. Always be vigorous and integrate yourself in hope and faith. To emphasize, give yourself a break and think what will happen to you in the advent of time if you just drown yourself in sadness and anguish. Just try to laugh because this might be your tool for reaping your dreams.

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