love:- the meaning of friendship

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a short love story of 2 persons and they met again after so many tribulations

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016



once upon a time there was a boy and a girl in a school..they both met each other when one day both were going with thier friends..they clashed but did nt said sorry to each other..after some time a fight occured  in both of them due to some reason..they both started hating each other whenever they met as they were in same day the teacher asked the students to play the game of kho kho in the field ..according to the game.. they played it nd wt happened during the game the boy nd girl felt down on each other. they again hated each other..the hateness finished when in a dance class ..they were made partners nd have to dance on romantic song sudenly because of dance..they come closer to each other  when they were about to kiss..the school bell the class the girl said u danced very well .. i am so impressed..girl asked will u be my friend..boy..after a little pause..said yes nd they became friends  they began to learn about each other.. nd spent time with each other ..till thier friendship changes into true love .. one day the girl was found bunking the period wth another boy..teacher asked why were u bunking the period..girl..mam i was not in a mood to attend the class...teacher said u r not eligble to do wt u like..girl argued from the back..nd she was taken to the principal nd she was suspended from the this way..the friends got seperated...6 years later.. the boy decided to meet the girl..but the problem was she would be grown now..nd everything would have  changed in he would be able to recognise her..but he still tried ..he remembered thet place where she llived ..he went to that  place. and again clashed up with a girl..

she said cant u walk while looking ?

boy.. i am sorry..i am finding someone ...

girl.. who..

boy..i cant tell her name..

girl.. see.. if she lives in this area then may be i can help you to find her..

he refused..and went away to find her..after  1 hour he returned in the same place and found that girl..she again asked..did u find her..boy .no..girl..r u in love with her,,boy..ya..she didnt asked any question nd the boy went away in depression of losing her love..suddenly a piece of locket felt from his pocket..the girl saw it and asked the boy to take it back.. when the girl picked it up..the girl saw that this locket was of her only and when the boy realised it was lost...the girl returned to him.. and said that it was her locket..the boy asked her name ... and they both met each other..nd huged tightly .they were very hapy to met each other after a long time.. .after some time girl cried in the feling that how much she missed him..nd they began thier broken relation ship once again..the end

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