My new year resolution 2014

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its an article about my resolution in coming year 2014

Submitted: December 31, 2013

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Submitted: December 31, 2013



My New Year Resolution:

( The most Crucial thing in my life )



The magnificient years passes and passes but there are many things we have to

look upon for becoming a more improved and qualitative person.There are many

mistakes we have conceded in preceding years and we have to surely think

about them. The new year eve is the time of rebirth and rejoice, its indeed

a marvellous event.The new year resolution is the most crucial because here

we take the oath for converting our bad deeds of preceding years into good deeds.

Infact  Its time for the miraculous recoveries which are to be done by us.

Its the most important step for succeding in the year . MY New year resolution is

since I am shining star , I want to keep my ongoing perfomance academic as

it is but I have realised that i sometime i loose my way in middle and bec

ause of my this weakness , my competetors go ahead of me.First thing I have

to do to overcome my this weakness is to compete with my self.Don't be

jealous of others, instead praise them and try to inculcate their good points

in yourself , for this I have to control my anger, aggression, gesture and

my rude nature, these all are must for a competetive life but they should be

limited and controlled and they must came into act when required , not

unnecessarily and be myself and make my parents proud of me.Second resolution

can be the respect for elders , sometimes I even think before what I speak

but still I am surrounded by wonderful family who keeps on encouraging me

but their encouraging nature is in vain if I do not give them respect.

I promise to myself that i will try to explode many things and keep on learning about them. So by fulfilling this resolution..My Year 2014 can help me in advancing tow

ards my ultimate goal of life.I hope that i fulfill all my resolution

and have a marvellous, magnificient, terrific and admiring year.


Sahil Grover


Dashmesh Nagar

Ferozepur City,


Contact No.9781912065

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