Simone Seraphim

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Spell... the threads that bind our world together, and the power that only chosen few with certain strands of DNA can wield. Called Kasters, these individuals have resided in the center of the earth, for centuries now, regarding the mere "mortals" that dwell above them as inferior due to their inability to harness the power of Spell as they can. After all, what we regard as magic Kasters regard as a symbol of their superior nature and power. Among Kasters, Dragyn Kasters are the most formidable in power. One is born every century in the year of the dragon... that is, until two twin girls were born both wielding the primal and ancient power of Dragyn.

Simone Zephyr, a Fire Affinity Kaster with a nature similar to a ticking time-bomb. Selene Zephyr, a Psychic Affinity Kaster who is the perfect student... and yet isn't as strong as Simone. However both have the power to change the world and keep evil at bay.

That is, if they actually got along. Today, Simone has been gone from the earth's center where her people live for many years, associating herself with humans. And when she returns from the "Above", she finds that much has changed in the earth's center that she once called home.

Welcome to Dragynheart.

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Submitted: August 09, 2012

  “Simooonnnneeeeeee…” I whirled around, red eyes flaring, only to see my twin sister Selene tugging at the sleeve of ... Read Chapter

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