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At 1 noon, it is no surprise to him that he is sitting in the library. The book was sitting in the head, when he sat down to read the book, he knew it. Liberian from the side said, 'Nilanjan Babu has gone, now it is about noon, and now I have to return.' Nilanjanbabu said, 'My father is so late, I'm leaving this book here. Let's keep a little look. Leibiyan told Nilanjan Babu. Okay, leave the book next to my table. Then Nilanjan Babu Librarian is coming here, if you come today, tomorrow will be seen again. He returned home after walking from the library. When he returned to the house, he started walking around 2 in the watch. He came back to the bathroom and asked Ginni to give rice. Two children of Nilanjanbabu, one boy stay in the hostel and one boy lives in Delhi. Only at home he is a workman and a workman. Thinking of taking a bath in the bath, take a little rest. Nilanjanbabu used to teach Bangla at a high school. He loves Bangla literature. He also writes in writing, but it is only nominal. Nowadays, sitting in the library or sitting in the library, looking at the window, cutting it in the middle of the day. But sometimes it is a little written in the middle of the night, but now it is such that the rajas thinking on the head is sitting on the head and nothing is going on in the head. He is disturbed when he sat down to write. It is written that he has written down Half, after which it has not been written or anything else has come about it. Or then he came to the verandah. He has a taypakhi. When he comes in front of him in the garden, his mind becomes better in an unknown witch. I will go to Nishithbabu for a long time. Nishithabu wrote for many magazines and for several days he started writing a book. One day I met with Nishithababu to go to the train. Nishithbabu's house is located at Shantipur, a little away from his house. They met at Howrah station on the way to Digha. The person is very good for that, so often he visits his home. Nishithabuo, Nilanjan Babu is very respected. Nilanjanbabu is about sixty years old, and Nishithbabu is like that. Let him go tomorrow. As usual he got up early next morning and he went there and reached there at noon. He went there and noticed that Nishithbabu was not at home, he asked him to ask Ginni. He said that he would have come out of a job right now. You sit and I bring water for you. Nilanjanbabu said, do not bring anything, you just bring a little water. Nishithbabu came to sit down at the water, and when he came, Nilanjan Babu said, "I came here right now, how is it?" Then Nishithabu said, "I am fine, how are you saying it before?" I'm in a lot of trouble. Nishithababu, that's it? What's the problem. Nilanjan Babu then said about all his problems. After listening to all, Nishithabu said, "Do you see nightmare at night?" Or less sleep? Nilanjanbabu did not say so. I used to sleep for almost 7-8 hours every day. Nishithbabu said that I can not say anything right, but I feel that you are disturbed by a sense of somewhere that has prevented you from thinking. Then Nilanjan Babu said that whatever I write, I do not like it, I do not feel like it. Anyone read? Neelanjanbabu said, have not read anybody yet, I am writing or how much? Nishithbabu said that he will give me a little bit to read. I am fine. I will send him, Nilanjan Babu said. Then Nishithabu said that these are some of these things because of the exhaustion of fatigue. Nilanjanbabu said, okay, if we go today then we will come again later. Nishithabu said that we will come again but. Nishith Babu left the house. He came home and washed his face and became clean. He is feeling a lot less stressed now. After eating dinner, he went to his own home with a book. Tomorrow he will have to get up early in the morning. He got up in the morning and thought he would do a little more morningwalk today. Although he did not go to the routing of Morning. Morningwak returned home with her. Sat on the newspaper. There is nothing more than just fighting, politics, rape, in newspapers. Suddenly, the eyes of the side of the side of the bari opened. There he saw two birds doing. Then again he withdrew his eyes from there. After a while they looked there again. There is no way to understand that there is no contention in happiness. It is really hard for them, the words that are emanating from the mouth are all their feelings and their language. God has not given the ability to understand them to all the superior class creatures. How silly-helpless they have words but there is no language of protest. They are not forced to lift their hands against their wrongdoing, against them. There are only silent tears and mishap which can be understood and no one else has. Even when people have such a beautiful life, Manosh sacrifices them themselves in Dergugora. They do not even think that they are alone and many are in this family. Nilanjan Babu wondered, sitting at the bottom, he actually lost in whatever he did. Whenever the bird looked at both of them, I do not remember, there is neither the bird in there nor the two. The call came back to Ginni. He could not even ponder when he saw the water in his eyes. Just once did she think it is tears? It started to roll around, to go to the market. Went to the market. Returning to the market, he thinks everything is kind of confusing. He stood in front of the window of his house. After some time, he sat down to write on his reading table.

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