A journey of love

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Life is too big to enjoy each and every moment, there will be moment of sad, and sometime we may cry but even a small cute moment of life, squeezed all of its happiness within it, have such enormous amount of happiness that, our life will turn to be smaller to hold that.

Ahmedabad Railway Station.
December 2012 # 5:00 pm

“May I have your attention please, train number one two eight four-four, ADI-PURI express from AHMEDABAD to PURI via NAGPUR shortly arriving at platform number 5”.
As the announcement was made I shifted my left leg down which was resting over another, hung my laptop bag on my back and walked nearby. I was travelling to my hometown GONDIA which was around 1000 km away. My heavily loaded brownish trolley bag which had already loosened one of its wheel, didn’t let me move easily. I moved a little and kept standing, supporting the bag by my right leg. My back was bearing my dell laptop bag and left hand was holding a ticket.  Wait, a ticket which had printed 56 waiting over it. I was unconcerned about my journey as it was going to be my first ever journey without confirmed berth. I waited till the train stop and then entered bogie no S7 which was nearest. I searched for a vacant seat, one compartment was quite vacant, quickly put my bag down to that seats, and got seated at the corner of lower berth near to the side lower seat.

“Isn’t here any other person “I enquired to the person setting on side lower berth.
“Till now no one let’s see who comes”, he replied rudely showing as if there were no chances of adjustment.
“Where are you going” I asked again to check the exact level of his rudeness.
“Going to PURI”, he replied properly and I felt he might help me in near future.
“What’s your name”,
“BIRANCHI SAHU and what’s yours?”
I tried to be enough friendly with him keeping in mind that at least he will be there to help me out if someone will ask me to leave the seat. After around 5 minutes 2 old gentleman, 3 ladies along with 4-5 children entered in the same compartment. They were Bengali which was clear by their tone.
“You stand up, and find another place, we have a long way to go “one gentleman asked.
I didn’t, as his words was not enough to make an iitain to stand up.
“Be ready to get out from this compartment “I said to myself.

At 6:25 pm train left the station and first thing happened in my favour. Both gentleman left the train and then it was quite easy to handle the stuffs with ladies.I closed my eyes and relaxed myself. Covered more area on the corner pretending as if that was my berth. A girl who came with them aged around 20 years, sat on the side lower, just opposite to BIRANCHI.There were 5 children, 2 of them were boys. One baby was sleeping on her mother’s lap. Rest two were cute girls aged around 8-10 years.
OYEEE PATLE, you go and sit in your mother’s lap.” One of the girl said to her young brother.
Moti, you sit down, this seat is not made for fat people like you.” He replied.
Their naughty conversations were entertaining me. That cute girl was too fat and I liked to hear more jokes about her. They were fighting, and meanwhile I was talking to BIRANCHI.
“What do you do in AHMEDABAD” I asked.
“I am involved in some project work”
“BHAIYA your cap is looking good, I will call you cap wale bhaiya”, she interrupted.
“Of course, you can call me” BIRANCHI replied with smiling face.
“What’s your name” I felt to talk to her and then voice came out.
“ARPITA” she replied.
Her innocent naughty behaviour didn’t let me allow to be clam. My eagerness was forcing me to know much more about her.
Before I could ask the next one she said “And bhaiya what’s your name” First time Arpita talked to me. I felt like oh yes she is going to be my cute friend.
“SAGAR” I replied with a pleasure.
Saugar na” she enquired again and that was usual as like this only Bengali people pronounce.
“No, it’s SAGAR”
Hmm SAGAR bhaiya“, she pronounced correctly.
And conversation didn’t stop just at names, it shifted to her school, her home and knitted the wrap from Ahmedabad to Calcutta. She was in 5thclass in one of the school at Calcutta.
Oyye, why do you want to go upper berth” ARPITA scolded to her young brother who was trying to go upside.
“How could I sit on lower once if you fatty is already there” he replied, and put his tongue out to tease her.
“Why are you angry, I love you my sweet brother”, she changed her mind surprisingly.
I wonder how come child can change their mind set to love someone.
At the same time one of their relative lady went for toilet long away from the compartment.
Huuunnn, why you are showing this much love, I hate you so much” he replied while teasing her.

Time had changed much, my worries concerning the waiting list of my ticket lost somewhere on the way between AHMEDABAD to CALCUTTA. I wondered how come journey in waiting is so simple. I never travelled without my allotted birth but I thought like why didn’t I travelled like this before. Travelling in waiting is one of the greatest felling, no seat was mine but I could imagine any of them to be mine, which I felt that day.

One gentleman came and occupied the vacant seat left by lady who had gone for toilet.
When she came, she stood in front of the seat, wondering for where to sit. I had been sitting covering one fourth of the lower seat for one and half hour. My tired 5.5 by 1 feet body had turned to be comfortable one not because of coving that much part of seat but because of ARPITA, her brother and BIRANCHI. I shifted my toe down, that was resting on the seat then rest of the part followed and in the next second I was on my feet.
“Aunty, be seated here” I asked her.
She smiled back which followed back by mine.
I occupied just upper seat to that same lower one.
“Why did you stood up, now how will you sit here?” she asked me.
“It’s comfortable, you take your seat” I replied.

Conversation couldn’t have been affected just by the fact that I was not on lower one rather It became more friendly.
I and BIRANCHI exchanged mobile numbers and he instantly sent me friend request on facebook from his spice mobile phone. I was looking down and they were looking up for me. Around 8pm, one of the station came and even people without reservation started coming inside and some of them occupied seat in beside compartment.

