Magics Hell

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Magics have always claimed all the credit for what the nothings created. We, the magics, are a dependent race as the nothings strive for more. Me? I am a ghost. My name is not Jake. My name is ... nothing...

Submitted: December 22, 2014

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Submitted: December 22, 2014



We live in a world where magic dominates everything. Those that cannot use magic are considered as the nothings. We are fools  to classify humans as nothings but one cannot do much about the corrupted government. Since the government only wants those who are useful to them, humans are left the mundane tasks. This world, it should change.


Everything is created by magic, even the food. There are floating islands everywhere that the nothings created but the magics claimed. Buildings as high as skyscrapers that were created by the nothings but claimed by the magics. Everything in this would was created by the nothings but yet we the magics claimed the credit. The magics, a very sad and dependent race, should just disappear from this world.

Cilia: Jake?


Jake: Hm?


Cilia: Want to come to the arcade with us?


Jake: Yea sure


I stick to to a certain group of friends - the delinquents. Why? One they're too stupid to notice my distaste for my own race. Two these four will never notice the magic the dwells within me. And finally, three, they're on my list.


The arcade was packed with magic users while the nothings served them hand-n-foot. Seeing the nothings serve the magics put an awful taste in my mouth. Cilia dragged me to a game called "Dance Revolution," for our first match.


Cilia: This time I will win!


The others left to do something but it doesn't matter to me since they'll meet their fate soon enough. The game had started and my body danced to the beat naturally. We were neck-n-neck as Cilia's crimson eyes shone with blazing determination. It was apparent that I would win, that is until the lights shattered above us. As the glass slashed at Cilia's pale skin; it avoided my delicate skin. That's right magic or anything that's infused with magic cannot touch me. As the nothings cleaned the mess, the power went flat - Cilia was gone.


Around four people stormed in the arcade with magic infused guns. One shot upwards, grabbing our attention. These people, I knew them. Did they think that wearing all black would conceal their identities? The four gathered us all in one spot, even the nothings. Now why would these four want to mix the nothings with the magics? 


Jaquel: Empty your pockets!


We obeyed. Our belongings now lay in front of us, taunting some to fight back. An old man that wore a perfectly ironed suit was forced to the front. The man had proud features even with his old age and his icy blue eyes held no fear. He's probably that.


Cilia: Government officials should never step foot in our domain!


Samuel: Delinquents should know their place


The ghastly gun was aimed at the man's head and that is when it happened. Josh had pulled the trigger but the bullet never met flesh.  The four were confused so they emptied their magical clips like monkies to only be met by floating bullets.


Jake: Alive or dead sir?


Samuel: Dead


Cilia took off her mask to expose fresh tears in those magnificent eyes.


Cilia: Tra-


A bullet zipped through her skull, causing her eyes to roll in the back of her head. Cilia's body flopped to the ground with a loud thud. The other four didn't dare move; they were too stunned to even speak.


Jake: Delinquents should know their place


Their heads were met with countless bullets as I worked my magic. This world's magic cannot touch me but I can manipulate it as I see fit. Even as a bullet met the back of Samuel's head, my distaste for magic never showed. 



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