The Moon, The Sun, The Stars

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Hey, it's Sage. Here is an essay I wrote a while ago for a school project. We were supposed to write a myth. Please comment! Thanks, Sage Lindsay Bellaux

Submitted: May 24, 2010

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Submitted: May 24, 2010



It seems as if the people of the Earth and the sky have been battling for eternity. For decades the fighting has been equal, neither sky nor Earth giving ground. But recently, there seems to have been some bad weather in the sky and it has turned gray with weariness, having to battle bad weather and humans simultaneously. Taking advantage of the situation, the people of the Earth chose to raise large spires and turrets, allowing them to claw their way up into the feebly fighting air.
The sky was losing, and knew it. Sooner or later the sky would have to do something. How could he protect the birds without air to breathe? The butterflies, without room to spread their wings and without chance to spread their beauty? The sky knew it was time to act.
One day, from the stormy, brewing clouds, the sky produced a warrior. The cloud warrior was as tall as many mountains, as strong as tornadoes, and had the wisdom of many centuries. The cloud warrior’s name was Ayden. The sky consulted his son. “Ayden, my boy, we are losing badly. Have you any idea of how to save our world from crumbling?”
Ayden thought for a moment, and his toughened face relaxed into a grin. “I’ve got it, father. I won’t fail you!” And he ran off to his mighty forges far, far above the Earth.
Ayden the Cloud Warrior worked day and night to create something that would appease the people of the Earth. He knew it must be mighty enough to gain the respect and awe of the people, so he planned for his creations to be as magnificent as possible.
First of all, he wanted some light and warmth to provide to the people. Nowadays, the people relied on fire to keep themselves warm. Ayden traveled to the realm of Lightning and demanded an audience with the Lord of Lightning. The Lord of Lightning was very close friends with the sky because the sky had provided lightning a place to stay, and for that the Lord of Lightning was grateful. He had been a very powerful ally during the wars, but he could not help it that his cousin, the Warden of Weather, was being disrespectful to the sky in times of need. The Lord of Lightning felt the need to ask pardon for his cousin’s behavior. In an apologetic tone, the Lord of Lightning agreed to lend Ayden some of the heat and brilliance of his lightning.
Next, he sought to find the Esquire of Elegancy, a kingdom within the sky that had the grace of swans. He was allowed to borrow some beauty and grace from them, for they had plenty. Then he went to the Isle of Ivory, and bathed in the rich, pale color before thanking the isle solemnly and returning to his forges. Working and shaping only with his hands he fashioned two glowing, purely beautiful objects, opposite to one another in every which way. The first, which he proclaimed as the Sun, shone red with exhilaration and fiery determination. The second he called the Moon, and he created it so it could be an ominous figure, mischievously changing shapes through the seasons yet radiating beauty and elegancy, clothed in colors and ivory so pure it took all Ayden’s willpower to look away from his second creation. But, thought Ayden, would everyone appreciate a big mass of light stretching across the horizon all day? Surely it would be impossible for people to look into the sky, and father wouldn’t like that.
Therefore, Ayden traveled to the Baroness of the Brim who guarded the territories between the sky and space with her watchful one thousand eyes. Respectfully, he proposed his offer. “I’d like something to contain my gifts to the people.” He said, and was deeply touched when the baroness decided to spare a few extra scraps of brimming to Ayden, for she too was tired of the war.
When Ayden finally cast the Sun and Moon into the sky, flinging with all his might, he declared proudly for all the world to hear, “People of the Earth, behold! My gifts to you, sent with a  proposal of cease-fire and a compromise of eternal peace from my father! The Sun, who will guide you during the day, and the Moon, who will dimly light your way! Behold, people of the Earth!”
During the first few months, the people of the Earth and sky prospered joyously. Then suddenly, everything came awry. The Sun was jealous of the Moon’s beauty and serenity. The Moon was envious of the joy, warmth, and love that the Sun radiated. They fought, and again and again they clashed in the sky, ignoring the sky’s orders to stop and closing out the cries of terror from down below.
One day, the Sun had enough when the Moon, encased within the velvety folds of her nightgown, deliberately provoked the Sun. The Moon taunted the Sun about the most trivial matters, and soon the Sun was hurtling the length of the sky toward the Moon. The Moon gave a shriek of outrage, for she had never believed that the Sun would dare challenge her, and in her anger, also rammed headfirst into the Sun. The result was a shower of sparks from the Sun and the Moon combined. Though neither was hurt very badly, they huffed and refused to speak to one another.
Ayden the cloud warrior knew he should do something. With permission from his father to act, Ayden halted the shower of sparks where they were, freezing them on their flight down. He called them Stars. He then turned to the Sun and the Moon. “These droplets of light are the results of your arguments. They resemble my hope that one day you two will get along and learn to bond in the future. Should you disappoint my wishes, one Star will go out, the glimmer of light vanishing into nothingness. Learn and do not let me down.” With those words, the cloud warrior departed in a gust of fluffy white clouds.
From that day on, the Sun and the Moon strived to work together and live up to their creator’s hopes. They have had some minor misfits in the past, but they have always managed to pull through, especially after they witness a precious Star splutter and disperse in a shower of silver dust. That is how the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars came to be, each symbolizing an important element in our lives.


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