White Silence

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A young man stumbles upon a world of nothingness. What lies in store for him?

Submitted: May 16, 2015

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Submitted: May 16, 2015



White silence ~Moco~

'Am I floating?' The silent and empty space stares back. As if nothing matters to it or it doesn't acknowledge any other being. Quiet, dead, and maddening.

Opening my tired eyes, I am met with a sweet nothing. A world without color greets my protesting eyes. No people around, no animals, no vegetation.

No giant star we know as the sun, and no drunken moon that illuminates our dead night.

'No. Compared to this, the night might as well be the day.'

I feel a weird sense of peace and serenity in this space. And the curiosity slowly crept over my psyche. Traversing this milky sky, walking and walking.

Running and jogging. Looking for another being. No sound permeates from my feet moving against this nonexistent floor.

A tumble, another slip, and I hit the imaginary floor. Pain seemed to run away from me. I felt nothing. Heard nothing. And something scary about it all? I think it fits with everything. This loneliness I feel. This loneliness that echoes in this barren realm.

Recuperating and running again, I notice a screen up ahead. Blinking and flickering, as if it had been left on for a long while. Am I meant to see it?

I finally stop moving in front of it. And I see...


My physical appearances in a destroyed and dead landscape. Dead flowers and overturned earth. As if a tornado and every other natural disaster had came through and let loose. The other me, he was not blinking, not moving, standing in the center. A dead look on his face. The broken pieces of me. The glassy sky above covered over me

'This... This can't be. I d-don't understand.\"

That landscape was... My mindscape. My inner mind. My private world. The hurt, became too much. And now this white silence, the dead world of blankness.

It is my new mind.

© Copyright 2018 Moco. All rights reserved.

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