Miss you- original lyrics and story

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Here's the link to the Soundcloud audio: I've recorded two versions. Comments and feedback welcome:

https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/miss-you-with-drums https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/miss-you-no-drums

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



Said I wouldn't miss you
Cause I don't wanna miss you anymore
And I said I wouldn't kiss you
But I wanna kiss you once more
It came kinda sudden
Heart Shaped Box played on my radio
And I started to need you
The feeling coming soft and slow
But I don't wanna miss
My warped perception of you
And baby if you treated me right
You'd still be by my side
But you lost me; I did not lose you
It's been quite a long time
It's been years since I've even seen your face
And I don't know where you are now
I only hope you haven't fallen from grace
I wrote this song exactly how it sounded "Heart Shaped Box" Played on my radio. I remembered my first crush, not even wanting to call him a boyfriend, he never really treated me like I was anything special. But I didn't like being single and I over exaggerated the times I had with him, which were....  lame and meaningless. But being single was tough for me. I always wanted to be by someone's side. I didn't want to feel alone in this world. But this song was more of a "take the rose colored glasses off, sweetie" message to myself. I think a lot of people can relate. Especially with high school boyfriends, or first crushes. Probably why I stayed single until I met Larry. I didn't want someone who didn't know what they wanted, or as corny as this sounds; I didn't want someone who didn't know that they had found someone awesome. The main message was that I was better off on the path that God laid before me and same to this young man.

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