Cruel Judge

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In the mind of a truthful judge that laughs at any flaw that you possess will judge you like he would judge anyone else. His first victim, Anna, will soon discover the brutal truth about her lips and her voice.

Submitted: December 11, 2014

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Submitted: December 11, 2014



I was told that I was the only one who could do it; that I was the greatest judge in the world. I should have never listened to my lazy friends. My ego had gotten the best of me with my long pointy arrogant nose. I was the only judge here to dish out the brutal truth. I sound like some sort of villain! Not that I mind, I enjoy playing the villain.


The next contestant came in, she was pretty but those lips - lord jesus those lips are huge! How could she kiss anyone with those? Was she going to devour their face? oh wait, they'd probably drown by her saliva. Ugh, that's just gross!


Jerald: What's your name?


Anna: I'm Anna


Ok, don't laugh. Her mouth is just as wide as those... gorgeous lips. Yea, lets go with that. pfft, I said gorgeous! Hah, those lips need medical attention!


Guards stood at both sides so I can go all out but this water is taunting me. If I drank it now then I'd probably choke to death.


Jerald: What are you dinging for me?


Anna: Let it Go


Jerald: Alright have at it


She opened her mouth and began to sing, I nearly lost it. I couldn't even on her vocals; her mouth was just too damn wide. Alright, Jerald keep it together and don't... pfft! Her mouth, her lips, oh lord even that screeching voice is about to kill me with laughter. I can't, no more!


Anna: Something funny?


Jerald: I'm sorry but it's a no


Anna: But I was good!


Jerald: Good? You sounded like a donkey trying to sing!


Anna: Excuse me?


Jerald: And your lips, there were the funniest part! Does that run in the family or something? God that was a good laugh!


Anna left the room in tears. What? It was the truth! Funny truth but the truth is still the truth!

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