What You Were to Me

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Well this is a piece I wrote one day in while thinking of my dad. Its probably the deepest I've gone in writing about him. But its exactly how I feel all down on paper. By reading it the reader can tell that I dont care for him too much.

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



What You Were to Me.

By: Adam Mowery

When I was young, you were my everything. A mirror image of myself is what I saw in you, an image so clear and respectful. Your smile was a calm place, where I could go to hide. Your personality was an addictive drug that I would choose to take any chance I could, only planning to overdose. To fill your shoes was my only objective. You were my everything, you were my only, you were my dad. But as I grew old and tired, and soon withered away. The king of kings I saw, was nothing more than the Jack of all trades. You were a magic trick, and I discovered all the moves. My mirror became foggy and dense, only to soon shatter. I stepped on those broken pieces, slicing the skin of my innocent feet. I could no longer fill your shoes, I could no longer walk, barefooted and crawling is how you left me. I asked you to help me dad, to care for me dad, to love me dad. Only to be answered with a closed fist, drug frosted eyes, and a devlish smerk. I was nothing to you, but you were everything to me. You were my cancer, my sickness, my disguest, my outkast. You were the dirty needle I was scared to have. The line of cocaine I chose not to share. The pill I was forced to take. I too became old and tired, but never faded away. Be proud dad, you ripped all the pages out of my book. Be proud of your gun in my mouth, with my finger on your trigger, ready for bed. You turned my life into a marathon, but I found a shortcut to the finish line. But it clicked, and in the barrel I heard you laughing. A crackeled laugh, sending a cold chill up my spine. "You foolish puppet" I heard. "Lets pull your strings a bit harder this time." Your gun might as well went off, for I felt so empty and cold. But a shot did crack off that day, In my mind, the place you poured your poison. It struck me that your no dad at all. Not a refugee of kindness, nor a sanctuary of peace. you were the Babylon to my holy land. Nothing more than a wolf in sheeps clothing. You fooled me to eat the apple from the tree, but I did not swallow. I set fire to the love I felt for you, and blew away the ashes. I shedded my skin, only to be hardened by your lies. You blinded me with kindness, and I opened my eyes to false words. If you were my hand I'd cut you from my arm, your not worthy of use or attachment. look in my eyes dad, and you'll find only pain. For when I look in your eyes, upon your face, I see myself. I'd tear away your face, if I knew it could show others I look nothing like you. I'm no longer your son, I am your fear, your pain, your wickedness. There's no love here for you anymore. your just loose foundation to an unsteady house upon stoney soil. Dont be proud of my accomplishments dad, be proud of my mistakes. Such as loving you as hard as I did.

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