Dixie's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

In minutes, everything she knew and loved, was murdered. They came in the fog of th early morning, destorying everything Dixie knew and loved.

***For XPStiger's characer, Dixie.***

The moon is high and full, painting the forest in silvers and shadows, the firelight from our bonfires dancing through them like fairies in the night. All is calm and peaceful. Crickets and cicadas lift their harmonious songs to the stars as the packs laughter filters through the breeze, familiar. Overhead, an owl swoops through the velvety thickness Florida’s summer heat, catching its prey with deadly accuracy. The wood rat squeals and my wolf ears pick up the sensitive crunch of its bones snapping. My eight year old by cringes by the fire, my hands clutching the cup of sweet tea closer to me.

“Dixie,” my father greets warmly, sitting on the log next to me. His sapphire eyes reflect the firelight, shining like gems. He angles his long legs to sit comfortably, staring up at the tiny specks of stars in the inky blackness. His black hair, similar to my own, shines as well, but where mine shimmers into the color of blood, his is the deep color of the blue gulf.

“Hey, daddy.” Smiling, I set my cup on the ground and lean into his body, all hard and lean. I breathe in the scent of him, like sea salt and sand, feeling myself drift closer and closer to the bondage of sleep. The sounds of my brothers and sisters draws me from her grasp, my eyes flittering open at their cries of cheer. Michelle, as a lime green pup, has pinned Ayden to the ground, pressing his little human face into the soft grass.

“Michelle,” my father scolds, “don’t stand on your brother like that. You’ll hurt him.”

She whines, stepping off him before reaching down to nuzzle his tear streaked face. He rubs her cheek, twining his fingers into the thick carpet of her fur, forgiving her without words. The pack members smile and I watch each one of them.

Silvia and her mate Kyle stand together, their new born tucked gentle between them. My mother stokes the fire, her white blonde hair pulled back into a high pony tail. Naomi and Nick, my twin siblings, sleep together under a tree, curled together to look like the wolf version of a yin and yang symbol. Britton, Savannah, and Jade, the teens females in the pack, watch five of the boys as they rough about, wrestling. The seven other adults sit in a circle around the fire, chatting and drinking coffee and beer while the elderly couple swing together on the porch, hand in hand. The five other pups that are in the pack roast marshmallows, throwing them at each other and making a huge mess.

I should be there with them, but instead, a growing sense of dread washes over me. Fog is beginning to roll in off the gulf, thick waves that appear like a wall, getting closer and closer.

“Daddy?” I ask, watching something along the edges of the misty line. “Are we in danger?”

My question seems so simple, but it takes him aback. “No, sweetie. We are the largest pack in Florida. No one will dare touch us. You are safe.”

Confused, I stand up and walk a few feet towards the wall of silver fog. Shapes churn on the other side of its veil, snarling and growling. Their predatory lopes inch forward, staying on the other side of the scary wall.

“What is it, my little gem?” My father stands behind me, watching the fog.

“Don’t you see it, daddy?” I point at them, running towards it. They watch me, their lethal eyes glaring at me. From behind me, my father is no longer my dad, but the alpha, commanding me back. “Don’t you see them, papa? Maybe they want some supper. Can we feed them too, daddy?”

I turn to look behind me, and the look on his face tells me that I have done something terribly wrong. His face has lost all of its color. His eyes shift, lightening to a royal blue as his wolf, Skye, takes form. Sapphire fur sprouts from his body and in two seconds flat, he is a huge wolf. I can see the other adults coming from the fire, splitting both ways. My mother is sprinting to reach my father, her silver fur glittering like diamonds in the moonlight. Panic washes over her face as a new song fills the night. Drifting on the wind, pitching high and low, the call of the hunt sounds.

I turn my frozen gaze to the shadows behind me, watching as the wolves leap forward. Instinct takes over, sending me reeling back to my parents. The fearsome snarls and howls grow louder and louder. A fiery pain erupts from my leg and I fall to the ground. Turning on my back, I fight to get my feet beneath the great beast. Their dark green face leers closer and closer, their putrid breath of rotted meat and blood smothering my face. I lash out with my hand, striking them in the eyes. The follow my arm, latching on with their teeth, which cuts through my human skin like paper. I cry out in pain, catching their emerald eyes and holding them. Then they are gone. In their place is a huge monster, my father’s blue fur flashing like ripples in a pond.

