as long as i loved her

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this is about the story of a guy named shrey who shows how a person can truly love someone more than anyone, and how he learnt to move on in his life

Submitted: January 28, 2016

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Submitted: January 28, 2016



In everyone’s life there is always someone whom we will love the most but never get a chance to say it. Just like any other guy, this is a true journey of someone who lived his life till he met his someone.  I want to tell how this person had lived this long, having someone in my life who backstabbed him and his divine love remained till the end.


It was in the time of summer. Beautiful sunshine along with chirping of birds made it a lovely morning. Like every other day, that day was the same day unaware of what the fate had in store for him. This is about a guy named Shrey. He was living happily with his friends, family and everyone.  He used to have a confident attitude and was a hardworking person. So what happened was that on his 14th birthday shrey’s father got a letter from his office that he has been transferred to London and on an immediate basis, they have to arrive. They all were somewhat shocked from this. Shrey went inside after his birthday, so to console him, his father said’ I think you are quite upset with whatever happened but trust me, I didn’t knew it was going to happen like this quick, after a long conversation shrey went to sleep, but rose up again to look at his brother’s photo. It was Jai, shrey’s young brother whom he lost when he was just 6. At last, shrey said goodbye to all his friends and went to London, having a last glimpse of the people he was about to leave. As soon as they arrived, they all were greeted by the respective members who helped them settle there. Shrey asked his father’ How are we going to adjust here. . Leaving the old culture of India, shrey started to enter into the gates of high school in London. A month has passed and he became comfortable with them. a few days later, the science teacher assigned them a project and shrey was made partner with a girl, unexpectedly she also was an Indian.  She was Anamika, They both got introduced to each other and became great friends. Several months later, what happened was that shrey didn’t came to school for many days. Worried at this, she went to meet him but he told him that he’s fine, just a minor fever,  a few moments later while in a conversation, shrey tried to kiss anamika. she holded herself, resisted and after that, she went away without saying a word. she met him in school, asked why he kissed her and after sometime, he said he just wanted to know how it feels like. she was a bit irritated by this and asked shrey to control himself.  things weren't the same now, later it got revealed that shrey has started liking anamika. He proposed her to be his girlfriend while they were out with their friends, she didn't liked  it and openly asked shrey to stay away from her. he messaged her, called her but got no responses. finally after many days, she messaged him to come urgently and meet her in the central park of London. they both said"HI" And  at last', she said" I don't want to be friends anymore, I am that kind of girl who don't like these kind of stupid stuff. please leave me alone. "it happened so early, shrey felt like heartbroken that very moment.  no conversations happened for the next few years. Then the time came for final farewell to high school. shrey passed out with excellent marks and decided to head to USA for further job prospects.  his life had been very different now, firstly shifting from India to London, new expectations, going away of anamika. he finally got selected in an MNC firm. he was happy from his new life but misses everything what he left behind. life took an unexpected turn when they met up again in USA in a bar shop. he asked" hi, how are you ? what you do nowadays". she looked right at him as if she had never known hm. suddenly, a girl come from behind and asked" Mam, please come, we have to go to the doctor, astounded by this, he asked  what happened to her, the girl replied" she is suffering from Amnesia. he followed her around to wherever she went, requested the doctor to let him meet, he knows her which might let her trigger back the memory loss. After such a long wait, they both met and she asked" do I know you? he said, controlling his feelings, "YES, YOU DO". after requesting the doctor, he started regularly meeting for some time. he thought now this could be the chance to see her again and she thought out of her conscious, someone knows her . this all happened until the doctor asked him to take her with him as her condition is stable now  but stay close to her as much as possible. 5 months later, while they were at her house, she had a minor setback. which got more worse and worse due to which he called the ambulance to take her, she was kept in ICU and after some time, he was allowed to meet her, he kept his flowers near the shelf but she throwed it back. she said" HOW DARE YOU COME HERE, WHAT DID YOU THOUGHT". her memory got reverted back  and asked him to never come back and just get out of her life. Fate separated them one more time. 4 years later, shrey came back to India once again with his family as due to some political riot leading to chaos in the country. shrey got fired due to his irresponsible behavior leading to jobless situation. he managed to work part time until situations got better. He met up with another girl named Manisha. she started working with shrey and somewhat had a liking for him. shrey got heartbroken with whatever happened with him. it was in the month of august when shrey got promoted to a senior executive position. Manisha and shrey became good friends until one day she asked shrey out on a date. rumors started spreading in the office about them. shrey asked her to control her emotions, he don't want to get into all this stuff. Manisha and shrey were invited to a party organized by the office. they both went but a strange incident happened when they were made partners and asked to dance. shrey didn't forgot what happened in few years and she was dreaming of him as prince charming. unaware of his past, she tried to kiss him but he went away creating a scene there at this, she got disturbed and went to talk to him. he was crying sitting lonely in a corner. she hugged her from back trying to console him and asked " why are you crying, what happened?". he told her the complete story. she understood it and asked to give it sometime. he said as she said, went out with other people, tried to forget everything, some months later, shrey got a call from an unknown number and it was Anamika’s  sister. She asked him to meet her urgently as she wants to tell him something. They both met and she gave a small handful of letters written by anamika for him. Shrey came back to his house and started reading it.. It was revealed that Anamika  too liked shrey but never had the guts to tell him, the day shrey left, after that  she went  outside and suddenly a car ran into her, she was asking for shrey but he wasn’t there. Doctors finally revealed that she has memory loss. She too wanted shrey to stay close to him but after whatever happened, even though they met, she was trying to keep him away from her, she didn’t wanted him to worry about her, so asked him to leave no matter she wanted him to stay. While reading this letter, anamika’s sister called him and told that she is urgently hospitalized due to her mental condition. Anamika was shifted to a private facility but on special request, he is allowed to meet her. Shrey and anamika met again, she tried to talk to him anamika said" I'm sorry, shrey but you left me with no choice, After all these years, I wanted to talk to you but never thought what you will feel, you were falling for me every day and I never realized it. I was afraid to lose you and  I had no intention to let you go out of my life. I used to think I don't deserve you After listening all this, she closed her eyes in tears and that moment was the worst moment of his life. One year later, he got married to manisha but always used to go to grave yard to pay gratitude to his first and last lost love. 

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