One IN One: The Insides of an Introvert

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About an Introvert.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012




I live two lives;

unprecedented! i confide;

 one in the world, as we see it,

the second,on the inside. 

Fleeting thoughts that come and go;

thoughts: at times deep, the other, shallow.

but there is this thought so deep;

that i can't get by,

Who says that i don't try? 





Yes! Am guilty as charged

 for my whims and fancies,

the world inside,created, my own;

The world of 'what ifs' and 'could've beens'.  

Alas! The real world is where i stay.

But am not one of them;oh god!! Why?

It is not that i don't try.




i 'sit' on feelings they say,

i 'stand' up to them, i rebut,

but my insides say i 'lie'!!

It is not that i don't try.




I have good intentions,

no ills , no demons,

don't drink, don't smoke;

still they say am weak and afraid !

But would they ever notice my darkest shade?

"NEVER!!!" my insides reply !

It is not that i don't try.




I so wish i was different,

I have friends that don't know me,

I laugh with them, i even party,

but did i ever cry?

It is not that i don't try.




Opposites don't co-exist they say,

My heart beats furiously,

i wish I did too.

This boisterous crimson beast,

and the timid me;

are never on the same page

a bloody battle ensues within;

bleeding my insides dry,

It is not that i don't try.





I fantasy a world where i did say,

words wherein my feelings lay;

a house unreal; on foundations of false hopes,

yet a house where i'd rather stay!

A mother's warmth,

a lover's support,

i feel them all in this house.

A dreamy world, no regrets.

Just don't wake me from this slumber or i'll die,

It is not that i don't try.




That day did come,

i took a chance,

hey! why shouldn't i try?

Perhaps, the ledge was slippery they would say.

A Courageous impulse takes over me,

as I fly, I glide, i smile

my fantasy world calling me,

as i bid this 'real' world goodbye!





Maybe things weren't as bad as they seemed,

but this time i didn't shy!




Please! just don't say that i didn't try.





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