“Please sagar bhaiya, now you don’t leave your seat otherwise these people will take that also” ARPITA came closer, put one of her leg on seat, another one on rod while holding it with hand, turned her neck up and whispered to me.
I could see how she started taking my care. Sometimes children become such closer that they feel everything in you, about your comfort which becomes their comfort.
Haan, I will not go anywhere, ok “I replied with a gentle smile on my face.
“If you want to go toilet, then I will sit in your place, till you come back, tell me haan whenever you want to go “she added one more point.
“You take care of your seat firstly, otherwise that will go easily”
Hands of clock had encircled 8 pm. People stated having dinner.
“BHAIYA, where will you sleep” ARPITA asked me after finishing up with her dinner.
“I will put my sheet down on the floor, then after covering that with bed sheet will bed for today and where else?” I replied, with visible white smile which later turned into laugh.

All were about to sleep, I had to come down and stand up for rest of the journey. I stood up on the floor, thinking for appropriate place to sit. Now I had no complaint with my journey, I could have travelled even without sleeping moreover without sitting. How comfortable I felt without confirm berth, the love they gave me without any reason, was more than enough to keep me smiling whole night. Yet I was waiting for a chance to be comfortable beyond that. I was wondering about different kinds of ways to sleep somewhere.

BIRANCHI went on side upper seat and ARPITA took upper berth in front of side upper.I hadn’t expected to stand for rest of the journey, but nothing was in my hand, even it was not as heavy as 2kg which could have been used to show some daring.
That time, I was unknown that a single line from someone is enough to vanish my sleep and with that word you can even travel while standing without any complaint. I never ever thought about such things even my dictionary failed to make such line. And it was there when I heard.

“Sagar bhaiya, I just can’t see you standing whole night, please sleep beside me, I am not that too fat that you can’t sleep in the same upper seat” ARPITA said that and soon I realised I had a BAKWAAS dictionary.

I was speechless to her. Dark night being splintered with the speed of 50 miles per hours created sparks on the way which came across like glittering starts which had come down outside the window had filled my destiny with the light of love. I closed my eyes to realise whether this actually happened or else I was in dreams? Doesn’t matter whether its dream or real, I have lived that moment. I reopened my eyes and the reality, she was just at the distance of 10 feet, staring at me, waiting for me to respond. I didn’t dare to say her that she was too fat and it was impossible for me to underestimate her feelings. I put my head down in the position as if I didn’t know the answer what she asked.

It was right that she couldn’t have seen me standing whole night, but I also couldn’t have slept with her, even though I treated her as my sweet sister. So almighty god, must had to come there so ARPITA could sleep without my standing view on her eyes.

“You come here up and sit in the corner” BIRANCHI said and I was just wondering, god really came?
“NO, I will manage here, you sleep” I replied.
“Hey man just come up, you just sit in the corner, I will sleep in the rest of it”
I went up on the side upper, and got seated at the corner, BIRANCHI continued sleeping.
Coincidently ARPITA was on the nearby upper seat where I was sitting, but facing to the opposite side.

As soon as she sensed me, she opened her eyes. After thinking couple of seconds she got into sitting position as if planning to do something. She took her yellowish pillow from the corner of the berth and put on the opposite corner of the berth.
“Sleep well, good night, now at least you can’t see me standing” I said to ARPITA.
She smiled and bent to lay down but this time facing toward me.
“Oh, for this she was wondering and shifted the pillow”, I concluded in my thought.

I felt glad to see her change.
“Really I deserve this much better?” I asked myself.
She closed her eyes again.
“Hey why don’t you spread up your leg and sit more comfortably” BIRANCHI offered again.
“Okay” I said and took more place for my legs and he could hardly sleep as the rest part was not enough for him.

ARPITA reopened her eyes, smiled and closed again.
I wondered why the thing are happening after she closes her eyes and how come she know that something happened? My happiness was at the peak. I could never have expected this much good in my life. But my god said no, you deserve more.
After another couple of minutes “Hey, why don’t you occupy the half seat and sleep.” BIRANCHI added again.

I slept on the half part, facing towards ARPITA and biranchi slept on the rest. As soon as I got into the new position, I put my eyes over ARPITA. I wanted to know how she come to know when something good happens for me. After few seconds her little eyelids turned up, containing a lot of love in her deep dark eyes. Dim blue light coming out from a radium box fixed on the roof, reflected back fragrance of love from my eyes. I wondered if she was dreaming all that for me while closing her eyes and almighty god was making that true when she opened. Or else she had opened eyes but pretended as if she had closed.
“Good night” her voice came for me.
“Good night, sleep properly”, I replied back.
I was amazed how she could be such a cute one.
Life is too big to enjoy each and every moment, there will be moment of sad, and sometime we may cry but even a small cute moment of life, squeezed all of its happiness within it, have such enormous amount of  happiness that, our life will turn to be smaller to hold that.
And I have lived my moment.
“Love you my sister” I whispered to myself and slept.
Next morning I boarded at GONDIA station.

I hope one day she will read this and i will get my cute sister back.

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Wow this is really amazing story. Loved it. Btw u can also read some of my work,and let me know what u think about it.

Mon, September 16th, 2013 8:55am


Wow this is really amazing story. Loved it. Btw u can also read some of my work,and let me know what u think about it.

Mon, September 16th, 2013 8:55am


Thanks :)
I will read :)
For more
follow me on facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sagaranandiitj

Mon, September 16th, 2013 2:08am

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