Purple Roses And A Night To Remember

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sage Marie is on tour with her band, far away from her lover Jordan Elizabeth. When she recieves a phone call that her love will be visting her, the plans that she had for when she got home, have a chance to play out sooner than she expected and their lives take a turn for the beautiful.

Submitted: January 28, 2011

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Submitted: January 28, 2011



Sage Marie lay on the bed in her hotel room. She was on tour with her band Purple Roses and today was her first day off. She lay there waiting for the most special person in her life, her girlfriend Jordan Elizabeth. Jordan had called her the night before and told her that she was flying out to see her the next day and Sage couldn’t wait. She had decided to propose to Jordan and she had thought she would have to wait until she got home. She had bought the ring while she was away so that there was no chance for Jordan to find it while she was gone. She was nervous and excited and knew there was a lot of planning to do before Jordan arrived if this was going to be perfect.

Sage finally got up after laying there for a good twenty minutes knowing she had to get a move on if she was going to accomplish everything before Jordan arrived. It was ten in the morning now and Jordan was arriving at five. Sage had to go to the bakery, the florist, and the jewelry store and she had to buy a new outfit all before five. She got up and got dressed faster than she ever had in her life. She went downstairs and had a quick bite at the continental breakfast before getting in her rental car and starting what felt like the longest day of her life.

First she decided to get the outfit since she knew that would take the longest. She was in New York City so she decided to check out the shops in Soho. She went into Betsey Johnson first since she was looking for something cute but sexy. She had decided she wanted a dress since it was a special occasion and she was very feminine. She tried on what felt like a hundred dresses when finally she found a long, sheer, layered, strapless dress that was turquoise on top, fading into black in the middle, and finally fading back into turquoise on the bottom. It had a black bow on the left side of the waist and it was perfect. She purchased the dress and then headed to the jewelry store to pick up the ring. She decided to do the bakery and the florist last since the items being purchased were perishable and she didn’t want them getting ruined before Jordan arrived.

The jewelry store was on the Upper East Side so she drove as quickly as she could while abiding by the speed limit and as fast as was allowed by New York City traffic. She finally arrived at the store around twelve, after driving for what seemed like forever. She had purchased the ring already and had left it at the store so that it wouldn’t get lost during the insanity of the tour. The jeweler recognized her immediately and went into the back to retrieve the ring. When he brought it out, she looked it over once more and knew that she had made the right choice. The ring was twenty-four karat gold with a princess cut amethyst surrounded by diamonds. Jordan’s favorite color was purple so she knew it would be perfect. She purchased the ring and continued on her journey.

Next stop was the bakery. There was a bakery in Little Italy that was said to have the best cannolis in the city and Jordan loved Italian food so they were the perfect deserts. She walked in and asked for two cannolis with purple roses on the ends. It took the baker about 10 minutes to make the cannolis perfect and Sage hoped they would taste as wonderful as they looked. She paid and headed to the florist, which was back in Soho, near her hotel.

Jordan’s favorite flowers were purple roses so Sage bought a huge bouquet of purple roses, as well as a bag of two shades of purple rose petals and white rose petals to sprinkle around the hotel room. She had finally purchased everything she needed and it was already two thirty in the afternoon. She raced back to the hotel to get ready. She had to shower, get dressed and do her hair and make up and she had to set up the room before four thirty so she could make it to the airport on time. She had made reservations at a quaint little Italian restaurant in Little Italy for six o’ clock that evening.

Four thirty came quickly and luckily, Sage was ready on time. She rushed down to her car again and headed to the airport. The drive seemed to take forever but she finally arrived. She hurried into the terminal and found the gate just as people were getting off the plane. Before she knew it Jordan’s arms were wrapped around her and they were engaged in a passionate kiss.

“God I’ve missed you baby, you look amazing. If I had known you were wearing this, I would have worn nicer clothes,” Jordan exclaimed as she lifted Sage up and twirled her around.

“Please tell me you brought more than hoodies, jeans, and jogging pants for the next few days,” Sage joked lightly, looking at her girlfriend who was wearing a Nike hoodie sweatshirt and Adidas jogging pants.

