But her Face

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When you are led astray by someone's deceptively attractive appearance- this will have happened to everybody.

Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



I saw a particular kind of girl in the queue of the coffee shop today as she quite rightfully drew my gaze from behind. She had dark brown hair that fell in curls midway down her back and she wore a leather jacket, tight blue jeans and had an excellent, petite figure. She had collected her coffee and took a seat up to my right and after admiring her from the back I now saw her from the side. Her eyes were bright and attractive and her nose delicately small, from what I could see she was exceptional. After ordering and taking a seat of my own I glanced over a few times at her. I feigned going to the toilet and walked up toward my right, glancing at her as I came into her line but she was reading a paper and her eyes concentrated upon it.

As I returned she was looking around the room toward the entrance. When her head turned around I saw her from the front; her eyes were horribly close together and I saw that her mouth was slightly lopsided. There was something very unlovely about her facial complexion, it was hard and flat and you could tell now more clearly that she was heavily made-up. I’d been deceived and she was irretrievably ugly. I saw now too that it was a copy of The Sun she was reading too, how awful.

Underwhelmed and despondent I returned to my seat and watched her sit quite nervily. Her eyes glanced to the door, then to her tabloid, then nervously to her phone. She hadn’t turned the page she was reading for over five minutes; it was hard to tell whether she was a slow reader or just trying to pass time. When she again looked to the door and then to her phone it was clear it was the latter. I thought she looked the sort who’d be a slow reader, too.

After reading two chapters of my book my coffee was now cold dregs, I knew hers would be too even though she’d only taken a few token sips. She continued her wishful trinity of door, phone, paper and I was glad she had now turned a page. It had now been 25 minutes and the café was now starting to get louder and busier and I looked at her from the side as I was leaving. Looking at her from this angle almost made me forget that flatly hideous face she had presented earlier. She looked deceptively good from the side, it was a shame she was being stood up, I thought.

As I approached the door I turned back her way, I must have been in time with her pathological checking of the door as I saw her look up, her hair swiveling very elegantly as she did so. Her face was written with rejection and that expression sat awkwardly with her too-close-together features.

 It wasn’t actually a shame at all, actually, I thought as I walked out onto the wet and busy street. It was a classic case of when everything is attractive about a girl, but her face.

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