“Go!’ He snarls, his teeth clamping around his opponents throat. His eyes catch mine, and I know we are in terrible trouble. Without another word, I shift into my wolf form, allowing Ruby to take control. My black fur grows, my face elongating with my claws. As the stench was death and war clump around me, I fight my way to safety. I do not run towards the woods, but I turn around, thinking of my sisters.

“Michelle?” I call. “Ayden! Nick, Naomi.”

My little paws dig into the dirt. All around me, my world is in chaos. Wolves drown in their own blood while others fight to avenge their deaths. Theirs, ours. It is all a cluttered mass of bodies, and still the enemy comes. I can see the blazing light of the nights fires now, but the smell of the burning wood is no longer welcoming. Now the stench of frying flesh and fur fills the air as enemy wolves drag my pack members into the burning depths. I race on, desperate now to find the rest of my family.

My feet catch, sending me reeling for the crimson stained ground. I shake my head, trying to dispel the dizziness that have taken me. I look back to find what I tripped on, and I freeze. All the air in my longs whoosh out of me in one flight, unable to being in more. Two sets of golden eyes stare at me, blurred by death. One with a coat of new fallen snow and the other the color of polished obsidian, my twin siblings stay together, even in death. A movement just behind them catches my eyes, and I look just in time to dodge an attach from a scarlet wolf. Her canines flash lethally, gleaming red with the blood of her newest kill. I turn, my tail tucked beneath me, racing to get away. I hear her wounded cry, but I do not look to see who my savior is. I keep running, my feet numb beneath me.

I dive under the porch, crawling my way as far back as I dare. There I stay, numb and silent. For how long, I do not know. Shivering from fear and sadness, I cry until everything goes quiet. I dare not make a sound now as the enemy sniffs around. I can see the slain bodies of my family from where I am, and I know in my heart that there are no survivors. Feeling defeated, I lay my head against my paws, not knowing what to do now. My family is gone. I am eight years old, and I have lost everyone I love in one night. I had no other friends of family outside the pack. I was home-schooled, and we stayed to ourselves. Only the adults were allowed into the outside world, able to mix with the humans.

I close my eyes, only to have them stiffen when I hear a laugh.

“Hey, Abaddon, looks like we have a survivor.” The cruelty of his actions are on his face, highlighted by the dawning sun. Blood is smeared across his golden fur.

“Well, let us see what we have hear.” A human walks up, still covered in forest green fur. When he bends down to look under the porch, I can see that one of his eyes are swollen and red, the color of emeralds. He is the one who attacked me.

“Ah, looks like we have the daughter of the alpha.” He reaches in, and I struggle to get farther back, but he grabs my tail. Pulling me out, I whelp from the pain that shoots up my spine.

He holds me up for everyone to see, and I am shocked to see the mass of wolves that are crowded around. A pack of about fifty, out sizing ours of about thirty. They are all bloodied, but otherwise unscathed. I whine in terror, calling out to my parents, only to have them laugh like I done something hilarious.

“Aw, is the poor little puppy scared?” Someone taunts.

Another answers, “she should be.”

They look at me as if I am the worlds biggest freak show. They shift to hold me by the scruff of my neck. The alpha takes out a knife, slicing it three times through the skin on the right side of my neck. Pain shatters my thoughts, dots dancing in front of my visions.

“Leave me alone!” I scream, thunder echoing through the sky. I close my eyes as the tears begin to fall, rain leaking down from the sudden clouds to hide them. Lightening flashes overhead, dancing through the sky, threatening to come down upon us all. Some of the wolves seem nervous, jittering in place. I am able to catch a few of their words over the sudden roar of wind, rain, and thunder.

“-supposed to be powerful.”

“I heard she was part witch.”

“I don’t know about this, guys.”

About that time, my conscious blacks out, and darkness swallows me.


I wake up later, soaked through with muddy water. I lift my head, looking for the enemy, but I see them no where. I do not even see my pack. Scared and alone, I lope off into the forest, not knowing where to go now.

Submitted: December 21, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Safyre. All rights reserved.

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Awe! That's horrible! Poor Dixie! :'(

Sun, April 3rd, 2011 9:55am

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