“Of course beautiful. You know you’re the only one I’ll dress up for,” Jordan teased. They headed down to baggage claim and then Jordan went into the restroom to change. “Don’t follow me,” Jordan insisted, “ I want to surprise you.” After what seemed like forever, Jordan emerged from the bathroom. Much to Sage’s surprise, she had changed into a knee length purple and black lace dress and had done her make up beautifully.

“Jordan!” Sage exclaimed excitedly, “You…you look…incredible!”

“See, aren’t you glad you didn’t follow me?” Jordan teased lightly.

“Wow…just…wow,” Sage sighed happily. “Well as much as I’d love to stand here forever and take in the immense beauty before me, we have six o’clock reservations and it’s already five forty five.”

“Well then, we better get a move on,” Jordan replied, blushing slightly at Sage’s loving compliment. They got in the car and headed to the restaurant. When they got there Jordan gasped in surprise at the fact that she was actually in Little Italy. “Oh Sage, you’re amazing!” she sighed in awe.

“Well I know how much you love Italian food and you’ve always said you wanted to see Little Italy. I thought it would be perfect for our first night together after so long,” Sage explained lovingly.

“You are so good to me baby. How’d I get so lucky?” Jordan asked rhetorically.

“Keep in mind I got just as lucky,” Sage replied with a contented smile on her face. They went inside and before they knew it they were immersed in a wonderful dinner and a delightful conversation. It was like they had never been apart. But Sage knew the night was just beginning and as nervous as she was, she knew she couldn’t show it or Jordan would ask a million questions and the surprise would be ruined.

They finished dinner and headed back to the hotel. Sage was becoming more and more nervous and it was becoming difficult to hide it. After Sage having been silent most of the car ride, Jordan began to notice and became concerned.

“Babe, are you ok? You haven’t said a word since we left the restaurant, are you sick?” Jordan asked worriedly. Sage swallowed hard and hoped her voice wouldn’t be as shaky as she was.

“Yea, I’m fine. Just…thinking. I’m happy to have you here and I’m just a little nervous seeing you again after so long,” Sage lied. She hated lying to Jordan, but she knew it would be well worth it if she could play it off for just a few more minutes. Jordan sighed disbelievingly. She knew there was more to it but she didn’t want to cause a fight.

“Ok…Sage, you know you can tell me anything right?” She implored, using the line that had worked the day they met and she hoped would work again.

“Of course baby, but I’m fine, no need to worry your pretty little head,” Sage replied somewhat convincingly. Luckily they had just pulled up to the hotel and the festivities of the evening were moments away.

When they got to the door, Sage paused and turned to Jordan. “Take my hand and close your eyes,” she said softly. Jordan did as she was told. Sage unlocked the door and led Jordan into the room. “Open your eyes,” Sage instructed delicately. Jordan again did as she was told. She gasped as she looked around the room. Sprinkled all over the floor and even into the bathroom were the purple and white rose petals and on the bed was the bouquet of roses, a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, and two champagne glasses. On the bed, surrounding the champagne and the bouquet, in light purple rose petals was a heart and in white rose petals were the words “Will You Spend A Thousand Tomorrows With Me Now And Forever?” Jordan’s eyes filled with tears of joy, she wrapped her arms around Sage’s waist, and kissed her with the most passion she could possibly express. “Should I take that as a yes?” Sage asked, her own eyes filling with tears of joy as well.

“Of course my beautiful angel. Is that why you were so quiet in the car? You were nervous about this?” Jordan asked knowingly.

“You know me too well. I felt horrible lying to you but I couldn’t tell you the truth, it would ruin it,” Sage replied, the residual guilt apparent in her voice.

“I know baby. I can’t wait to start our new lives together,” Jordan replied lovingly. And with that, they slowly undressed each other, kissing and exploring every inch of each other’s bodies. They lay down on the bed and continued their explorations. They caressed each other with rose petals and entered a world full of beauty and passion and elegance. They made love until the sun came up and after their final mutual climax, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, surrounding each other with the immense love that they shared and they dreamt of the happiness that their new life together was sure to bring.

***Dedicated to my love, Laura. May your world always be as beautiful and peaceful as the purple roses you hold so dear

© Copyright 2020 Sage Marie. All rights reserved.

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